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Articles from Reference & Research Book News (December 1, 2011)

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"Kingdom-minded" people; Christian identity and the contributions of Chinese business Christians. Book review 134
"Rhody Redlegs"; a history of the Providence Marine Corps of Artillery and the 103d Field Artillery, Rhode Island Army National Guard, 1801-2010. Book review 145
"Tackling the morality of history"; ethics and storytelling in the works of Amitav Ghosh. Book review 155
"Vienna is different"; Jewish writers in Austria from the fin de siecle to the present. Book review 156
"We will be satisfied with nothing less"; the African American struggle for equal rights in the North during Reconstruction. Brief article 172
(Re:) working the ground; essays on the late writings of Robert Duncan. Book review 137
100 questions & answers about hydrocephalus. Book review 122
100 questions & answers about managing your cholesterol. Book review 103
100 questions & answers about triple negative breast cancer. Brief article 101
100 questions & answers about your child's type 1 diabetes. Book review 126
101 learning and development tools; essential techniques for creating, delivering, and managing effective training. Book review 192
1650-1850; ideas, aesthetics, and inquiries in the early modern era; v.18. Book review 131
1812; the navy's war. Book review 156
19th century paintings of life in China; the Bretschneider albums. Book review 164
20 questions & answers about shift work disorder. Book review 113
20% chance of rain; exploring the concept of risk. Book review 125
500 tips for communicating with the public. Book review 106
9-11; was there an alternative? (reprint, 2001). Book review 107
9/11 ten years later; when state crimes against democracy succeed. Book review 114
A beautiful and fruitful place; selected Rensselaerwijck papers; v.2. Book review 152
A bigger message; conversations with David Hockney. Book review 112
A buffet of sensory interventions; solutions for middle and high school students with Autism Spectrum disorders. Book review 128
A common justice; the legal allegiances of Christians and Jews under early Islam. Book review 187
A comprehensive Indonesian-English dictionary; 2d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book review 160
A contest for supremacy; China, America, and the struggle for mastery in Asia. Book review 174
A decade of debt. Brief article 122
A different kind of Web; new connections between archives and our users. Book review 109
A diminishing transatlantic partnership?; the impact of the financial crisis on European defense and foreign assistance capabilities; a report of the CSIS Kissinger Chair, Europe Program, and Defense-Initiatives Industrial Group. Book review 236
A distant prospect of Wessex; archaeology and the past in the life and works of Thomas Hardy. Book review 122
A first course in machine learning. Brief article 120
A first course in numerical methods. Book review 140
A first course in quality engineering; integrating statistical and management methods of quality. Book review 127
A future for capitalism; classical, neoclassical and Keynesian perspectives. Book review 159
A global history of accounting, financial reporting and public policy; Asia and Oceania. Brief article 113
A guide to Jewish practice; everyday living; v.1. Book review 133
A handbook of cultural economics, 2d ed. Book review 136
A history of American higher education, 2d ed. Book review 179
A history of Egyptian communism; Jews and their compatriots in quest of revolution. Book review 139
A history of the College of Charleston, 1936-2008. Book review 165
A history of the English-speaking peoples; a one volume abridgement. Book review 206
A kingdom of stargazers; astrology and authority in the late medieval Crown of Aragon. Book review 136
A Knight at the opera; Heine, Wagner, Herzl, Peretz, and the legacy of der Tannhauser. Book review 145
A landscape history of Japan. Book review 178
A little short of boats; the Civil War battles of Ball's Bluff & Edwards Ferry, October 21-22, 1861. Book review 131
A manager's guide to virtual teams. Book review 143
A moment of danger; critical studies in the history of U.S. communication since World War II. Book review 191
A new look at new realism; the psychology and philosophy of E.B. Holt. Book review 198
A new world to be won; John Kennedy, Richard Nixon, and the tumultuous year of 1960. Book review 124
A pastoral leader's handbook; strategies for success in the secondary school. Brief article 173
A pedagogy of place; outdoor education for a changing world. Book review 113
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, by James Joyce. Book review 149
A practical guide to clinical data management, 3d ed. Book review 121
A practical guide to pediatric emergency medicine; caring for children in the emergency department. Book review 141
A quick guide to behaviour management in the early years. Brief article 135
A Roman settlement and bath house at Shadwell; excavations at Tobacco Dock and Babe Ruth restaurant, The Highway, London. Book review 166
A short history of Lake Tahoe. Book review 112
A short history of physics in the American century. Book review 143
A teacher's reflection book; exercises, stories, invitations. Book review 144
A trip to the country. Brief article 125
A troubled see; memoirs of a Derry Bishop. Book review 123
A voice of my own; essays and stories. Book review 122
ABC of intensive care, 2d ed. Book review 124
Abdominal ultrasound; step by step, 2d ed. Brief article 152
Aberration-corrected analytical transmission electron microscopy. Book review 156
Abraham De Moivre; setting the stage for classical probability and its applications. Book review 116
Abraham Ibn Ezra on elections, interrogations, and medical astrology; a parallel Hebrew-English critical edition of the Book of Elections (3 versions), the Book of Interrogations (3 versions)... Book review 197
Abraham Kuyper; an annotated bibliography 1857-2010. Book review 144
Absalom, Absalom!, by William Faulkner. Book review 135
Academic branch libraries in changing times. Book review 132
Academic entrepreneurship and community engagement; scholarship in action and the Syracuse miracle. Book review 111
Access to care and factors that impact access, patients as partners in care and changing roles of health providers. Book review 171
Achieving outstanding on your teaching placement; early years and primary school-based training. Book review 137
Acing the hepatology questions on the GI board exam; the ultimate crunch-time resource. Book review 157
Action research for business, nonprofit, & public administration; a tool for complex times. Book review 112
Activated carbon for water and wastewater treatment; integration of adsorption and biological treatment. Book review 157
Adaptive and flexible clinical trials. Book review 123
Adipokines. Book review 216
Adirondack roots; stories of hiking, history, and women. Book review 112
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 124
Advanced analytics for green and sustainable economic development; supply chain models and financial technologies. Book review 121
Advanced Bayesian methods for medical test accuracy. Book review 123
Advanced computational materials modeling; from classical to multi-scale techniques. Book review 119
Advanced control of aircraft, spacecraft, and rockets. Book review 112
Advanced design and manufacture IV. Book review 133
Advanced disaster life support; course manual, version 3.0. Book review 171
Advanced engineering ceramics and composites; proceedings. Brief article 155
Advanced materials and information technology processing; 3v. Book review 232
Advanced materials research; QiR 12; selected papers. Book review 142
Advanced measurement and test; proceedings; 3pts. Book review 164
Advanced methods and applications in chemoinformatics; research progress and new applications. Book review 123
Advanced particle physics; v.1: Particles, fields, and quantum electrodynamics. Book review 125
Advanced research on material engineering, chemistry, bioinformatics; proceedings. Brief article 183
Advanced research on mechanical engineering, industry and manufacturing engineering; selected papers; 2v. Book review 152
Advanced structural ceramics. Book review 126
Advanced structural materials; proceedings. Book review 126
Advanced textiles; for health and well-being. Book review 118
Advanced underwater photography; techniques for digital photographers. Book review 138
Advancements in distributed computing and Internet technologies; trends and issues. Book review 152
Advances in building materials; proceedings; 3v. Brief article 182
Advances in civil engineering and architecture; proceedings; 7v. Brief article 197
Advances in clean hydrocarbon fuel processing; science and technology. Book review 146
Advances in experimental mechanics VIII; selected papers. Brief article 147
Advances in grinding and abrasive technology; selected papers. Brief article 117
Advances in material engineering and mechanical engineering; selected papers. Book review 129
Advances in materials and processing technologies; proceedings; 2v. Book review 176
Advances in monolithic microwave integrated circuits for wireless systems; modeling and design technologies. Brief article 115
Advances in non-Archimedean analysis; proceedings. Book review 154
Advances in social-psychology and music education research. Brief article 152
Advances in the economic analysis of participatory and labor-managed firms. Book review 123
Advertising campaign design; just the essentials. Brief article 163
Advertising media planning; a brand management approach, 3d ed. Book review 173
Advertising media; workbook and sourcebook, 3d ed. Book review 230
Aesthetic plastic surgery video atlas. (online access included). Book review 145
Affine algebraic geometry; the Russell festschrift. Brief article 119
Africa development indicators 2011. (CD-ROM included). Book review 138
Africa yearbook; politics, economy and society south of the Sahara in 2010; v.7. (online access included). Book review 184
African and African American children's and adolescent literature in the classroom; a critical guide. Book review 192
After Custer; loss and transformation in Sioux country. Book review 118
After Freedom Summer; how race realigned Mississippi politics, 1965-1986. Book review 129
Afterwards; contemporary photography confronting the past. Brief article 161
Against ecological sovereignty; ethics, biopolitics, and saving the natural world. Book review 176
Against orthodoxy; studies in nationalism. Book review 149
Agostino Nifo De intellectu. Book review 140
Agrobiodiversity management for food security; a critical review. Book review 114
AHA guide to the health care field, 2012 ed. Book review 145
AIDS crisis control in Uganda; the use of HAART. Book review 132
Ainu spirits singing; the living world of Chiri Yukie's Ainu Shinyoshu. Book review 119
Air pollution XIX; proceedings. Book review 199
ALA guide to medical & health sciences reference. Book review 208
Alaska; a history, 3d ed. Book review 187
Albert Camus. Book review 139
Alcohol consumption and ethyl carbamate. Book review 235
Alfred Adler revisited. Book review 104
All in a word. (reprint, 2009). Book review 124
Alternative American ceramics, 1870-1955; the other American art pottery. Book review 131
Alternative sweeteners, 4th ed. Book review 146
Aluminium cast house technology; selected papers. Book review 158
Alvar Aalto houses. Book review 132
Alzheimer disease sourcebook; basic consumer health information about Alzheimer disease and other forms of dementia, including mild cognitive impairment... 5th ed. Book review 179
AMA guides to the evaluation of work ability and return to work, 2d ed. Book review 222
America's college museums; handbook & directory, 2d ed. Brief article 164
American avatar; the United States in the global imagination. Book review 178
American conservative thought in the twentieth century. (reprint, 1970). Book review 142
American dreamers; how the left changed a nation. Book review 141
American Indian and Alaska Native children and mental health; development, context, prevention, and treatment. Book review 135
American labor struggles and law histories. Book review 137
American madness; the rise and fall of dementia praecox. Brief article 116
American women artists in wartime, 1776-2010. Book review 165
An economic perspective on trade mark law. Book review 126
An evidence-based approach to vitamins and minerals; health benefits and intake recommendations, 2d ed. Brief article 149
An introduction to actuarial studies, 2d ed. Book review 141
An introduction to behavioral endocrinology, 4th ed. Book review 158
An introduction to bootstrap methods with applications to R. Book review 143
An introduction to distance measurement in astronomy. Book review 143
An introduction to fire dynamics, 3d ed. Book review 142
An introduction to mathematical modeling; a course in mechanics. Book review 122
An introduction to measure theory. Book review 119
An introduction to metamaterials and waves in composites. Book review 140
An introduction to the sociology of work and occupations, 2d ed. Book review 144
An introduction to visual communication; from cave art to second life. Brief article 132
An R companion to linear statistical models. Book review 144
An uncommon journey; from Vienna to Shanghai to America; a brother and sister escape to freedom during World War II. Book review 120
Analysis of covariance and alternatives; statistical methods for experiments, quasi-experiments, and single-case studies, 2d ed. Book review 192
Analysis of structures; an introduction including numerical methods. Book review 157
Analyzing Congress, 2d ed. Book review 136
And crocodiles are hungry at night; a chronicle of a poet's imprisonment under Life President Banda of Malawi. Brief article 133
And diverse are their hues; color in Islamic art and culture. Brief article 247
Andrew V. McLaglen; the life and Hollywood career. Brief article 176
Anglophone poetry in colonial India, 1780-1913; A critical anthology. Book review 115
Animal sensibility and inclusive justice in the age of Bernard Shaw. Book review 121
Animals, diseases, and human health; shaping our lives now and in the future. Book review 106
Annual review of anthropology; v.40, 2011. Book review 188
Annual review of astronomy and astrophysics; v.49, 2011. Book review 116
Annual review of microbiology; v.65, 2011. Book review 140
Annual review of resource economics; v.3, 2011. Book review 128
ANOVA and ANCOVA; a GLM approach, 2d ed. Book review 119
Answering questions with statistics. Book review 179
Antarctica; an encyclopedia, 2d ed.; 2v. Book review 171
Anthropologies of education; a global guide to ethnographic studies of learning and schooling. Book review 138
Anti-communism in twentieth-century America. Book review 180
Anti-immigration in the United States; a historical encyclopedia; 2v. Book review 151
Antibiotics and antibiotic resistance. Book review 113
Anticancer agents from natural products, 2d ed. Brief article 117
Antimicrobial therapeutics reviews. Book review 106
Antitrust law answer book, 2011-12. Book review 134
Apex; retracing the Egyptian pyramids. Book review 126
Apparel; design, textiles & construction, 10th ed. Book review 155
Application of diamond and related materials; selected papers. Book review 130
Applications of engineering materials; proceedings; 4v. Book review 172
Applications of microdialysis in pharmaceutical science. Book review 138
Applied GPS for engineers and project managers. Book review 163
Applied reliability, 3d ed. Book review 126
Applied semantic web technologies. Book review 110
Applied singular integral equations. Brief article 111
Approaches to teaching H.D.'s poetry and prose. Book review 111
Approaches to teaching the works of Francois Rabelais. Brief article 109
Approximate dynamic programming; solving the curses of dimensionality, 2d ed. Book review 119
Arab Detroit 9/11; life in the terror decade. Book review 202
Archaeology of desperation; exploring the Donner Party's Alder Creek camp. Book review 138
Archean to anthropocene; field guides to the geology of the mid-continent of North America. Brief article 142
Architecture and patterns for IT service management, resource planning, and governance; making shoes for the cobbler's children, 2d ed. Book review 129
Architecture and the Canadian fabric. Book review 148
Architecture in nineteenth-century photographs; essays on reading a collection. Book review 130
Arithmetic of L-functions. Book review 112
Armies of heaven; the first crusade and the quest for apocalypse. Brief article 116
Armstrong's handbook of strategic human resource management, 5th ed. Book review 101
Around-the-world flights; a history. Book review 136
Ars musice. Brief article 126
Art and palace politics in early modern Japan, 1580s-1680s. Book review 146
Art in Tibet; issues in traditional Tibetan art from the seventh to the twentieth century; proceedings. Book review 195
Art photography now, 2d ed. Brief article 135
Art since 1900; modernism, antimodernism, postmodernism, 2d ed. Book review 288
Asbestos; risk assessment, epidemiology, and health effects, 2d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book review 198
Asia's rise in the 21st century. Book review 171
Assessing the implicit personality through conditional reasoning. Book review 168
Assessment of sea-turtle status and trends; integrating demography and abundance. Book review 206
Assistive technology; principles and applications for communication disorders and special education. Book review 126
Astronomy in the Maya codices. Book review 181
At home with apartheid; the hidden landscapes of domestic service in Johannesburg. Book review 119
At risk; Latino children's health. Book review 155
Atlas of abdominal wall reconstruction. (online access included). Book review 123
Atlas of endoscopic laryngeal surgery. Book review 106
Atlas of endoscopic ultrasonography. (DVD-ROM included). Book review 114
Atlas of head & neck surgery. (online access included). Book review 153
Augmentative and alternative communication for adults with aphasia. Book review 130
Austrian law and economics; 2v. Book review 129
Autism and the law; cases, statutes, and materials. Brief article 143
AutoCad and its applications; comprehensive 2012, 19th ed. Book review 140
Autonomous ground vehicles. Brief article 180
Avery's diseases of the newborn, 9th ed. (online access included). Book review 187
Awakening brilliance in the writer's workshop; using notebooks, mentor texts, and the writing process. Book review 130
Aware, awake, alive; a contemporary guide to the ancient science of integral health and human flourishing. (CD included). Book review 115
Aztecs on stage; religious theater in colonial Mexico. Book review 116
Bacterial pathogenesis; molecular and cellular mechanisms. Book review 133
Bakhtinian pedagogy; opportunities and challenges for research, policy and practice in education across the globe. Brief article 119
Balenciaga. Book review 139
Banking and capital markets; new international perspectives. Brief article 143
Barack Obama in Hawai'i and Indonesia; the making of a global president. Book review 117
Basic bankruptcy law for paralegals, 8th ed. (CD-ROM included). Book review 128
Basic bankruptcy law for paralegals; abridged ed., 2d ed. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 143
Basic federal income tax, 4th ed. Brief article 114
Basic geological mapping, 5th ed. Brief article 121
Basic guide to dental instruments, 2d ed. Book review 116
Basic helicopter aerodynamics, 3d ed. Brief article 150
Basic transport phenomena in biomedical engineering, 3d ed. Book review 110
Basics in dermatological laser applications. Book review 139
Basketball for women, 2d ed. Book review 123
Battleground; government and politics; 2v. Book review 143
Battles of the Ugandan resistance; a tradition of maneuver. Brief article 175
Baudelaire, Emerson and the French-American connection; contrary affinities. Book review 232
Bayesian analysis made simple; an Excel GUI for WinBUGS. Book review 117
Beam structures; classical and advanced theories. Brief article 131
Becoming American?; the forging of Arab and Muslim identity in pluralist America. Book review 172
Becoming confident teachers; a guide for academic librarians. Book review 124
Behaving like fools; voice, gesture, and laughter in texts, manuscripts, and early books. Book review 137
Behavior theory in health promotion practice and research. Book review 132
Belzoni; the giant archaeologists love to hate. Brief article 108
Benefits of investing in water and sanitation; an OECD perspective. Book review 151
Best management practices for saline and sodic turfgrass soils; assessment and reclamation. Book review 136
Best practice in performance coaching; a handbook for leaders, coaches, HR professionals and organizations. (reprint, 2007). Book review 145
Best practices in medical teaching. Brief article 117
Beth Van Hoesen; catalogue raisonne of limited-edition prints, books, and portfolios. Book review 141
Between opposition and collaboration; nobles, bishops, and the German Reformations in the prince-bishopric of Bamberg, 1555-1619. Book review 168
Between worlds; access to second language acquisition, 3d ed. Book review 153
Beyond binaries in education research. Book review 104
Beyond bylines; media workers and women's rights in Canada. Book review 155
Beyond conversion and syncretism; indigenous encounters with missionary Christianity, 1800-2000. Book review 119
Beyond the language classroom. Book review 114
Beyond victor's justice?; the Tokyo War Crimes Trial revisited. Book review 179
Bible & music; influences of the Old Testament on western music. Book review 101
Bible trouble; queer reading at the boundaries of biblical scholarship. Brief article 159
Biennial review of health care management. Book review 198
Big book of seasons, holidays, and weather; rhymes, fingerplays, and songs for children. Book review 121
Bioactive compounds from natural sources; natural products as lead compounds in drug discovery, 2d ed. Brief article 152
Biocatalysis for green chemistry and chemical process development. Book review 120
Biographies in American ceramic art; 1870-1970. Book review 129
Bioinformatics and biomedicine; proceedings. Book review 142
Biological wastewater treatment, 3d ed. Brief article 153
Biologically inspired networking and sensing; algorithms and architectures. Brief article 131
Biology and management of white-tailed deer. (CD-ROM included). Book review 136
Biomechatronic design in biotechnology; a methodology for development of biotechnological products. Book review 172
Biometrics in identity management; concepts to applications. Brief article 132
Bionanotechnology; global prospects 2. Book review 118
Biopolymers; biomedical and environmental applications. Book review 134
Bitter choices; loyalty and betrayal in the Russian conquest of the North Caucasus. Book review 113
Black box casino; how Wall Street's risky shadow banking crashed global finance. Book review 187
Black ops, Vietnam; the operational history of MACVSOG. Book review 134
Blackwell's five-minute veterinary consult; canine and feline, 5th ed. (online access included). Book review 159
Blah blah blah; what to do when words don't work. Book review 129
Blogging in the global society; cultural, political and geographical aspects. Brief article 159
Blood expiation in Hittite and biblical ritual; origins, context, and meaning. Book review 151
Body and soul; the Black Panther Party and the fight against medical discrimination. Book review 186
Body image; a handbook of science, practice, and prevention, 2d ed. Book review 184
Body language; corporeality, subjectivity, and language in Johann Georg Hamann. Brief article 138
Body MR imaging at 3 Tesla. Book review 138
Body, performance, agency, and experience. (CD-ROM included). Book review 158
Bone histology; an anthropological perspective. Book review 211
Botany for designers; a practical guide for landscape architects and other professionals. Book review 110
Bounded bureaucracy and the budgetary process in the United States. Book review 114
Bradford's Indian book; being the true roote & rise of American letters as revealed by the native text embedded in Of Plimoth Plantation. Book review 140

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