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Articles from Reference & Research Book News (October 1, 2011)

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"Affective worlds"; writing, feeling and nineteenth-century literature. Brief article 115
"Come closer"; critical perspectives on theatre of the oppressed. Book review 195
"The oldest one in Russia"; the formation of the historiographical image of Valaam Monastery. Book review 146
"Tis all lies, your worship"; tales from the District Court. Book review 150
"Who is this son of man?"; that latest scholarship on a puzzling expression of the historical Jesus. Book review 157
"Without any doubt"; Gersonides on method and knowledge. Book review 173
'Finished labour of a thousand hands'; the archaeology of the Combe Down stone mines, Bath, Somerset. Book review 155
10 steps in writing the research paper, 7th ed. Book review 132
100 completely new ideas for managing behaviour. Book review 116
100 plus; how the coming age of longevity will change everything, from careers and relationships to family and faith. Book review 154
1000 architectural details; a selection of the world's most interesting building elements. Book review 121
101 best websites for principals, 3d ed. Book review 177
101 road patrol tales; memoirs of a chippie of the California Highway Patrol. Book review 103
201 careers in nursing. Book review 124
3D IC stacking technology. Book review 117
5 practices for orchestrating productive mathematics discussions. Book review 190
5 steps to decode your dreams; a fast, effective way to discover the meaning of your dreams. Book review 103
50 health scares that fizzled. Book review 174
6 secrets to startup success; how to turn your entrepreneurial passion into a thriving business. Book review 118
A band of noble women; racial politics in the women's peace movement. Book review 147
A British anarchist tradition; Herbert Read, Alex Comfort and Colin Ward. Book review 202
A bush capital year; a natural history of the Canberra region. Book review 168
A common written Greek source for Mark & Thomas. Book review 158
A companion to multiconfessionalism in the early modern world. Book review 159
A concise history of Chinese literature; 2v. Book review 152
A dermatological view; from physiology to therapy. Book review 107
A dictionary of entomology, 2d ed. Book review 145
A dissident voice; essays on culture, pedagogy, and power. Book review 152
A fork on the road; 400 cities/one stomach. Book review 115
A free and hardy life; Theodore Roosevelt's sojourn in the American West. Book review 117
A gallery of mirrors; observations on novelists and poets. (reprint, 1959). Book review 126
A general history of the robberies & murders of the most notorious pirates. Book review 121
A global history of accounting, financial reporting and public policy; Americas. Book review 128
A guide to the United States constitution, 2d ed. Book review 152
A gunner on a battleship in World War II. Book review 109
A Martial reader; selections from the epigrams. Book review 109
A matter of wonder; what biology reveals about us, our world, and our dreams. Book review 116
A modern guide to Keynesian macroeconomics and economic policies. Book review 114
A most dangerous voyage; an exhibition of books and maps documenting four centuries of exploration in search of a Northwest passage, May-August 2008. Book review 158
A new Freudian synthesis; clinical process in the next generation. Book review 113
A new geological map of the island of Syros (Aegean Sea, Greece); implications for lithostratigraphy and structural history of the Cycladic Blueschist Unit. (CD-ROM included). Book review 137
A nuts-and-bolts approach to teaching nursing, 4th ed. Book review 127
A photographer's guide to Ohio. Book review 104
A plague of prisons; the epidemiology of mass incarceration in America. Book review 140
A practical approach to cardiovascular medicine. Brief article 144
A practical guide to Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, 6th ed. (DVD included). Book review 142
A practical guide to quality management in spinning. Book review 115
A practical handbook for educators; designing learning opportunities. Brief article 138
A pragmatic alliance; Jewish-Lithuanian political cooperation at the beginning of the 20th century. Book review 158
A primer on experiments with mixtures. Book review 138
A primer on the Taguchi method, 2d ed. Brief article 124
A short history of western political thought. Book review 209
A Short Treatise on the wealth and poverty of nations (1613). Book review 136
A sign and a wonder; the redactional formation of Isaiah 18-20. Book review 137
A storied wilderness; rewilding the Apostle Islands. Book review 152
A student guide to college composition, 2d ed. Book review 124
A student's guide to European universities; sociology, political science, geography and history. Book review 127
A universe of metal sculpture. Book review 110
A variorum commentary on the poems of John Milton; v.5, pt.4: Paradise Lost, bk.4. Book review 107
A window on Africa; Ethiopian portraits. Book review 114
A world on fire; Britian's crucial role in the American Civil War. Book review 111
A year of programs for teens 2. Brief article 146
ABA Audio Branding Academy yearbook, 2010/2011. Book review 138
Aberration theory made simple, 2d ed. Book review 150
Aberrations of mourning. (reprint 1988). Book review 216
Aboriginal peoples in Canadian cities; transformations and continuities. Book review 155
Abraham between Torah and Gospel. Book review 104
Academic freedom and the law; a comparative study. Book review 127
Access to knowledge in Africa; the role of copyright. Book review 145
Accessorizing the body; habits of being; 1. Book review 173
Accident of fate; a personal account, 1938-1945. Book review 148
Accomplices; Churchill, Roosevelt and the Holocaust. Book review 115
Accountability through public opinion; from inertia to public action. Brief article 122
Acculturated. Book review 157
Achieving democracy; democratization in theory and practice. Book review 161
Achieving real-time in distributed computing; from grids to clouds. Book review 128
ActiveMQ in action. Book review 132
Activist art in social justice pedagogy; engaging students in glocal issues through the arts. Book review 144
Acute medicine; uncommon problems and challenges. Book review 119
Acute stroke care; a manual from the University of Texas-Houston Stroke Team, 2d ed. Book review 173
Adapting early childhood curricula for children with special needs, 8th ed. Book review 169
Administrative law and regulatory policy; problems, text, and cases, 7th ed. Book review 139
Adobe Flex 4; training from the source. (CD-ROM included). Book review 156
Adobe Photoshop elements in one hour; Windows & Macintosh versions 8 & 9. Brief article 126
Adornment; the art of Barbara Natoli Witt. Book review 120
Adrift; charting our course back to a great nation. Book review 198
Adult development and aging, 5th ed. Book review 130
Advanced assessment; interpreting findings and formulating differential diagnoses, 2d ed. Book review 180
Advanced building materials; proceedings; 4v. Brief article 211
Advanced design approaches to emerging software systems; principles, methodologies, and tools. Book review 134
Advanced engineering mathematics, 5th ed. Book review 130
Advanced frequency synthesis by phase lock. Brief article 131
Advanced materials; proceedings; 4v. Book review 165
Advanced membrane science and technology for sustainable energy and environmental applications. Book review 189
Advanced separation techniques for nuclear fuel reprocessing and radioactive waste treatment. Brief article 148
Advanced software testing; v.3; guide to the ISTQB advanced certification as an advanced technical test analyst. Book review 119
Advanced well completion engineering, 3d ed. Book review 135
Advanced wound repair therapies. Book review 103
Advances in accounting behavioral research. Book review 142
Advances in accounting education; teaching and curriculum innovations; v.12. Book review 136
Advances in hospitality and leisure. Book review 111
Advances in library administration and organization. Book review 159
Advances in magnetic shape memory materials. Book review 103
Advances in rock dynamics and applications. Book review 133
Advances in structures analysis. Brief article 118
Advances in web-based GIS, mapping services and applications. Book review 134
Advancing conflict transformation; the Berghof handbook II. Book review 125
Advocacy practice for social justice; 2d ed. Book review 120
Afghanistan and Pakistan; conflict, extremism, and resistance to modernity. Book review 150
Africa through the eye of the video camera. Book review 165
Africa's ICT infrastructure; building on the mobile revolution. Book review 198
African American children and mental health; 2v. Book review 233
African American civil rights; early activism and the Niagara movement. Book review 183
African engagements; Africa negotiating an emerging multipolar world. Book review 125
African security and the African command; viewpoints on the US role in Africa. Book review 191
After apartheid; reinventing South Africa. Book review 166
After Demosthenes; the politics of early Hellenistic Athens. Book review 130
After early intervention, then what?; teaching struggling readers in grades 3 and beyond, 2d ed. Book review 162
After leaning to one side; China and its allies in the Cold War. Book review 236
After Weegee; essays on contemporary Jewish American photographers. Book review 123
Agricultural and environmental informatics, governance and management; emerging research applications. Book review 139
Air warfare in the missile age, 2d ed. (reprint, 2002). Book review 131
Aircraft structures. Book review 102
Airline marketing and management, 7th ed. Book review 123
Airworthiness; an introduction to aircraft certification, 2d ed. Brief article 108
ALA guide to economics & business reference. Book review 158
Alabama getaway; the political imaginary and the Heart of Dixie. Brief article 186
Alcohol. Book review 115
Alexander Nimmo's Inverness survey & journal, 1806. Book review 175
Alexander of Aphrodisias and his Doctrine of the Soul; 1400 years of lasting significance. Book review 134
Algebra and trigonometry real mathematics, real people, 6th ed. Book review 106
Algebraic design theory. Book review 140
Aligning school districts as PLCs. Book review 158
All the fish in the sea; maximum sustainable yield and the failure of fisheries management. Book review 150
All things medieval; an encyclopedia of the medieval world; 2v. Book review 202
All you need to know about action research, 2d ed. Book review 174
All you that labor; religion and ethics in the living wage movement. Book review 167
Allergens and respiratory pollutants; the role of innate immunity. Book review 148
Alone and invisible no more; how grassroots community action and 21st century technologies can empower elders to stay in their homes and lead healthier, happier lives. Book review 149
Always an adventure; an autobiography. Book review 105
America in literature and film; modernist perceptions, postmodernist representations. Book review 153
America's climate choices. (CD-ROM included). Book review 134
America's historically Black colleges & universities; a narrative history from the nineteenth century into the twenty-first century. Book review 140
America's top rated cities; a statistical handbook, 2011, 18th ed.; v.1: Southern region. Book review 231
America's top rated cities; a statistical handbook, 2011, 18th ed.; v.2: Western region. Book review 229
America's top rated cities; a statistical handbook, 2011, 18th ed.; v.3: Central region. Book review 223
America's top rated cities; a statistical handbook, 2011, 18th ed.; v.4: Eastern region. Book review 221
America's water and wastewater crisis; the role of private enterprise. Book review 180
America, empire of liberty; a new history of the United States. (reprint, 2009). Brief article 115
American Civil War; the essential reference guide. Book review 115
American conflicts law, 6th ed. Book review 127
American film and society since 1945, 4th ed. Book review 140
American food by the decades. Book review 107
American government; political development and institutional change, 6th ed. Brief article 209
American Orient; imagining the East from the colonial era through the twentieth century. Book review 118
An accidental Utopia?; social mobility & the foundations of an egalitarian society, 1880-1940. Book review 147
An actor's guide; making it in New York City, 2d ed. Book review 167
An age of saints?; power, conflict and dissent in early medieval Christianity. Book review 159
An anatomy of addiction; Sigmund Freud, William Halsted and the miracle drug, cocaine. Book review 115
An archaeological guide to Bahrain. Book review 132
An atlas of gynecologic oncology; investigation and surgery, 3d ed. Book review 117
An elementary introduction to statistical learning theory. Book review 131
An encyclopedia of human rights in the United States, 2d ed.; 2v. Book review 227
An Indian political life; Charan Singh and Congress politics, 1937 to 1961. Book review 229
An introduction to ancient Mesopotamian religion. Book review 104
An introduction to business Italian, 2d ed. Book review 102
An introduction to chemical kinetics. Book review 136
An introduction to conversation analysis, 2d ed. Brief article 161
An introduction to pharmaceutical sciences; production, chemistry, techniques and technology. Book review 124
An introduction to research for midwives, 3d ed. Book review 119
An introduction to sociolinguistics; society and identity. Book review 167
An introduction to synchrotron radiation; techniques and applications. Book review 111
An invitation to environmental sociology, 4th ed. Book review 187
Analytical heat transfer. Book review 105
Analyzing quantitative data; an introduction for social researchers. Book review 121
Anatomical guide for the electromyographer; the limbs and trunk, 5th ed. Book review 187
And God said, "Let there be evolution!"; reconciling the Book Genesis, the Qur'an, and the theory of evolution. Book review 129
Anesthetic pharmacology, 2d ed. Book review 152
Angels, devils; the supernatural and its visual representation. Book review 164
Anglican Church policy, eighteenth century conflict, and the American episcopate. Book review 115
Anglo-Saxon England and the continent. Book review 138
Animal welfare, 2d ed. Book review 131
Annual review of analytical chemistry; v.4, 2011. Book review 103
Annual review of biochemistry; v.80, 2011. Brief article 118
Annual review of biomedical engineering; v.13, 2011. Book review 104
Annual review of chemical and biomolecular engineering; v.2, 2011. Book review 133
Annual review of nutrition; v.31, 2011. Book review 123
Annual review of political science; v.14, 2011. Book review 155
Annual review of sociology; v.37, 2011. Book review 208
Anomalous effects in simple metals. Book review 144
Anonymous interpolations in AElfric's Lives of saints. Book review 177
Anthony Ashley Cooper, first earl of Shaftesbury, 1621-1683. Book review 160
Anthropology at the front lines of gender-based violence. Book review 216
Anti-capitalism; the new generation of emancipatory movements. Book review 117
Antitrust; examples & explanations. Book review 109
Antiviral drugs; from basic discovery through clinical trials. Book review 130
Application of chemical engineering; proceedings; 3v. Book review 177
Applications of case study research, 3d ed. Book review 103
Applications of statistics to medicine and medical physics. Book review 156
Applications of toxicogenomics in safety evaluation and risk assessment. Book review 134
Applied linear algebra and optimization using MATLAB. (CD-ROM included). Book review 115
Applied longitudinal analysis, 2d ed. Book review 119
Appreciating Don Delillo; the moral force of a writer's work. Book review 132
Appreciative inquiry for change management; using AI to facilitate organizational development. Book review 174
Approaching the holy mountain; art and liturgy at St. Catherine's Monastery in the Sinai. Brief article 180
Arbitration; cases and materials, 3d ed. Book review 139
Archaeological landscapes of east London; six multi-period sites excavated in advance of gravel quarrying in the London Borough of Havering. Book review 162
Archaeomalacology revisited; non-dietary use of molluscs in archaeological settings; proceedings. Book review 135
Archaic and classical choral song; performance, politics and dissemination. Book review 143
Archestratus; fragments from The life of luxury, rev.ed. Book review 168
Architecture and science-fiction film; Philip K. Dick and the spectacle of home. Brief article 186
Architecture of Kris Yao/Artech. Book review 129
Arguing for evolution; an encyclopedia for understanding science. Book review 128
Art Nouveau and Malta; an introduction. Book review 127
Art of the chicken coop; a fun and essential guide to housing your peeps. Book review 111
Art outside the lines; new perspectives on GDR art culture. Book review 231
Art therapy research in practice. Book review 142
Artful adornments; jewelry from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Book review 135
Artificial reefs in fisheries management. Book review 164
Artisan entrepreneurs in Cairo and early-modern capitalism (1600-1800). Book review 105
Ashbel P. Fitch; champion of old New York. Book review 129
Ashes and granite; destruction and reconstruction in the Spanish Civil War and its aftermath. Book review 152
Asia beyond the global economic crisis; the transmission mechanism of financial shocks. Book review 162
Asian American racial realities in black and white. Book review 113
ASM handbook; comprehensive index, 3d ed. Book review 112
ASP.NET 4.0 in practice. Book review 130
Aspects of the history of English language and literature; proceedings. Book review 191
Assessing sector performance and inequality in education; streamlined analysis with ADePT software. Book review 186
Assessing the legacy of the ICTY. Book review 174
Assessment of fuel economy technologies for light-duty vehicles. Book review 118
Assessment of the school-age child and adolescent. Book review 171
Asset recovery handbook; a guide for practitioners. Book review 118
Assistive technology in the classroom; enhancing the school experiences of students with disabilities, 2d ed. Book review 221
Astrobiology; a brief introduction, 2d ed. Book review 124
At the interface of culture and medicine. Brief article 204
Atlas of clinical and surgical orbital anatomy, 2d ed. (online access included). Book review 181
Atlas of common pain syndromes, 3d ed. (online access included). Book review 132
Atlas of comparative diagnostic and experimental hematology, 2d ed. Book review 160
Augustine and Catholic Christianization; the Catholicization of Roman Africa, 391-408. Book review 148
Augustinian just war in theory and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Book review 219
Austrian review of international and European law; v.13, 2008. Book review 185
Autobiography, ecology, and the well-placed self; the growth of natural biography in contemporary American life writing. Book review 120
Babel's dawn; a natural history of the origins of speech. Book review 137
Bail support schemes for adults. Book review 177
Baltic yearbook of international law; v.10, 2010. Book review 151
Bangsa and Umma; development of people-grouping concepts in Islamized Southeast Asia. Book review 123
Bank directors' officers' and lawyers' civil liabilities, 2d ed. Book review 107
Basic concepts of crystallography; an outcome from crystal symmetry. Book review 106
Basic Indonesian; an introductory coursebook. (CD-ROM included). Book review 130
Basic principles of ophthalmic surgery, 2d ed. Book review 124
Basic structures, 2d ed. Book review 124
Basics of anesthesia, 6th ed. (online access included). Book review 170
Bastiano Mainardi; painter of altarpieces in Renaissance Tuscany. Brief article 117
Becoming Ray Bradbury. Book review 145
Becoming who we are; temperament and personality in development. Book review 103
Belief and ageing; spiritual pathways in later life. Book review 142
Bemocked of destiny; the actual struggles and experiences of a Canadian pioneer, and the recollections of a lifetime. Book review 181
Benchmarking water services; guiding water utilities to excellence. Book review 127
Berman's pediatric decision making, 5th ed. (online access included). Book review 143
Bermuda; celebrating 400 years of history. Book review 150
Between feminism and Islam; human rights and sharia in Morocco. Book review 199
Between Hobbes' Leviathian and Smith's Invisible Hand; empirical and interdisciplinary legal research on formal and informal institutions in trust relations. Book review 185
Between Prague Spring and French May; opposition and revolt in Europe, 1960-1980. Book review 153
Between Scylla and Charybdis; the Jews in Sicily. Book review 166
Between the avant-garde and the everyday; subversive politics in Europe from 1957 to the present. Book review 197
Between the regular and the particular in speech and language. Book review 138
Beyond and before; progressive rock since the 1960s. Book review 210
Beyond belief; two thousand years of bad faith in the Christian church. Book review 140
Beyond bling; voices of hip-hop in art. Book review 101
Beyond conventional boundaries; uncertainty in research and practice with children. Book review 117
Beyond the core; reflections on regionality in prehistory. Book review 131
Beyond the scoreboard; an insider's guide to the business of sport. Book review 180
Beyond words, things, thoughts, feelings; essays on aesthetic experience. Book review 118
Biaxial stretching of film; principles and applications. Book review 121
Big history. Book review 118
Bile acids as metabolic integrators and therapeutics; proceedings. Book review 169
Billing and collecting for your mental health practice; effective strategies and ethical practice. Book review 117
Biodegradable polymers in clinical use and clinical development. Book review 135
Biofuels; alternative feedstocks and conversion processes. Book review 147
Biological invasions; economic and environmental costs of alien plant, animal, and microbe species, 2d ed. Book review 136
Biologically-responsive hybrid biomaterials; a reference for material scientists and bioengineers. Book review 126
Biomedical hydrogels; biochemistry, manufacture and medical applications. Book review 138
Bir Umm Fawakhir; v.2: Report on the 1996-1997 survey seasons. Book review 132
Birds and beasts in Chinese texts and trade; lectures related to South China and the overseas world. Book review 139
Birmingham Museum of Art guide to the collection. Book review 101
Bisphosphonates and osteonecrosis of the jaw. Book review 184
Black America; a state-by-state historical encyclopedia; 2v. Book review 122
Black and white; from snapshots to great shots. Book review 168
Black cowboys of the Old West; true, sensational, and little-known stories from history. Book review 119
Black feminist archaeology. Book review 115
Bloggerati, twitterati; how blogs and Twitter are transforming popular culture. Book review 114
Blogging as change; transforming science & math education through new media literacies. Book review 119
Blood at the root; lynching as American cultural nucleus. Book review 121
BNF for children 2011-2012. Book review 131
Bomboozled!; how the U.S. government misled itself and its people into believing they could survive a nuclear attack. Book review 162
Book repair, 2d rev ed. Book review 111
Books in early modern Norway. Book review 135
Borrowing from the future; a faith-based approach to intergenerational equity. Brief article 108
Boundary element methods with applications to nonlinear problems, 2d ed. Book review 142
Boundary elements and other mesh reduction methods; proceedings. Brief article 178

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