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Articles from Reference & Research Book News (August 1, 2011)

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"Buffoonery and easy sentiment"; popular Irish plays in the decade prior to the opening of The Abbey Theatre. Brief article 155
"Cher alme"; texts of Anglo-Norman piety. Book review 136
"In the midst of Jordan"; the Jordan Valley during the Middle Bronze Age (circa 2000-1500 BCE); archaeological and historical correlates. Book review 143
"My nerves are bad"; Puerto Rican women managing mental illness and HIV risk. Book review 201
"My work is that of conservation"; an environmental biography of George Washington Carver. Brief article 173
"There are things I want you to know" about Stieg Larsson and me. Brief article 155
"They'll cut off your project"; a Mingo County chronicle, 2d ed. Brief article 154
"this grand supply"; the Samuel Hodgdon letterbooks, 1778-1784, v.1: July 19, 1778-March 31, 1781. Brief article 166
'A veritable Eden' the Manchester Botanic Garden; a history. Brief article 137
'Because we are poor'; Irish theater in the 1990s. Book review 117
'The church and its spire'; John McGahern and the Catholic question. Book review 133
100 most popular contemporary mystery authors; biographical sketches and bibliographies. Brief article 101
1001 battles that changed the course of world history. Brief article 157
101 "answers" for new teachers and their mentors; effective teaching tips for daily classroom use, 2d ed. Brief article 120
101 school success tools for smart kids with learning difficulties. Book review 131
1861; the Civil War awakening. Brief article 141
25 recipes for getting started with R. Brief article 119
250 indie games you must play. Book review 118
28 business thinkers who changed the world; the management gurus and mavericks who changed the way we think about business. Brief article 116
50 beautiful deer-resistant plants; the prettiest annuals, perennials, bulbs, and shrubs that deer don't eat. Brief article 133
A bee in a cathedral; and 99 other scientific analogies. Book review 120
A captive of the dawn; the life and work of Peretz Markish (1895-1952). Brief article 131
A career in statistics; beyond the numbers. Book review 106
A catalogue of the Turkish manuscripts in the John Rylands University Library at Manchester. Brief article 143
A century of Parks Canada, 1911-2011. Book review 137
A companion to Alfred Hitchcock. Brief article 154
A companion to Asian art and architecture. Book review 139
A companion to Greek mythology. Book review 158
A companion to Marie de France. Book review 159
A companion to medical anthropology. Brief article 157
A companion to social geography. Book review 187
A companion to the anthropology of education. Book review 131
A complexity approach to sustainability; theory and application. Brief article 165
A concise companion to Aboriginal history, 2d ed. Book review 138
A concise history of South Sudan. Brief article 122
A contemporary geography of Uganda. Brief article 124
A critical humanitarian intervention approach. Brief article 138
A decade of aid to the health sector in Somalia (2000-2009). Book review 209
A dictionary of South African Indian English. Brief article 198
A failure of capitalism; the crisis of '08 and the descent into depression. Book review 152
A first course in differential equations, modeling, and simulation. Brief article 114
A God of faithfulness; essays in honour of J. Gordon McConville on his 60th birthday. Brief article 119
A grammar of the Bedouin dialects of central and southern Sinai. Book review 164
A history of design from the Victorian era to the present; a survey of the modern style in architecture, interior design, industrial design, graphic design, and photography, 2d ed. Brief article 202
A history of Islamic law. (reprint, 1964). Brief article 139
A history of modern Germany, 1800 to the present, 2d ed. Book review 165
A history of modern Jewish religious philosophy; v.1: The period of the enlightenment. Book review 151
A history of the birth control movement in America. Brief article 221
A history of the Sudan; from the coming of Islam to the present day, 6th ed. Book review 169
A joint enterprise; Indian elites and the making of British Bombay. Brief article 209
A level playing field; African American athletes and the republic of sports. Book review 120
A librarian's guide on how to publish. Book review 125
A librarian's guide to an uncertain job market. Book review 104
A life in motion. Book review 146
A life spent changing places. Book review 152
A life with roses. Brief article 190
A long goodbye; the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan. Book review 202
A master class in children's literature; trends and issues in an evolving field. Book review 164
A more noble cause; A.P. Tureaud and the struggle for civil rights in Louisiana; a personal biography. Book review 174
A most dangerous book; Tacitus's Germania from the Roman Empire to the Third Reich. Brief article 107
A new art from emerging markets. Book review 144
A new history of the Picts. (reprint, 2010). Book review 131
A new physiognomy of Jewish thinking; critical theory after Adorno as applied to Jewish thought. Brief article 152
A new theory of information and the Internet; public sphere meets protocol. Brief article 182
A petroleum geologist's guide to seismic reflection. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 112
A private sphere; democracy in a digital age. Brief article 121
A promise in Haiti; a reporter's notes on families and daily lives. Book review 104
A queer history of the United States. Book review 124
A sexuality & gender diversity training program; increasing the competency of mental health professionals. (CD-ROM included). Book review 166
A slice of trust; the leadership secret with the hot & fruity filling. Book review 119
A small boy and others. Book review 161
A socioeconomic history of North Korea. Brief article 226
A strong future for public library use and employment. Book review 197
A student guide to energy; 5v. Brief article 172
A survey of dynamic games in economics. Brief article 130
A very short, fairly interesting and reasonably cheap book about studying leadership, 2d ed. Brief article 192
A worldview of animal law. Brief article 126
Aboard the democracy train; a journey through Pakistan's last decade of democracy. Book review 144
Above the skyline; Reverend Tsietsi Thandekiso and the founding of an African gay church. Brief article 208
Abraham Joshua Heschel; essential writings. Book review 106
Abundance from the desert; classical Arabic poetry. Brief article 158
Abuse, power and fearful obedience; reconsidering 1 Peter's commands to wives. Brief article 152
Acadiana; Louisiana's historic Cajun country. Brief article 103
Accountable care organizations; your guide to design, strategy, and implementation. Book review 205
ACIS international symposiums on cryptography, network security, data mining and knowledge discovery, e-commerce and its applications, and embedded systems; proceedings. Brief article 170
Acting up; free speech, pragmatism, and American performance in the late 20th century. Book review 180
ActionScript 3.0 game programming university, 2d ed. Book review 110
Active experiences for active children; science, 3d ed. Brief article 178
Adam's fall; traumatic brain injury--the first 365 days. Book review 115
Adapting land administration to the institutional framework of customary tenure; the case of peri-urban Ghana. Book review 174
Adapting to the impacts of climate change. Book review 175
Addiction treatment; comparing religion and science in application. Book review 138
Additive schooling in subtractive times; bilingual education and Dominican immigrant youth in the Heights. Brief article 253
ADHD in adults; characterization, diagnosis, and treatment. Brief article 164
Adler's physiology of the eye; clinical application, 11th ed. (online access included). Book review 121
ADMET for medicinal chemists; a practical guide. Book review 140
Adobe Photoshop CS5 for photographers; the ultimate workshop. (DVD included). Brief article 129
Adobe Photoshop CS5. (DVD-ROM included). Book review 131
Adolescent boys' literate identity. Brief article 129
ADORE; teaching struggling adolescent readers in European countries; key elements of good practice. Book review 177
Adult emergency medicine at a glance. Book review 105
Advanced asset pricing theory. Book review 157
Advanced characterization techniques for thin film solar cells. Book review 132
Advanced communication protocol technologies; solutions, methods, and applications. Book review 130
Advanced computational engineering and experimenting; proceedings. Book review 124
Advanced energy design guide for small to medium office buildings; achieving 50% energy savings toward a net zero energy building. Brief article 134
Advanced engineering materials; selected papers; 3v. Brief article 233
Advanced manufacturing systems; proceedings; 3v. Book review 132
Advanced material science and technology; proceedings: 2v. Book review 212
Advanced materials and computer science; proceedings; 3v. Brief article 205
Advanced materials research; proceedings. Book review 151
Advanced materials science & technology; proceedings; 2v. Book review 155
Advanced methods of biomedical signal processing. Book review 156
Advanced operative dentistry; a practical approach. (online access included). Book review 200
Advanced polymer science and engineering; proceedings. Brief article 168
Advanced rail geotechnology--ballasted track. Brief article 125
Advanced research on automation, communication, architectonics and materials; proceedings; 2v. Book review 151
Advanced research on industry, information system and material engineering; 7v. Book review 142
Advanced research on information science, automation and material system; proceedings; 6v. Book review 268
Advanced technologies management for retailing; frameworks and cases. Brief article 206
Advanced wireless communications & Internet; future evolving technologies, 3d ed. Brief article 122
Advances in chaotic dynamics and applications. Brief article 137
Advances in key engineering materials. Book review 151
Advances in Lorentzian geometry; proceedings of the Lorentzian geometry conference in Berlin. Brief article 114
Advances in mechanical design; proceedings; 2v. Brief article 177
Advances in mechanical engineering; proceedings; 3v. Book review 158
Advances in metal matrix composites. Book review 117
Advances in speckle metrology and related techniques. Book review 131
Advancing nonprofit stewardship through self-regulation; translating principles into practice. Book review 107
Advancing the science of climate change. Book review 131
Adventure education; an introduction. Book review 164
Adventures in aidland; the anthropology of professionals in international development. Book review 160
Adventures of an accidental sociologist; how to explain the world without becoming a bore. Brief article 127
Adverbials and the phase model. Book review 107
Aerosol measurement; principles, techniques, and applications, 3d ed. Brief article 124
Affirmative action in antidiscrimination law and policy; an overview and synthesis, 2d ed. Brief article 113
Afghanistan's troubled transition; politics, peacekeeping, and the 2004 presidential election. Brief article 211
Africa's power infrastructure; investment, integration, efficiency. Book review 156
Africa; a practical guide for global health workers. Book review 173
African smallholders; food crops, markets, and policy. Brief article 138
After globalization. Book review 183
After the czars and commissars; journalism in authoritarian post-Soviet Central Asia. Brief article 179
After the event; new perspectives on art history. Book review 153
After the event; the transmission of grevious loss in Germany, China and Taiwan. Brief article 176
Afterword; conjuring the literary dead. Brief article 129
Against the odds; successful UN peace operations--a theoretical argument and two cases. Brief article 126
Agency, partnership, and the LLC; the law of unincorporated business enterprises; cases, materials, problems, 8th ed. Book review 144
Aggression and international criminal law. Brief article 117
Agile web development with Rails, 4th ed. Brief article 135
Aging skin; current and future therapeutic strategies. Book review 134
Agricultural acarology; introduction to integrated mite management. (CD-ROM included). Book review 158
Agricultural robots; mechanisms and practice. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 117
Agriculture in Brazil yearbook 2010: Brazil agrianual ( CD-ROM). E-book review 108
AIDS sourcebook; basic consumer health information about the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)..., 5th ed. Book review 162
AIDS. Book review 148
Aimee Semple McPherson and the making of modern Pentecostalism, 1890-1926. Book review 133
Air pollution control and climate change mitigation law, 2d ed. Book review 146
Aircraft accident reconstruction and litigation, 4th ed. Brief article 197
Airport planning and management, 6th ed. Book review 132
Al-Mefty's meningiomas, 2d ed. Book review 131
Albert Bierstadt; Puget Sound on the Pacific Coast; a superb vision of dreamland. Book review 119
Alchemy in contemporary art. Brief article 105
Algorithms in computational molecular biology; techniques, approaches and applications. Book review 180
Alienation and theatricality; Diderot after Brecht. Brief article 134
All is grace; a biography of Dorothy Day. Book review 134
All the bishops' men. Book review 115
All together now; museums and online collaborative learning. Brief article 134
Altering consciousness; multidisciplinary perspectives; 2v. Brief article 142
Alternative approaches to assessing young children, 2d ed. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 178
Alternative contact; indigeneity, globalism, and American studies. Brief article 113
Alternatives unincorporated; earth ethics from the grassroots. Brief article 117
Alvar Aalto; architecture to read. Brief article 130
Amazing dogs; a cabinet of canine curiosities. Book review 124
America aflame; how the Civil War created a nation. Brief article 141
America's challenges in the greater Middle East; the Obama administration's policies. Brief article 142
America's history; legacy in the making. Book review 106
American constitutional law, 9th ed. Brief article 177
American drama and the postmodern. Brief article 104
American education, 15th ed. Brief article 147
American global challenges; the Obama era. Brief article 130
American labor, Congress, and the welfare state, 1935-2010. Book review 123
American pietas; visions of race, death, and the maternal. Brief article 127
Americans, Germans and war crimes justice; law, memory and "the good war". Brief article 125
Amino acids, peptides and proteins in organic chemistry; v.4: protection reactions, medicinal chemistry, combinatorial synthesis. Book review 131
Among African apes; stories and photos from the field. Brief article 115
Among the nightmare fighters; American poets of World War II. Book review 158
An army of phantoms; American movies and the making of the Cold War. Brief article 161
An idea and its servants; UNESCO from within. (reprint, 1978). Brief article 130
An insight into an insane asylum. Brief article 114
An introduction to applied and environmental geophysics, 2d ed. Brief article 128
An introduction to genetic epidemiology. Brief article 221
An introduction to molecular biotechnology; fundamentals, methods, and applications, 2d ed. Brief article 127
An introduction to orthogonal polynomials. (reprint, 1978). Brief article 138
An introduction to practical formal methods using temporal logic. Book review 118
An introduction to psychodynamic counselling, 2d ed. Brief article 153
An introduction to string theory and D-brane dynamics; with problems and solutions, 2d ed. Brief article 127
An introduction to the DLNA architecture; network technologies for media devices. Book review 119
An introduction to zoo biology and management. Brief article 148
An Iowa soldier writes home; the Civil War letters of Union Private Daniel J. Parvin. Brief article 170
Analytical methods for lawyers, 2d ed. Book review 165
Analyzing criminal minds; forensic investigative science for the 21st century. Book review 178
Analyzing gender, intersectionality, and multiple inequalities; global, transnational and local contexts. Book review 155
Anatomy at a glance, 3d ed. Book review 111
Andean expressions; art and archaeology of the Recuay culture. Brief article 115
Anglo-Spanish rivalry in colonial south-east America, 1650-1725. Book review 141
Ani-La; the nuns from Redna Menling. Book review 147
Animal behavior desk reference; a dictionary of animal behavior, ecology, and evolution, 3d ed. Brief article 195
Animal law; welfare, interests, and rights, 2d ed. Book review 145
Animal stories; narrating across species lines. Book review 103
Animals in the military; from Hannibal's elephants to the dolphins of the U.S. Navy. Book review 119
Animators of film and television; nineteen artists, writers, producers and others. Book review 139
Anna's house; the American colony in Jerusalem. Book review 115
Annapolis, city on the Severn; a history. Brief article 141
Anne Enright. Brief article 185
Annual review of biophysics; v.40, 2011. Brief article 127
Annual review of Earth and planetary sciences; v.39, 2011. Brief article 134
Annual review of physical chemistry; v.62, 2011. Book review 122
Annual review of plant biology; v.62, 2011. Book review 124
Annual review of public health; v.32, 2011. Brief article 168
Anonymity and learning in digitally mediated communications; authenticity and trust in cyber education. Brief article 163
Anonymity in early modern England; "what's in a name?". Brief article 116
Antenna design for mobile devices. Brief article 105
Anticipate, respond, recover; healthcare leadership and catastrophic events. Book review 151
Apicomplexan parasites; molecular approaches toward targeted drug development. Book review 134
Apocalypse against empire; theologies of resistance in early Judaism. Book review 142
App inventor; create your own Android apps. Book review 154
Application of concurrency to system design (ACSD 2011); proccedings. Brief article 159
Applied animal endocrinology, 2d ed. Brief article 124
Applied calculus for the managerial, life, and social sciences; a brief approach, 9th ed. Brief article 112
Applied optics fundamentals and device applications, nano, MOEMS, and biotechnology. Brief article 102
Approaches to pain management; an essential guide for clinical leaders, 2d ed. Brief article 135
Arabic and Persian seals and amulets in the British Museum. Book review 150
Arapaho journeys; photographs and stories from the Wind River Reservation. Brief article 104
Architectural rendering with 3ds Max and V-Ray; photorealistic visualization. (CD-ROM included). Book review 135
Architecture of thought. Book review 140
Armed for life; the Army of God and anti-abortion terror in the United States. Brief article 135
Armitage's garden perennials, 2d ed. Brief article 115
Arms and the man; military history essays in honor of Dennis Showalter. Book review 170
Arnold Schwarzenegger; interdisciplinary perspectives on body and image. Book review 183
Around & about Stock Orchard Street. Brief article 157
Arrhythmias essentials. Brief article 117
Art glass today. Book review 137
Arthritis; pathophysiology, prevention, and therapeutics. Book review 141
Artist management for the music business, 2d ed. Brief article 122
Arts & crafts houses. Book review 114
Arts of resistance; poets, portraits and landscapes of modern Scotland. Brief article 107
As I walked out one midsummer morning. (reprint, 1969). Book review 121
AS9101D auditing for process performance; combining conformance and effectiveness to achieve customer satisfaction. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 106
Asia modelling symposium and mathematical modelling and computer simulation; proceedings. Brief article 175
Asian American and Pacific Islander children and mental health; 2v. Brief article 159
Aspies on mental health; speaking for ourselves. Brief article 120
Assault on kids; how hyper-accountability, corporatization, deficit ideologies, and Ruby Payne are destroying our schools. Brief article 169
Assessing adult attachment; a dynamic-maturational approach to discourse analysis. Brief article 155
Assessing prospective trade policy; methods applied to EU-ACP economic partnership agreements. Brief article 151
Assisted living administration and management; effective practices and model programs in elder care. Book review 125
Assistive and augmentive communication for the disabled; intelligent technologies for communication, learning and teaching. Brief article 151
Astronomical data analysis software and systems XX; proceedings. Book review 115
Astronomical spectroscopy; an introduction to the atomic and molecular physics of astronomical spectra, 2d ed. Book review 107
Asynchronous circuits and systems; proceedings. Book review 116
Ataturk; an intellectual biography. Brief article 132
Atlas of forensic histopathology. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 141
Atlas of global development, 3d ed. Book review 115
Atlas of osteopathic techniques, 2d ed. (online access included). Brief article 130
Atom chips. Book review 122
Authentic blackness/ "real" blackness; essays on the meaning of blackness in literature and culture. Brief article 128
Autism; educational and therapeutic approaches. Book review 132
Auto motives; understanding car use behaviours. Brief article 131
Autobiography of a freedom rider; my life as a foot soldier for civil rights. Brief article 179
AutoCAD pocket reference, 5th ed. Book review 109
Avoiding errors in radiology; case-based analysis of causes and preventive strategies. Book review 111
Axioidea of the world and a reconsideration of the Callianassoidea (Decapoda, Thalassinidea, Callianassida). Brief article 139
Ayia Irini; the western sector. Book review 125
Baghdad arts deco; architectural brickwork, 1920-1950. Book review 158
Ballets Russes; the art of costume. Book review 141
Bankruptcy and debtor-creditor law; cases and materials, 4th ed. Brief article 159
Bare knuckle people management; creating success with the team you have--winners, losers, misfits, and all. Brief article 120
Barry Dixon inspirations. Book review 119
Basic elements of crystallography. Book review 118
Basic pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics; an integrated textbook and computer simulations. Book review 132
Basic wills, trusts, and estates for paralegals, 5th ed. (online access included). Book review 122
Basics of game design. Brief article 107
Battle surface!; Lawson P. "Red" Ramage and the war patrols of the USS Parche. Brief article 123
BDS; boycott, divestment, sanctions; the global struggle for Palestinian rights. Brief article 189
Beast or angel?; choosing to be human. (reprint, 1974). Brief article 124
Beat sound, Beat vision; the Beat spirit and popular song. (reprint, 2007). Book review 101
Beatrix Potter's Scotland; her Perthshire inspiration. Brief article 177
Beauty will save the world; recovering the human in an ideological age. Brief article 113
Becoming a teacher researcher in literacy teaching and learning; strategies and tools for the inquiry process. Book review 190
Becoming American; the African American quest for civil rights, 1861-1976. Book review 177
Becoming Indian; the struggle over Cherokee identity in the twenty-first century. Brief article 126
Bedouin ethnobotany; plant concepts and uses in a desert pastoral world. (CD-ROM included). Book review 206
Beginning AutoCad 2012; exercise workbook. (DVD ROM included). Brief article 101
Behavior analysis for lasting change, 2d ed. Book review 160
Behaviour monitoring and interpretation--BMI; well-being. Brief article 203
Ben Sira on family, gender, and sexuality. Brief article 142
Benjamin for architects. Book review 112
Beside one's self; homelessness felt and lived. Brief article 143
Best practice occupational therapy for children and families in community settings, 2d ed. Book review 133
Best practices in literacy instruction, 4th ed. Brief article 142
Better under pressure; how great leaders bring out the best in themselves and others. Brief article 125

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