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Articles from Reference & Research Book News (February 1, 2010)

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"Celebrating confusion"; the theatre of Frank McGuinness. Book review 130
"Evil people"; a comparative study of witch hunts in Swabian Austria and the Electorate of Trier. Book review 202
"How do we know they know?"; a conversation about pre-service teachers learning about culture and social justice. Book review 156
"Raising sexually pure kids"; sexual abstinence, conservative Christians and American politics. Book review 200
"Romanticism"--and Byron. Book review 100
"When race breaks out"; conversations about race and racism in college classrooms, rev.ed. Book review 169
(Mis)Understanding families; learning from real families in our schools. Book review 183
1001 movies you must see before you die, 5th anniversary ed. Brief article 107
101 law forms for personal use, 6th ed. (CD-ROM included). Book review 169
15 Mexican states. Brief article 171
1650-1850; ideas, aesthetics, and inquiries in the early modern era; v.16. Book review 149
1848; year of revolution. Book review 122
21st century criminology; a reference handbook; 2v. Book review 155
21st-century learning in school libraries. Book review 161
250 essential Chinese characters; v.1, rev.ed. Book review 149
40 reading intervention strategies for K-6 students; research-based support for RTI. Book review 166
50 top tools for coaching; a complete toolkit for developing and empowering people. Book review 123
50 voices of disbelief; why we are atheists. Book review 134
50 ways you can help Obama change America. Book review 139
55 tactics for implementing RTI in inclusive settings. Book review 132
90 days to success in consulting. Book review 103
90 days to success in grant writing. Brief article 173
A beginner's guide to Nietzsche's Beyond good and evil. Book review 171
A bomb in every issue; how the short, unruly life of Ramparts magazine changed America. Brief article 142
A brief history of history; great historians and the epic quest to explain the past. Brief article 216
A brief history of Moscovia; and the other less-know countries lying east-ward of Russia as far as Cathay, gather'd from the writings of several eye-witnesses. Book review 114
A Chickamauga memorial; the establishment of America's first Civil War national military park. Book review 171
A coming of age; thirty years of New Zealand film. (DVD included). Brief article 182
A Communion Sunday in Scotland ca. 1780; liturgies and sermons. Brief article 133
A companion to early twentieth-century Britain. Book review 197
A companion to phenomenology and existentialism. Book review 212
A companion to Socrates. (reprint, 2006). Book review 162
A companion to the works of Walter Benjamin. Book review 207
A companion to twentieth-century United States fiction. Book review 154
A concise guide to the nuts and bolts of estates and future interests, 2d ed. Book review 170
A contrite heart; prosecution and redemption in the Carolingian empire. Brief article 196
A cosmopolitanism of nations; Giuseppe Mazzini's writings on democracy, nation building, and international relations. Ed. by Stefqno Recchia & Nadia Urbanati. Book review 222
A critical introduction to social research, 2d ed. Brief article 109
A cultural citizen of the world; Sigmund Freud's knowledge and use of British and American writings. Brief article 163
A culture divided; America's struggle for unity. Book review 115
A discourse on domination in mandate Palestine; imperialism, property and insurgency. Book review 99
A dragon's head and a serpent's tail; Ming China and the first great East Asian war, 1592-1598. Book review 166
A dream of undying fame; how Freud betrayed his mentor and invented psychoanalysis. Book review 147
A dubious science; political economy and the social question in 19th-century France. Book review 171
A few good books; using contemporary readers' advisory strategies to connect readers with books. Book review 162
A fine romance; Jewish songwriters, American songs. Book review 131
A generation of change, a lifetime of difference?; social policy in Britain since 1979. Book review 157
A grammar of Anong; language death under intense contact. Brief article 143
A handbook of industrial districts. Book review 196
A history of children's play and play environments; toward a contemporary child-saving movement. Book review 140
A history of Ireland's school inspectorate, 1831-2008. Book review 169
A history of Italian cinema. Book review 140
A history of modern Indonesia since c.1200, 4th ed. Book review 139
A history of the baryton and its music; king of instruments, instrument of kings. Book review 122
A history of the moral economy; markets, custom, and the philosophy of popular entitlement. Brief article 123
A job search manual for counselors and counselor educators; how to navigate and promote your counseling career. Book review 123
A kindly scrutiny of human nature; essays in honour of Richard Slobodin. Brief article 157
A literary history of the Low Countries. Book review 125
A lovely little war; life in a Japanese prison camp through the eyes of a child. Book review 134
A military history of the Ottomans; from Osman to Ataturk. Book review 227
A mountaineer in motion; the memoir of Dr. Abraham Jobe, 1817-1906. Book review 134
A mounting East-West tension; Buddhist-Christian dialogue on human rights, social justice and a global ethic. Brief article 152
A new scramble for Africa?; imperialism, investment and development. Brief article 200
A pacifist state in a hostile region; Japan and post war conflict in Southeast Asia. Book review 123
A photographer on the Hajj; the travels of Mohammed Ali Effendi Sa'oudi (1904/1908). Brief article 136
A place by the sea; excavations at Sewerby Cottage Farm, Bridlington. Book review 139
A place of belonging; five founding women of Fairbanks, Alaska. Book review 186
A policy reader in universal design for learning. Brief article 180
A power shift in public education; seven strategies for dealing with broken promises. Book review 133
A practical guide to earned value project management, 2d ed. Book review 84
A practical guide to university and college management; beyond bureaucracy. Book review 106
A rainbow in the night; the tumultuous birth of South Africa. Book review 137
A reader in promoting public health; challenge and controversy, 2d ed. Book review 158
A reproduction in facsimile of hamlet from the first folio of 1623, 2d ed. Book review 148
A salute from the Banderol; the selected writings of Sam Hanna Bell. Book review 112
A spy's diary of World War II; inside the OSS with an American agent in Europe. Book review 149
A spy's journey; a CIA memoir. (reprint, 2004). Book review 93
A streetcar named Desire, by Tennessee Williams. Book review 127
A survey of international corporate responsibility. Brief article 120
A Tennessee folklore sampler; selections from the Tennessee folklore society bulletin, 1935-2009. Book review 139
A theology of the church for the Third Millennium; a Franciscan approach. Book review 125
A trimester schedule that works; solutions for secondary teaching and learning. Book review 143
A world of difference; encountering and contesting development, 2d ed. Brief article 126
Absolute equality; an early feminist perspective = Influencias de las ideas modernas. Book review 161
Abusir XII, Abusir south 2; tomb complex of the Vizier Qar, his sons Qar Junior and Senedjemib, and Iykai. Brief article 185
Academic language/literacy strategies for adolescents; a "how to" manual for educators. Book review 146
Academics as public intellectuals. Book review 148
Achieving a triple win; human capital management of the employee lifecycle. Book review 133
Achieving competencies in public service; the professional edge, 2d ed. Book review 161
Acquisition of word order in Chinese as a foreign language. Book review 138
Action research for improving educational practice; a step-by-step guide, 2d ed. Book review 178
Actions speak loudest; keeping our promise for a better world. Book review 112
Activating assessment for all students; innovative activities, lesson plans, and informative assessment. Book review 142
Active education; lessons for integrating physical activity with language arts, math, science, and social studies. Book review 116
Acts of narrative resistance; women's autobiographical writings in the Americas. Book review 198
Adapting cities to climate change; understanding and addressing the development challenges. Brief article 139
Admirals of the world; a biographical dictionary, 1500 to the present. Book review 132
Advancing formative assessment in every classroom: a guide for instructional leaders. Book review 158
Adventures in Yellowstone; early travelers tell their tales. Book review 124
Advertising and Chinese society; impacts and issues. Book review 117
Advertising creative; strategy, copy, and design, 2d ed. Book review 125
Advice and dissent; the struggle to shape the federal judiciary. Book review 133
Aeschylus; Eumenides. Book review 126
Aesthetics of fraudulence in nineteenth-century France; frauds, hoaxes, and counterfeits. Book review 108
Affordable housing and public-private partnerships. Book review 141
Afoot and afield in Los Angeles; a comprehensive hiking guide, 3d ed. Book review 129
African Americans and community engagement in higher education; community service, service-learning, and community-based research. Book review 146
African ethics; an anthology of comparative and applied ethics. Book review 134
African mosaic; political, social, economic, and technological development in the new millennium. Book review 138
Afro-Brazilians; cultural production in a racial democracy. Book review 185
After neorealism; Italian filmmakers and their films; essays and interviews. Book review 169
After the Bounty; a sailor's account of the mutiny and life in the South Seas. Brief article 200
After the digital divide?; German aesthetic theory in the age of new media. Book review 112
After the fall; saving capitalism from Wall Street--and Washington. Book review 127
Aftersales management; creating a successful aftersales strategy to reduce costs, improve customer service and increase sales. Book review 144
Against the spiritual turn; Marxism, realism, and critical theory. Book review 140
Ageing in urban neighbourhoods; place attachment and social exclusion. Brief article 120
Agency-based program evaluation; lessons from practice. Book review 145
Aging identity; a dialogue with postmodernism. Book review 110
Aging in Asia. Brief article 132
Agriculture and rural development in India since 1947. Brief article 151
Agriculture and the WTO; towards a new theory of international agricultural trade regulation. Book review 126
Alaska at fifty; the past, present, and next fifty years of Alaska statehood. Brief article 120
Alcohol, violence, and disorder in traditional Europe. Book review 199
Alexis de Tocqueville and the new science of politics; an interpretation of Democracy in America, 2d ed. Book review 178
All new bathroom idea book. Book review 124
Alternative clauses to standard construction contracts, 3d ed. Book review 148
Alternative paradigms of literary realism. Book review 136
Ambiguous bodies; reading the grotesque in Japanese setsuwa tales. Brief article 125
America and the black body; identity politics in print and visual culture. Brief article 157
America for sale; how the foreign pack circled and devoured Esmark. Brief article 184
America votes 28; election returns by state, 2007-2008. Brief article 129
America's experts; race and the fictions of sociology. Book review 131
America's film legacy; the authoritative guide to the landmark movies in the National Film Registry. Book review 134
America's home front heroes; an oral history of World War II. Brief article 165
America's struggle with empire; a documentary history. Book review 190
America, empire of liberty; a new history of the United States. Book review 225
American Babylon; notes of a Christian exile. Book review 101
American civil-military relations; realities and challenges in the new era. Book review 137
American democracy in peril; eight challenges to America's future, 6th ed. Book review 170
American foreign policy since World War II, 18th ed. Book review 117
American Indians/American presidents; a history. Book review 170
American missionaries, Christian Ouatoi, and Japan, 1859-73. Brief article 156
American political leaders, 1789-2009. Book review 122
American quilts; the democratic art, 1780-2007. Book review 116
An American story; Mexican American entrepreneurship and wealth creation. Brief article 92
An introduction to early Irish literature. Book review 168
An introduction to financial markets and institutions, 2d ed. Book review 187
An introduction to military ethics; a reference handbook. Book review 183
An introduction to sociolinguistics, 6th ed. Book review 124
Anachronism and its others; sexuality, race, temporality. Book review 114
Anail an Bheil Bheo; orality and modern Irish culture. Brief article 163
Analytical lexicon to the Septuagint, rev.ed. Book review 125
Analyzing qualitative data; systematic approaches. Brief article 92
Ancient building technology; v.3: Construction; 2v. Book review 171
Anglicisms in Europe; linguistic diversity in a global context. Book review 220
Animal rights; a reference handbook, 2d ed. Book review 140
Animals in stone; architectural sculpture in New York City. Brief article 114
Animosity, the Bible, and us; some European, North American, and South African perspectives. Book review 179
Annual review of anthropology; v.38, 2009. Book review 143
Annual review of economics, v.1. Book review 171
Annual review of financial economics; v.1, 2009. Book review 201
Annual review of law and social science; v.5, 2009. Book review 177
Annual review of resource economics; v.1, 2009. Brief article 262
Anti-Roman cryptograms in the New Testament; hidden transcripts of hope and liberation. Brief article 140
Antiphilesis; studies on classical, Byzantine and modern Greek literature and culture. Book review 155
Antiquaries and archaists; the past in the past, the past in the present. Brief article 180
Antisemitism; an annotated bibliography, v.21: 2005. Brief article 158
Anxiety in schools: the causes, consequences, and solutions for academic anxieties. Book review 164
Appetite city; a culinary history of New York. Book review 113
Applied classics; comparisons, constructs, controversies. Book review 142
Approaches to Homer's Iliad and Odyssey. Book review 135
Approaches to teaching Hurston's Their eyes were watching God and other works. Book review 176
Approaching difficulties in literacy development; assessment, pedagogy and programmes. Book review 104
Aquinas on the emotions; a religious-ethical inquiry. Book review 99
Arabian Seas 1700-1763; 4v. Book review 296
Arabic minimalist story; genre, politics and poetics in the self-colonial era. Book review 154
Arabic sociolinguistics. Book review 105
Archaeological ethnographies; a special issue of Public archaeology. Brief article 131
Architectural positions; architecture, modernity, and the public sphere. Book review 146
Architecture and royal presence; Domenico and Giulio Cesare Fontana in Spanish Naples (1592-1627). Book review 180
Architectures for distributed and complex M-learning systems; applying intelligent technologies. Book review 142
Argentina; income support policies toward the bicentennial. Book review 122
Argument in composition. Brief article 199
Argumentation in higher education; improving practice through theory and research. Book review 116
Aristophanes; an introduction. Book review 118
Arizona of yesteryear. Book review 128
Arminius, Arminianism, and Europe; Jacobus Arminius (1559/60-1609). Book review 156
Armstrong's handbook of performance management; an evidence-based guide to delivering high performance, 4th ed. Book review 146
Ars nova; French and Italian music in the fourteenth century. Book review 162
Arsenal of democracy; the politics of national security--from World War II to the War on Terrorism. Book review 177
Arson law and prosecution. Book review 191
Art as performance, story as criticism; reflections on native literary aesthetics. Brief article 154
Art auctions and dealers; the dissemination of Netherlandish art during the Ancien Regime. Book review 245
Art direction explained, at last! Brief article 171
Artificial presence; philosophical studies in image theory. Book review 163
Artistic plants and flowers. Book review 97
Arts therapies in schools; research and practice. Book review 168
As others see us; the values debate in Australia. Book review 171
Asian American history and culture; an encylopedia; 2v. Book review 154
Aspects of Belgian art after 1945; 2v. Book review 150
Aspects of Rabbi Joseph Dov Soloveitchik's philosophy of Judaism; an analytic approach. Book review 113
Asphalt and politics; a history of the American highway system. Book review 119
ASQ education self-assessment guide to performance excellence; aligning your school and school district with the Malcolm Baldrige education criteria for performance excellence. Book review 172
Assessing preschool literacy development; informal and formal measures to guide instruction. Book review 117
Assessing student understanding in science; a standards-based K-12 handbook, 2d ed. Book review 163
At home and abroad; the Canada-US relationship and Canada's place in the world. Book review 157
At home on the street; people, poverty, and a hidden culture of homelessness. Book review 150
Atheism. Book review 108
Athenian potters and painters; v.2. Brief article 186
Augustine; De civitate dei, book V. Book review 153
Aunt Tena, called to serve; journals and letters of Tena A. Huizenga, missionary nurse to Nigeria. Book review 125
Authority and obedience; Romans 13:1-7 in modern Japan. Brief article 164
Authority of expression in early modern England; proceedings. Book review 174
Autochthonous texts in the Arabic dialect of the Jews in Tiberias. Book review 157
Badasses of the old West; true stories of outlaws on the edge. Brief article 102
Badmen, bandits, and folk heroes; the ambivalence of Mexican American identity in literature and film. Book review 135
Banking, micro finance, and self-help groups (SHGs) in India. Book review 101
Barbara Kingsolver. Book review 130
Bare-bones R; a brief introductory guide. Book review 116
Baroque & Rococo. Book review 121
Barrelhouse blues; location recording and the early traditions of the blues. Book review 104
Battle in The Baltics 1944-45; the fighting for Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, a photographic history. Brief article 135
Battle of the narrow seas; a history of the light coastal forces in the channel North Sea, 1939-1945. Book review 103
Beatniks; a guide to an American subculture. Book review 108
Beethoven's "Orpheus" concerto; the fourth piano concerto in its cultural context. Brief article 104
Befriending death; Henri Nouwen and a spirituality of dying. Book review 124
Beginning cataloging. Book review 134
Belief-based energy technology development by the U.S. government; a comparative study of nuclear power and synthetic fuel policies. Brief article 156
Benefiting by design; women of color in feminist psychological research. Book review 166
Beowulf and the illusion of history. Brief article 191
Bernard MacLaverty. Book review 100
Berwick-upon-Tweed; three places, two nations, one town. Book review 115
Better consciousness; Schopenhauer's philosophy of value. Book review 140
Between global violence and the ethics of peace; philosophical perspectives. Brief article 112
Between good and ghetto; African American girls and inner city violence. Book review 103
Between movement and establishment; organizations advocating for youth. Book review 137
Between noble and humble; Cao Xueqin and The dream of the red chamber. Brief article 184
Between shadows; modern Irish writing and culture. Book review 128
Between tyranny and anarchy; a history of democracy in Latin America, 1800-2006. Book review 123
Between villa and town; excavations of a Roman roadside settlement and shrine at Higham Ferrers, Northamptonshire. Brief article 147
Between you and I; dialogical phenomenology. Book review 153
Beyond child's play; sustainable product design in the global doll-making industry. Brief article 140
Beyond communication; a critical study of Axel Honneth's social philosophy. Book review 146
Beyond doctorates downunder; maximising the impact of your doctorate from Australia and New Zealand. Book review 168
Beyond lexical variation in modern standard Arabic; Egypt, Lebanon, and Morocco. Book review 108
Beyond market forces; regulating the global security industry. Book review 131
Beyond open skies; a new regime for international aviation. Book review 195
Beyond relocation; the imperative of sustainable resettlement. Book review 136
Beyond repair; the decline and fall of the CIA. Book review 107
Beyond the hijab debates; new conversations on gender, race, and religion. Book review 131
Beyond the homestretch; what I've learned from saving racehorses. Brief article 96
Beyond the Qumran community; the Sectarian Movement of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Book review 104
Biblical women's voices in early modern England. Book review 167
Bibliographic research in composition studies. Book review 162
Bibliography of Jews in the Islamic world. Book review 186
Bilingual by choice; raising kids in two (or more!) languages. Book review 99
Bioterror in the 21st century; emerging threats in a new global environment. Brief article 152
Birth and death of the housewife. Book review 153
Birth of a psychedelic culture; conversations about Leary, the Harvard experiments, Millbrook and the sixties. Book review 139
Bite-sized marketing; realistic solutions for the overworked librarian. Book review 123
Black and indigenous; Garifuna activism and consumer culture in Honduras. Brief article 154
Black Mexico; race and society from colonial to modern times. Book review 145
Black women undergraduates, cultural capital, and college success. Brief article 121
Blackstone and his contemporaries. Book review 127
Blood and beauty; organized violence in the art and archaeology of Mesoamerica and Central America. Book review 248
Blood on the stage, 1925-1950; milestone plays of crime, mystery, and detection, an annotated repertoire. Book review 221
Blood, guns, and testosterone; action films, audiences, and a thirst for violence. Book review 164
Bluejackets and contrabands; African Americans and the Union Navy. Book review 183
Boccaccio and the book; production and reading in Italy, 1340-1520. Book review 282
Body image and appearance; the ultimate teen guide. Book review 98
Bolivia's radical tradition; permanent revolution in the Andes. Book review 192
Bombs over Dublin. Book review 151
Book buddies; a tutoring framework for struggling readers, 2d ed. (DVD included). Book review 160
Boomtown 2050; scenarios for a rapidly growing city. Book review 163
Border security in the Al-Qaeda era. Book review 225
Boudica and her stories; narrative transformations of a warrior queen. Book review 101
Boys at home; discipline, masculinity, and "the boy-problem" in nineteenth-century American literature. Book review 161
Branding the man; why men are the next frontier in fashion retail. Book review 88
Bravo!; the history of opera in British Columbia. Brief article 92
Brazil's new racial politics. Book review 108
Brazilian Portuguese-English, English-Brazilian Portuguese concise dictionary. Book review 125
Breadwinners; working women and economic independence, 1865-1920. Brief article 146
Breaking away from the corporate model; even more lessons from principal to principal. Book review 130
Breaking out of the box; adventure-based field instruction, 2d ed. Book review 179
Brill's companion to Hesiod. Brief article 156
Brill's New Pauly; encyclopaedia of the ancient world: Antiquity; v.15: Tuc-Zyt. Book review 262
Bringing finance to Pakistan's poor; access to finance for small enterprises and the underserved. (CD-ROM included). Book review 196
British destroyers; from earliest days to the Second World War. Book review 112
British diplomacy in Turkey, 1583 to the present; a study in the evolution of the resident embassy. Book review 263
British women poets of the long eighteenth century; an anthology. Book review 143
Britishness; perspectives on the Britishness question. Brief article 131
Brokers of trust; notaries in early modern Rome. Brief article 128
Bronze Age connections; cultural contact in prehistoric Europe. Book review 170
Budgets and budgetary procedures in India 1947-48 to 2009-10. Brief article 152
Building a buzz; libraries and word-of-mouth marketing. Book review 127
Building classroom reading communities; retrospective miscue analysis and Socratic circles. Book review 161
Building commitment to reform through strategic communication; the five key decisions. Brief article 146
Building cycles; growth & instability. Book review 173
Building language skills and cultural competencies in the military. Book review 106

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