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Articles from Reference & Research Book News (April 1, 2011)

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"Damned notions of liberty"; slavery, culture, and power in Colonial Mexico, 1640-1769. Book review 160
"Eighth sister no more"; the origins & evolution of Connecticut College. Brief article 180
"Guess at the rest"; cracking the Hogarth code. Book review 137
"I am to be read not from left to right, but in Jewish: from right to left" the poetics of Boris Slutsky. Book review 147
"I will give them one more shot"; Ramsey's 1st Regiment Georgia Volunteers. Book review 186
"Power in words"; the stories behind Barack Obama's speeches, from the state house to the White House. Book review 172
"The original explosion that created worlds"; essays on Werewere Liking's art and writings. Book review 138
"Truth" is a divine name; hitherto unpublished papers of Edward A. Synan, 1918-1997. Book review 143
"Who is nursing them? It is us."; neoliberalism, HIV/AIDS, and the occupational health and safety of South African public sector nurses. Book review 197
'Anglo-Catholic in religion;' T.S. Eliot and Christianity. Book review 105
((( ABA ))) Audio Branding Academy Yearbook, 2009/2010. Book review 106
10 winning strategies for leaders in the classroom; a transformational approach. Book review 130
2016; a new proclamation for a new generation. Book review 114
3D television; (3DTV) technology, systems, and deployment; rolling out the infrastructure for next-generation entertainment. Book review 143
A bad beginning; and the path to Islam. Book review 166
A beginner's guide to the MMPI-2, 3d ed. Book review 160
A caregiver's guide to Lewy body dementia. Book review 145
A Clockwork Orange: Authoritative text, backgrounds and contexts, criticism. Book review 127
A color handbook of skin diseases of the dog and cat, 2d ed. Book review 114
A colour handbook of heart failure; investigation, diagnosis, treatment. (reprint, 2006). Book review 120
A companion to crime fiction. Book review 170
A concise companion to postcolonial literature. Brief article 230
A core collection for young adults, 2d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book review 142
A course on abstract algebra. Book review 110
A dangerous woman; the life, loves, and scandals of Adah Isaacs Menken, 1835-1868, America's original superstar. Brief article 122
A distant front in the Cold War; the USSR in West Africa and the Congo, 1956-1964. Book review 190
A field guide to coastal fishes; from Maine to Texas. Book review 116
A financial history of the United States; from Enron-era scandals to the subprime crisis (2004-20060; from the subprime crisis to the great recession (2006-2009); 2v. Book review 253
A first look at numerical functional analysis. (reprint, 1978). Book review 104
A foray into the worlds of animals and humans; with A theory of meaning. Book review 151
A general theory of institutional change. Book review 151
A global approach to public interest disclosure; what can we learn from existing whistleblowing legislation and research? Book review 123
A good start; 147 warmup activities for Spanish class. Book review 107
A guide book of gold dollars; complete source for history, grading, and values, 2d ed. Book review 122
A guide book of United States coins; professional ed., 2d ed. Book review 161
A guide book of United States paper money; complete source for history, grading, and values, 3d ed. Book review 117
A guide to career management and programming for adults with disabilities; a 21st century perspective. Book review 182
A guide to morphosyntax-phonology interface theories; how extra-phonological information is treated in phonology since Trubetzkoy's Grenzsignale. Book review 225
A guide to oncology symptom management. (reprint, 2009). Brief article 127
A historical introduction to the philosophy of mind; readings with commentary, 2d ed. Book review 137
A history of the Cuban Revolution. Book review 130
A history of transportation in the eastern Cotton Belt to 1860. Book review 134
A journey into partial differential equations. Book review 133
A kinetic view of statistical physics. Book review 111
A lender's participation in a Chapter 11 case. Book review 166
A letter concerning toleration and other writings. Book review 139
A mathematical look at politics. Brief article 181
A mingling of swans; a Cork Fenian and friends 'visit' Australia. Brief article 180
A narrative approach to business growth. Book review 116
A new approach to sight singing, 5th ed. Book review 126
A new history of Southeast Asia. Book review 149
A new India?; critical reflections in the long twentieth century. Book review 225
A place in public; women's rights in Meiji Japan. Book review 148
A practical guide to basic laboratory andrology. Book review 137
A practical guide to electronic resources in the humanities. Book review 204
A practical guide to SEC proxy and compensation rules, 5th ed. Brief article 182
A practical guide to working with reluctant clients in health and social care. Book review 109
A primer on pseudorandom generators. Book review 134
A professor, a president, and a meteor; the birth of American science. Brief article 179
A random walk down Wall Street; the time-tested strategy for successful investing. Book review 120
A simple government; twelve things we really need from Washington (and a trillion that we don't!). Book review 107
A strange stirring; the Feminine mystique and American women at the dawn of the 1960s. Book review 122
A student's guide to the study, practice, and tools of modern mathematics. Book review 107
A subversive voice in China; the fictional world of Mo Yan. Book review 168
A survey of word accentual patterns in the languages of the world. Brief article 230
A teacher's guide to communicating with parents; practical strategies for developing successful relationships. Book review 132
A treatment manual for adolescents displaying harmful sexual behaviour; change for good. (CD-ROM included). Book review 145
A war it was always going to lose; why Japan attacked America in 1941. Book review 122
A web-based introduction to programming; essential algorithms, syntax, and control structures using PHP and XHTML, 2d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book review 157
A woman's decision; breast care, treatment, & reconstruction, 4th ed. Book review 154
ABA-LSAC offical guide; to ABA-approved law schools, 2011 ed. Book review 171
ABC of clinical leadership. Book review 148
Abnormal uterine bleeding. (DVD included). Book review 124
Abolition movement. Book review 160
Abuse of the doctor-patient relationship. Book review 156
Academic skills problems, 4th ed.; workbook. Book review 130
Academic skills problems; direct assessment and intervention, 4th ed. Brief article 134
Academies and educational reform; governance, leadership and strategy. Book review 162
Accelerating on the curves; the artist's roadmap to success. Book review 132
Acceleration; the forces driving human progress. Book review 111
Acceptance and commitment therapy; distinctive features. Book review 119
Accessible tourism; concepts and issues. Brief article 185
Accidents; causes, analysis, and prevention. Book review 169
Accountability in higher education; global perspectives on trust and power. Book review 104
Accountable governance; problems and promises. Brief article 203
Action research in healthcare. Book review 124
Action research in the educational workplace. Brief article 136
Action research; improving schools and empowering educators, 3d ed. Book review 148
Actions and objects from Hobbes to Richardson. Book review 136
Actor-network theory and technology innovation; advancements and new concepts. Book review 137
Acts of occupation; Canada and Arctic sovereignty, 1918-25. Brief article 149
Acute & chronic wounds; current management concepts, 4th ed. Book review 180
Ad hoc networks; routing, quality of service, and optimization. Book review 136
ADA pocket guide to lipid disorders, hypertension, diabetes, and weight management. Book review 117
Adaptation to climate change; from resilience to transformation. Book review 152
Adaptation, resistance and access to instructional technologies; assessing future trends in education. Book review 133
Adapting historical knowledge production to the classroom. Book review 155
Administrative justice in context. Brief article 113
Adolescents, families, and social development; how teens construct their worlds. Brief article 126
Adoption law; theory, policy and practice, 2d ed. Brief article 194
Adoption, usage, and global impact of broadband technologies; diffusion, practice and policy. Book review 119
Advanced cardiovascular exercise physiology. Book review 112
Advanced concepts in defensive tactics; a survival guide for law enforcement. Book review 141
Advanced design and manufacturing technology I; special topic volume. Book review 117
Advanced emergency care and transportation of the sick and injured, 2d ed. (online access included). Book review 151
Advanced Galileo and GPS receiver techniques; enhanced sensitivity and improved accuracy. Brief article 135
Advanced geoinformation science. Book review 178
Advanced powder technology VII; proceedings. Book review 141
Advanced technologies for enhanced quality of life (ATEQUAL 2010); proceedings. Book review 125
Advanced temperature measurement and control, 2d ed. Book review 131
Advances in condensed matter and materials research; v.6. Book review 111
Advances in materials and systems technologies; proceedings. Book review 143
Advances in medicine and biology; v.2. Book review 114
Advances in multivariate statistical methods. Book review 162
Advances in nanofibre research. Book review 120
Advances in near-surface seismology and ground-penetrating radar. Book review 146
Advances in new catalytic materials; proceedings. Book review 146
Advances in optical imaging for clinical medicine. Brief article 117
Advances in rolling equipment and technologies; proceedings. Brief article 145
Advances in science and engineering; proceedings; 2v. Book review 170
Adventures in the French trade; fragments toward a life. Brief article 159
Advertising and promotion; an integrated marketing communications approach, 2d ed. Brief article 137
Aesthetic breast surgery; concepts & techniques. (DVDs included). Book review 112
Affective computing and interaction; psychological, cognitive and neuroscientific perspectives. Book review 153
African Americans in Georgia; a reflection of politics and policy in the New South. Book review 264
African entrepreneurship in Jos, Central Nigeria, 1902-1985. Book review 104
African palaeoenvironments and geomorphic landscape evolution. Book review 148
African wars; a defense intelligence perspective. Book review 109
After Effects for Flash, Flash for After Effects; dynamic animation and video with Adobe After Effects CS4 with Adobe Flash CS4 Professional. (DVD included). Book review 160
After we die; the life and times of the human cadaver. Book review 149
Against smoking; an Ottoman manifesto. Brief article 150
Against the wind; African Americans and the schools in Milwaukee, 1963-2002. Brief article 156
Age of fracture. Book review 181
Age, gender, and work; small information technology firms in the new economy. Book review 140
Agent-based computing. Book review 107
Agile software requirements; lean requirements practices for teams, programs, and the enterprise. Book review 119
Aging social policies; an international perspective. Brief article 204
AGN feedback in galaxy formation; proceedings. Book review 156
Agriculture and food in crisis; conflict, resistance, and renewal. Brief article 149
Agriculture in world history. Brief article 133
AIDS, behavior, and culture; understanding evidence-based prevention. Book review 229
Air transport and the environment. Book review 117
ALA guide to sociology & psychology reference. Book review 142
Alarm management; a comprehensive guide; practical and proven methods to optimize the performance of alarm management systems, 2d ed. Book review 137
Albert Luthuli; bound by faith. Book review 148
Alfred Hitchcock. Book review 128
Algebraic geometry in East Asia; proceedings. Book review 118
Algiers and beyond. (reprint, 1906). Book review 130
Alien technology; coping with modern mysteries. Book review 126
Alien vision; exploring the electromagnetic spectrum with imaging technology, 2d ed. Book review 118
Alistair Cooke's America. Book review 150
All a novelist needs; Colm Toibin on Henry James. Brief article 113
All that we share; a field guide to the commons, how to save the economy, the environment, the Internet, democracy, our communities, and everything else that belongs to all of us. Book review 284
All the same the words don't go away; essays on authors, heroes, aesthetics, and stage adaptations from the Russian tradition. Book review 150
Allah's angels; Chechen women in war. Book review 119
Allergies sourcebook; basic consumer health information about the immune system and allergic disorders, including rhinitis (hay fever)...,4th ed. Book review 132
Along the oral-written continuum; types of texts, relations and their implications. Brief article 183
Alphaherpesviruses; molecular virology. Book review 145
Alternative fuels for transportation. Book review 127
Alternative methods in the education of philosophy of law and the importance of legal philosophy in the legal education; proceedings. Book review 178
AMA guides to the evaluation of ophthalmic impairment and disability; measuring the impact of visual impairment on activities of daily life. Brief article 148
Ambitious form; Giambologna, Ammanati, and Danti in Florence. Book review 144
America on the eve of the Civil War. Brief article 182
America's hundred years' war; U.S. expansion to the Gulf Coast and the fate of the Seminole, 1763-1858. Book review 157
American Hebrew literature; writing Jewish national identity in the United States. Book review 120
American Indian tribal law. Book review 189
American literature in context to 1865. Book review 117
American political cartoons; the evolution of a national identity, 1754-2010. Book review 124
American politics today, 2d ed. Book review 160
American society; how it really works. Book review 202
American tempest; how the Boston Tea Party sparked a revolution. Book review 144
Amsterdam. Book review 102
An A-Z of genetic factors in autism; a handbook for professionals. Book review 118
An actor's approach to management; conceptual framework and company practices. Book review 153
An American body-politic; a Deleuzian approach. Book review 137
An Appalachian reawakening; West Virginia and the perils of the new machine age, 1945-1972. Book review 157
An assessment of the global impact of the financial crisis. Brief article 138
An election for the ages; Rossi vs. Gregoire, 2004. Book review 145
An engineer's guide to MATLAB with applications from mechanical, aerospace, electrical, civil, and biological systems engineering, 3d ed. Book review 163
An errant eye; poetry and topography in early modern France. Book review 133
An impossible living in a transborder world; culture, confianza, and economy of Mexican-origin populations. Brief article 188
An insider's guide to building a successful consulting practice. Book review 124
An introduction to American law, 2d ed. Brief article 186
An introduction to animals and the law. Book review 130
An introduction to clinical pharmaceutics. Book review 152
An introduction to forensic genetics, 2d ed. Book review 139
An introduction to formal languages and automata, 5th ed. (CD-ROM included). Book review 151
An introduction to online learning; a guide for students. Book review 128
An introduction to parallel programming. Book review 158
An introduction to planetary atmospheres. Book review 118
An introduction to random matrices. Book review 120
An introduction to stochastic processes with applications to biology, 2d ed. Book review 135
An introduction to student-involved assessment for learning, 6th ed. Book review 134
An introduction to visual theory and practice in the digital age. Book review 160
An oral and documentary history of the Darfur genocide; 2v. Brief article 223
An overview of the changing role of the systems librarian; systemic shifts. Book review 165
Analysing popular music; image, sound, text. Book review 126
Analysis of endocrine disrupting compounds in food. Book review 138
Analytical methods for therapeutic drug monitoring and toxicology. Book review 158
Anamorphosis in early modern literature; mediation and affect. Brief article 187
Anatomy of a meltdown; a dual financial biography of the subprime mortgage crisis. Book review 135
Ancient Christian wisdom and Aaron Beck's cognitive therapy; a meeting of minds. Book review 128
Andy & me; crisis and transformation on the lean journey, 2d ed. Book review 103
Anesthesia oral board review; knocking out the boards. Book review 101
Angels, dragons & vultures; how to tame your investors--and not lose your company. Book review 110
Animal programs in prison; a comprehensive assessment. Book review 130
Animal-assisted therapy. Book review 115
Annual review of entomology; v.56, 2011. Book review 122
Annual review of fluid mechanics; v.43, 2011. Book review 124
Annual review of marine science; v.3, 2011. Book review 121
Annual review of pharmacology and toxicology; v.51, 2011. Book review 155
Annual review of psychology; v.62, 2011. Book review 107
Anthropological approaches to zooarchaeology; complexity, colonialism, and animal transformations. Book review 173
Anthropological linguistics; critical concepts in language studies; 5v. Book review 274
Anthropology of religion; 4v. Book review 284
Antibiotic resistance; understanding and responding to an emerging crisis. Book review 161
Antipsychotics and their side effects. Brief article 137
Anxiety disorders; the go-to guide for clients and therapists. Book review 124
Anxiety disorders; theory, research, and clinical perspectives. Book review 155
Application development for CICS Web services, 2d ed. Brief article 131
Applications of Lie groups to difference equations. Brief article 127
Applications of space technology for humanity; proceedings. (CD-ROM included). Book review 211
Applied surface thermodynamics, 2d ed. Book review 153
Applied technologies in pulmonary medicine. Book review 185
Applied technology integration in governmental organizations; new e-government research. Book review 125
Appraising The Graduate; the Mike Nichols classic and its impact in Hollywood. Book review 106
Approximation by complex Bernstein and convolution type operators. Book review 150
Archaeology of Louisiana. Book review 140
Architecture for children. Book review 144
Arduino; a quick-start guide. Book review 169
Army of entrepreneurs; create an engaged and empowered workforce for exceptional business growth. Brief article 124
Aromaticity and metal clusters. Book review 142
Artificial neural networks in biological and environmental analysis; a neural network approach. Brief article 113
As China goes, so goes the world; how Chinese consumers are transforming everything. Book review 155
Ascites, hyponatremia and hepatorenal syndrome; progress in treatment. Book review 142
ASEAN's cooperative security enterprise; norms and interests in the ASEAN regional forum. Book review 168
Asian American political action; suburban transformations. Book review 117
Asian contextual theology for the third millennium; a theology of minjung in fourth-eye formation. (reprint, 2007). Brief article 125
Asian language processing; proceedings. Book review 197
ASM handbook; v.22B: Metals process simulation. Book review 136
Aspects of operator algebras and applications; proceedings. Book review 102
Assessing George W. Bush's legacy; the right man? Book review 195
Assessment and intervention in social work; preparing for practice. Book review 107
Assessment for learning in the early years foundation stage. Brief article 175
Assessment of the risk of Amazon dieback. Book review 138
Asset building and community development, 3d ed. Book review 176
Asset management excellence; optimizing equipment life-cycle decisions, 2d ed. Book review 121
Assisting survivors of traumatic brain injury; the role of speech-language pathologists, 2d ed. Book review 124
Associational culture in Ireland and abroad. Book review 105
Assured victory; how "Stalin the Great" won the war but lost the peace. Book review 106
At the Hawk's Well; and The Cat and the Moon; manuscript materials. Brief article 168
Atlas of diagnostic endoscopy, 2d ed. Book review 116
Atlas of middle ear surgery. Brief article 147
Atlas of the conflict; Israel-Palestine. Book review 206
Atlas of the neonatal rat brain. Book review 123
Atlas; optical coherence tomography of macular diseases and glaucoma, 3d ed. (DVD-ROM included). Book review 162
Attachment, trauma, and multiplicity; working with dissociative identity disorder, 2d ed. Book review 156
Attachment-focused family therapy workbook. (CD-ROM included). Book review 109
Authenticating ethnic tourism. Book review 137
Authorizing Shakespeare on film and television; gender, class, and ethnicity in adaptation. Book review 251
Automotive systems engineering; 4v. Brief article 106
Autonomous underwater vehicles; modeling, control design, and simulation. Book review 148
Auxin signaling; from synthesis to systems biology. Brief article 131
Aversion and erasure; the fate of the victim after the Holocaust. Book review 144
Avian medicine and surgery in practice; companion and aviary birds. Book review 109
Avoiding common obstetrics and gynecology errors. Brief article 114
Azerbaijan since independence. Book review 158
Babylon of Egypt; the archaeology of Old Cairo and the origins of the city. Brief article 186
Back channel negotiation; secrecy in the Middle East peace process. Book review 137
Back on the road to serfdom; the resurgence of statism. Book review 124
Bad news; how America's business press missed the story of the century. Book review 143
Balancing your life; executive lessons for work, family and self. Book review 115
Bald eagles in Alaska. Book review 183
Banana breeding; progress and challenges. Book review 176
Banned in Boston; the Watch and Ward Society's crusade against books, burlesque, and the social evil. Book review 102
Barack Obama, the aloha zen president; how a son of the 50th state may revitalize America based on 12 multicultural principles. Book review 176
Bargaining and the theory of cooperative games; John Nash and beyond. Book review 181
Barley; production, improvement, and uses. Book review 229
Barrel of a gun; a war correspondent's misspent moments in combat. Brief article 113
Barrenness and blessing; Abraham, Sarah and the journey of faith. (reprint, 2008). Book review 136
Bartram's living legacy; the Travels and the nature of the South. Book review 134
Bayesian artificial intelligence, 2d ed. Book review 133
BCS; 50 years. Brief article 139
Be a great boss; one year to success. Brief article 118
Be your own best publicist; how to use PR techniques to get noticed, hired, and rewarded at work. Book review 117
Be your own brand; achieve more of what you want by being more of who you are, 2d ed. Book review 174
Bearing steel technologies; developments on rolling bearing steels and testing, v.8; proceedings. Brief article 144
Beastie Boys; a musical biography. Book review 115
Becoming a social worker; a guide for students. Book review 125
Becoming Asia; change and continuity in Asian international relations since World War II. Brief article 188
Becoming Neapolitan; citizen culture in Baroque Naples. Book review 213
Becoming Taiwan; from colonialism to democracy. Book review 126
Becoming the second city; Chicago's mass news media, 1833-1898. Book review 121
Bees and beekeeping explained. Book review 139
Before and beyond divergence; the politics of economic change in China and Europe. Book review 158
Before we went wireless; David Edward Hughes FRS; his life, inventions and discoveries (1829-1900). Brief article 134
Beginning with Brandon's interest. Book review 112
Behavioral and psychopharmacologic pain management. Book review 123
Behavioral foundations of effective autism treatment. Brief article 137
Behaviour in the early years, 2d ed. Book review 151

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