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Articles from Reference & Research Book News (November 1, 2010)

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"For was I not born here?"; identity and culture in the work of Yvonne du Fresne. Book review 163
"Leading from the middle" and other contrarian essays on library leadership. Book review 148
"Terra incognita"; D.H. Lawrence at the frontiers. Brief article 122
"The events of October"; murder-suicide on a small campus. Book review 168
"The small space of a pause"; Susan Howe's poetry and the spaces between. Book review 121
(De)constructing ADHD; critical guidance for teachers and teacher educators. Book review 173
162 keys to school success; be the best, hire the best, train, inspire and retain the best. Book review 137
1650-1850; ideas, aesthetics, and inquiries in the early modern era; v.17. Book review 156
1877; America's year of living violently. Book review 130
20 minutes to a top performer; three fast and effective conversations to motivate, develop, and engage your employees. Brief article 129
250 years of conventions and contention; a history of the board of deputies of British Jews, 1760-2010. Brief article 183
301 best questions to ask on your interview, 2d ed. Book review 151
6 Group Bomber Command; an operational record. Brief article 112
99 jumpstarts to research; topic guides for finding information on current issues, 2d ed. Book review 184
A basic introduction to biblical Hebrew. (CD-ROM included). Book review 126
A beggar's art; scripting modernity in Japanese drama, 1900-1930. Book review 132
A beginner's guide to the deep culture experience; beneath the surface. Book review 122
A biblical theology of gerassapience. Book review 152
A casebook on contract, 2d ed. Book review 139
A choreographer's handbook. Book review 139
A chronicle of jails. (reprint, 1917). Brief article 174
A city so grand; the rise of an American metropolis, Boston 1850-1900. Book review 131
A collective act; leading a small school. Book review 163
A community of Europeans; transnational identities and public spheres. Book review 124
A companion to ancient Egypt; 2v. Book review 211
A companion to Byzantium. Book review 161
A companion to cultural memory studies. Brief article 217
A companion to Hellenistic literature. Book review 211
A companion to Horace. Brief review 207
A companion to the ancient Greek language. Book review 242
A companion to Vergil's Aeneid and its tradition. Brief article 226
A concise guide to legal research and writing. Book review 154
A concise history of modern Cyprus, 1878-2009. Book review 189
A critical history and filmography of Toho's Godzilla series, 2d ed. Book review 132
A developmental approach to educating young children. Brief article 140
A dictionary of criminal justice. Book review 169
A dictionary of foreign words and phrases. (reprint, 1991). Book review 113
A feminist case study in transnational migration; the Anne Jemima Clough journals. Book review 145
A foreign missionary on the Long March; the memoirs of Arnolis Hayman of the China Inland Mission. Book review 120
A gift of angels; the art of Mission San Xavier del Bac. Brief review 181
A history of crime and criminal justice in America, 2d ed. Book review 207
A history of Ukraine; the land and its peoples, 2d ed. Book review 144
A journey into the Zohar; an introduction to the book of radiance. Brief article 157
A legal guide to doing business in the Asia-Pacific. Book review 178
A lifetime with Shakespeare; notes from an American director of all 38 plays. Brief article 126
A nation forged in war; how World War II taught Americans to get along. Book review 135
A networked self; identity, community and culture on social network sites. Book review 144
A new approach to ecological education; engaging students' imaginations in their world. Book review 112
A new day; essays on world Christianity in honor of Lamin Sanneh. Brief article 133
A new response to youth crime. Book review 178
A panacea for all seasons?; civil society and governance in Europe. Book review 197
A perfect Gibraltar; the battle for Monterrey, Mexico, 1846. Brief article 121
A practical field guide for AS9100C. Book review 194
A practical guide to appellate advocacy, 3d ed. Book review 134
A practical writing guide for academic librarians; keeping it short and sweet. Book review 156
A primer on social movements. Brief article 169
A principal's guide to literacy instruction. Book review 159
A rainbow of blood; the union in peril, an alternate history. Book review 143
A reader in sociophonetics. Book review 164
A royal passion; the turbulent marriage of King Charles I of England and Henrietta Maria of France. Brief article 164
A school in trouble; a personal story of Central Falls High School. Brief article 155
A seat at the table; how top salespeople connect and drive decision at the executive level. Book review 128
A skeptic's case for nuclear disarmament. Brief article 184
A soaring minaret; Abu Bakr al-Wasiti and the rise of Baghdadi sufism. Brief article 137
A soup for the Qan; Chinese dietary medicine of the Mongol era as seen in Hu Szu-Hui's Yin-shan Cheng-yao, 2d ed. Book review 200
A tale of two villages; coerced modernization in the East European countryside. Book review 219
A teacher's guide to education law, 4th ed. Book review 182
A to zoo; subject access to children's picture books, 8th ed. Book review 203
A traveller's history of Croatia. Brief article 131
A tribute to David N. Wilson; clamouring for a better world. Book review 152
A valley in La Rioja; the Najerilla project. Book review 180
A.C. Swinburne and the singing word; new perspectives on the mature work. Book review 116
Abnormally low tenders with an emphasis on public tenderers. Book review 164
Abstract America. Book review 145
Abusir 20: Lesser late period tombs at Abusir, the tomb of Padihor and the anonymous tomb R3. Book review 147
Academic achievers; whose definition?; an ethnographic study examining the literacy [under] development of English language learners in the era of high-stakes tests. Brief article 166
Access and equity; comparative perspectives. Book review 152
Accidental genius; using writing to generate your best ideas, insight, and content, 2d ed. Book review 140
Achaemenid impact in the Black Sea; communication of powers. Brief article 197
Achieving effective social protection for all in Latin America and the Caribbean; from right to reality. Book review 125
Acting out; outlining specific behaviors and actions for effective leadership. Book review 124
Action research in education; 3v. Brief article 243
Activity schedules for children with autism; teaching independent behavior, 2d ed. Book review 121
Adam Cullen. Book review 105
Adaptation studies; new approaches. Book review 156
Addressing challenging behaviors in early childhood settings; a teacher's guide. (CD-ROM included). Book review 119
Addressing the letter; Italian women writers' epistolary fiction. Brief article 163
Administering the colonizer; Manchuria's Russians under Chinese rule, 1918-29. Book review 190
Administering the school library media center, 5th ed. Book review 141
Administrative law in the political system, 5th ed. Book review 124
Administrative law; a casebook, 7th ed. Book review 156
Administrative law; cases and materials, 2d ed. Book review 113
Administrative law; cases and materials, 6th ed. Brief article 159
Adolescent literacy and the teaching of reading; lessons learned from a teacher of literature. Book review 154
Advanced ICTs for disaster management and threat detection; collaborative and distributed frameworks. Brief article 128
Advanced interviewing techniques; proven strategies for law enforcement, military, and security personnel, 2d ed. Brief article 136
Advanced tort law; a problem approach. Book review 119
Adventures in social research; data analysis using IBM SPSS statistics, 7th ed. Brief article 168
Advocacy and objectivity; a crisis in the professionalization of American social science, 1865-1905, rev. ed. Book review 160
Advocacy, outreach, and the nation's academic libraries; a call for action. Brief article 143
Aerobic exercise and athletic performance; types, duration, and health benefits. Book review 129
Aeschylean tragedy. Brief article 141
Afghanistan; a military history from Alexander the Great to the war against the Taliban. (reprint, 2002). Brief article 157
African Caribbean pupils in art education. Brief article 174
After the first full moon in April; a sourcebook of herbal medicine from a California Indian elder. Brief article 128
After the first urban Christians; the social-scientific study of Pauline Christianity twenty-five years later. Book review 111
Ageing, health and care. Brief article 157
Aging and working in the new economy; changing career structures in small IT firms. Book review 142
AIDS, sexuality, and the Black church; making the wounded whole. Book review 221
Airport competition; the European experience. Book review 131
Aldhelm and Sherborne; essays to celebrate the founding of the bishopric. (CD-ROM included). Book review 177
Aldington, Craig and Collinge; twentieth century architects. Book review 119
Aldous Huxley and the search for meaning; a study of the eleven novels. Brief article 138
Alexandria lost; from the advent of Christianity to the Arab conquest. Brief article 144
Alienation and acceleration; towards a critical theory of late-modern temporality. Book review 171
All trails lead to Santa Fe; an anthology commemorating the 400th anniversary of the founding of Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1610. Book review 181
Alliances; re/envisioning indigenous-non-indigenous relationships. Book review 133
Allies of the state; China's private entrepreneurs and democratic change. Book review 165
America and the pill; a history of promise, peril, and liberation. Book review 141
America's best loved country songs; an encyclopedia of more than 3,000 classics through the 1980s. Book review 137
America's folklorist; B.A. Botkin and American culture. Book review 124
America's service meltdown; restoring service excellence in the age of the customer. Brief article 103
American art at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Book review 191
American attitudes toward immigrants and immigration policy. Book review 182
American Buddhism as a way of life. Brief article 149
American conspiracies; lies, lies, and more dirty lies that the government tells us. Brief article 128
American foreign policy; the dynamics of choice in the 21st century, 4th ed. Book review 136
American iconographic; National Geographic, global culture, and the visual imagination. Brief article 179
American issues; a primary source reader in United States history; v.1: To 1877. Book review 187
American Latvians; politics of a refugee community. Book review 117
American rebel; the life of Clint Eastwood. Book review 159
American Sign Language handshape dictionary, 2d ed. (DVD-ROM included). Brief article 102
American silences; the realism of James Agee, Walker Evans, and Edward Hopper. (reprint, 1985). Book review 147
American Taliban; how war, sex, sin, and power bind Jihadists and the radical right. Book review 148
An academic life; a handbook for new academics. Book review 133
An Appalachian New Deal; West Virginia in the Great Depression. Book review 186
An educational leader's guide to curriculum mapping; creating and sustaining collaborative cultures. Book review 125
An elusive unity; urban democracy and machine politics in industrializing America. Brief article 124
An estate planner's guide to family business entities; family limited partnerships, limited liability companies, and more, 3d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book review 180
An everyday transience; the urban imaginary of Goldfields photographer John Joseph Dwyer. Book review 234
An illustrated history of early Buckinghamshire. Book review 117
An independent Quebec; the past, the present and the future. Book review 129
An intellectual history of terror; war, violence and the state. Book review 160
An introduction to Hmong culture. Book review 130
An introduction to law, law study, and the lawyer's role, 3d ed. Brief article 172
An introduction to sustainable transportation; policy, planning and implementation. Brief article 138
An unlikely prince; the life and times of Machiavelli. Book review 116
Analyzing the effects of policy reforms on the poor; an evaluation of the effectiveness of World Bank support to poverty and social impact analyses. Book review 169
Anatomy of a patent case. Book review 155
Animal husbandry in ancient Israel; a zooarchaeological perspective on livestock exploitation, herd management and economic strategies. Brief article 165
Animal law; cases and materials, 4th ed. Book review 208
Anita Whitney, Louis Brandeis, and the First Amendment. Brief article 130
Anne's world; a new century of Anne of Green Gables. Brief article 141
Annual review of political science; v.13, 2010. Book review 185
Annual review of sociology; v.36, 2010. Book review 148
Anonymus and Master Roger; The deeds of the Hungarians and Epistle to the sorrowful lament upon the destruction of the kingdom of Hungary by the Tatars. Book review 234
Antarctica cruising guide, 2d ed. Book review 114
Anti-racism and multiculturalism; studies in international communication. Brief article 133
Antitrust law and economics. Brief article 166
Appalachian dulcimer traditions, 2d ed. Book review 120
Applied missing data analysis. Book review 101
Approaching the theater of Antonio Buero Vallejo; contemporary literary analyses from structuralism to postmodernism. Book review 155
Aquaculture economics and financing; management and analysis. Book review 120
Arabic into Latin in the Middle Ages; the translators and their intellectual and social context. Book review 197
ARCH models for financial applications. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 171
Archaeologist's book of quotations. Book review 122
Archaeology and anthropology; understanding similarity, exploring difference. Book review 148
Archaeology and the sea in Scandinavia and Great Britain; a personal account. Book review 146
Archaeology, theory and the Middle Ages; understanding the early medieval past. Brief article 139
Architecture of the novel; a writer's handbook: Plot, story, and the mechanics of narrative time. Brief article 132
Are we born racist?; new insights from neuroscience and positive psychology. Book review 161
Are you okay?; a practical guide to helping young victims of crime. Book review 156
Arguments, aggression, and conflict; new directions in theory and research. Book review 158
Argy-bargy; Dean Bowen. Book review 122
Aristotle, Adam Smith and Karl Marx; on some fundamental issues in 21st century political economy. Book review 169
Arizona gunfighters. Book review 181
Armstrong's essential human resource management practice; a guide to people management. Book review 156
Arnold Shore; pioneer modernist. Book review 165
Arrowheads; early man projectile points of North America, identification and values. Book review 180
Arsenic and clam chowder; murder in gilded age New York. Book review 142
Art alive!; a fresh approach to the basics, the teaching tecniques of Sally Bartalot. Brief article 123
Art deco complete; the definitive guide to the decorative arts of the 1920s and 1930s. Book review 197
Artificial intelligence in education; building learning systems that care; from knowledge representation to affective modelling. Book review 241
Asia's flying geese; how regionalization shapes Japan. Brief article 125
Assault in Norway; sabotaging the Nazi nuclear program. (reprint, 2002). Book review 139
Assessing and evaluating adult learning in career and technical education. Brief article 171
Assessing the threat of weapons of mass destruction; the role of independent scientists. Book review 218
Assimilation of immigrants and their adult children; college education, cohabitation, and work. Brief article 185
Assistive technology; access for all students, 2d ed. Book review 171
Assume vivid astro focus. Book review 186
At empires' edge; Project Paphlagonia; regional survey in north-central Turkey. Book review 187
At home in Shakespeare's tragedies. Book review 151
At the bottom of Shakespeare's ocean. Book review 114
Atlantic cauldrons and buckets of the late Bronze and early Iron age in Western Europe; with a review of comparable vessels from Central Europe and Italy. Book review 200
Atlas of Namibia; a portrait of the land and its people, 3d ed. Book review 170
Attracting the heart; social relations and the aesthetics of emotion in Sri Lankan monastic culture. Brief article 130
August Wilson; completing the twentieth-century cycle. Brief article 148
Augustine; his influence and legacy. Brief article 139
Aurrera!; a textbook for studying Basque; v.2. Book review 108
Authoring the dialogic self; gender, agency and language practices. Brief article 150
Auto mechanics; technology and expertise in twentieth-century America. (reprint, 2007). Book review 144
Backpacks full of hope; the UN mission in Haiti. Book review 166
Backstabbers; the reality of politics. Book review 137
Bad Land pastoralism in Great Plains fiction. Brief article 201
Banana republic; the failure of the Irish state and how to fix it. Book review 181
Bandido; the life and times of Tiburcio Vasquez. Book review 167
Bandung 1955; little histories. Book review 117
Bankruptcy law; principles, policies, and practice, 3d ed. Brief article 127
Barns of Wisconsin, 3d ed. Book review 124
Barron's SAT 2400; aiming for the perfect score, 3d ed. Book review 102
Battle over the bench; senators, interest groups, and lower court confirmations. Book review 169
Be a party plan superstar; build a $100,000-a-year direct selling business from home. Book review 122
Be the change; teacher, activist, global citizen. Brief article 128
Be your own lobbyist; how to give your small business big clout with state and local government. Book review 139
Beating the bear; lessons from the 1929 crash applied to today's world. Brief article 150
Beautiful thing; an introduction to design. Book review 142
Beautiful war; uncommon violence, praxis, and aesthetics in the novels of Monique Wittig. Book review 135
Because it is wrong; torture, privacy and presidential power in the age of terror. Book review 170
Because we can change the world; a practical guide to building cooperative, inclusive classroom communities, 2d ed. Book review 158
Becoming deviant. (reprint, 1969). Book review 136
Becoming Teddy Roosevelt; how a Maine guide inspired America's 26th president. Book review 148
Behavior, truth and deception: applying profiling and analysis to the interview process. Book review 121
Behaviorology. Book review 148
Behind the bench; a biographical directory of professional hockey coaches since 1904. Book review 179
Being and becoming visible; women, performance, and visual culture. Book review 123
Being and time; a revised edition of the Stambaugh translation. Brief article 135
Benedict XVI and the sacred liturgy; proceedings. Brief article 143
Bennett; the rebel who challenged and changed a nation. Book review 162
Berg water project; communication practices for governance and sustainability improvement. Book review 129
Berlin, Alexanderplatz; transforming place in a unifed Germany. Brief article 119
Bertil G. Ohlin, James E. Meade and Robert A. Mundell. Brief article 125
Best practice in professional supervision; a guide for the helping professions. Book review 142
Best practices in ELL instruction. Book review 137
Best rail trails Illinois; more than 40 rail trails throughout the state. Book review 166
Betraying the event; constructions of victimhood in contemporary cultures. Book review 121
Bettymania and the birth of celebrity culture. Brief article 235
Between Heaven and Earth; Christian perspectives on environmental protection. Book review 115
Between public and private; politics, governance, and the new portfolio models for urban school reform. Brief article 154
Beyond differentiated instruction. Book review 135
Beyond early literacy; a balanced approach to developing the whole child. Book review 148
Beyond god; evolution and the future of religion. Book review 111
Beyond intellectual property; matching information protection to innovation. Book review 164
Beyond the American pale; the Irish in the West, 1845-1910. Book review 114
Beyond the scene; landscape and identity in Aotearoa New Zealand. Book review 119
Beyond the Ubaid; transformation and integration in the late prehistoric societies of the Middle East; proceedings. Book review 200
Bieganski; the brute Polak stereotype, its role in Polish-Jewish relations and American popular culture. Brief article 155
Bill Whiskey Tjapaltjarri. Book review 112
Biotechnological inventions; moral restraints and patent law, rev. ed. Brief article 158
Bitter greens; essays on food, politics, and ethnicity from the imperial kitchen. Book review 173
Blake in our time; essays in honour of G.E. Bentley Jr. Brief article 119
Blowing up the brand; critical perspectives on promotional culture. Book review 172
Bombs away; the story of a bomber team, 2d ed. Book review 101
Booms and busts; an encyclopedia of economic history from tulipmania of the 1630s to the global financial crisis of the 21st century; 3v. Book review 235
Bottled and sold; the story behind our obsession with bottled water. Book review 145
Bound like grass; a memoir from the western high plains. Book review 165
Boy culture; an encyclopedia; 2v. Book review 145
Boys in poverty; a framework for understanding dropout. Book review 186
Boys' bodies; speaking the unspoken. Brief article 226
Brain gain; rethinking U.S. immigration policy. Book review 122
Breaks in the chain; what immigrant workers can teach America about democracy. Book review 157
Breastfeeding; contemporary issues in practice and policy. Book review 165
Bresson and others; spiritual style in the cinema. Book review 174
Britain and Ireland; a visual tour of the enchanted isles. Brief article 128
British and French parliaments in comparative perspective. (reprint, 1971). Book review 131
Broke, USA; from pawnshops to Poverty, Inc.; how the working poor became big business. Book review 129
Brotherhood of the skies; wartime experiences of a gunner officer and typhoon pilot. Brief article 122
Bruegel and the creative process, 1559-1563. Book review 209
Building a parenting agreement that works; child custody agreements step by step, 7th ed. Book review 174
Building broadband; strategies and policies for the developing world. Brief article 142
Building state and security in Afghanistan. (reprint, 2007). Brief article 201
Building workforce strength; creating value through workforce and career development. Book review 164
Buildings of Pennsylvania; Pittsburgh and western Pennsylvania. Book review 244
Buildings without architects. Book review 208
Bullying interventions in schools; six basic approaches. Brief article 123
Burial assemblages of dynasty 21-25; chronology--typology--developments. Book review 139
Burial in later Anglo-Saxon England c. 650-1100 AD. Book review 171
Burned palaces and elite residences of Aguateca; excavations and ceramics. Book review 193
Business and global governance. Book review 154
Business buyout agreements; plan now for retirement, death, divorce or owner disagreements, 5th ed. (CD-ROM included). Book review 174
Business intelligence in economic forecasting; technologies and techniques. Brief article 140
Business planning; financing the start-up business and venture capital financing. Book review 153
Butoh; metamorphic dance and global alchemy. Brief article 145
Buying at the point of maximum pessimism; six value investing trends from China to oil to agriculture. Book review 130
Bye bye, miss American empire; neighborhood patriots, backcountry rebels, and their underdog crusades to redraw America's political map. Book review 147
C.G. Jung and Nikolai Berdyaev; individuation and the person; a critical comparison. Book review 179
Cadastres, misconceptions & northern Gaul; a case study from the Belgian Hesbaye region. Book review 197
Caen Castle; a ten centuries old fortress within the town. Book review 142
Caissons go rolling along; a memoir of America in post-World War I Germany. Brief article 150
Campaign craft; the strategies, tactics, and art of political campaign management, 4th ed. Book review 176
Can capitalism last?; a Marxist update. Book review 127
Can journalism be saved?; rediscovering America's appetite for news. Book review 116
Can neighbourhoods save the city?; community development and social innovation. Book review 182
Canaan to Corinth; Paul's doctrine of God and the issue of food offered to idols in 1 Corinthians 8:1-11:1. Book review 153
Canadian women in print; 1750-1918. Book review 117
Capital project delivery, 2d ed. Book review 171
Captive!; David Ogden and the Iroquois. Book review 154
Career development. Book review 142
Careers in administrative law & regulatory practice. Book review 157
Carl Nielsen's voice; his songs in context. Brief article 192
Cartoon cultures; the globalization of Japanese popular media. Book review 127

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