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Articles from Reference & Research Book News (February 1, 2009)

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"All possible art"; George Herbert's The country parson. Book review 163
"Off the straight path"; illicit sex, law, and community in Ottoman Aleppo. Book review 197
"The" fifth modality; on languages that shape our motivations and cultures. Book review 122
'Safe moor'd in Greenwich tier'; a study of the skeletons of Royal Navy sailors and marines excavated at the Royal Hospital Greenwich. Book review 269
'The downfall of Hagan'; Sligo Ribbonism in 1842. Book review 149
.edu; technology and learning environments in higher education. Book review 130
10 strategies for reentering the workforce; career advice for anyone who needs a good (or better) job now. Book review 157
100 ideas for developing good practice in the early years. Brief article 111
100 ideas for teaching knowledge and understanding of the world. Book review 131
100 ideas for teaching personal, social and emotional development. Book review 125
100 ideas for teaching primary mathematics. Book review 114
100 ideas for teaching religious education. Book review 97
101 boardroom problems and how to solve them. Book review 133
101 glimpses of Long Island's North Shore. Book review 132
101 hikes in Northern California; exploring mountains, valleys, and seashore, 2d ed. Book review 131
1650-1850; ideas, aesthetics, and inquiries in the early modern era; v.15. Book review 142
200 best jobs through apprenticeships, 2d ed. Book review 115
35 strategies for developing content area vocabulary. Book review 153
403(b) answer book, 7th ed. Book review 131
50 life skills to ensure kids stay in school, off drugs and out of trouble. Book review 136
500 things to know about the ancient world. Book review 183
6 steps to free publicity, 3d ed. Book review 124
7 steps to raising a bilingual child. Book review 146
8 essentials for empowered teaching & learning, K-8; bringing out the best in your students. Book review 120
A beautiful mine; women prospectors of the old West. Book review 170
A brief history of Iraq. Book review 108
A brief history of Pakistan. Book review 109
A brief history of theology; from the New Testament to feminist theology. Book review 104
A chant to soothe wild elephants; a memoir. Book review 158
A closer look; the antebellum photographs of Jay Dearborn Edwards, 1858-1861. Book review 139
A cloud of witnesses; the theology of Hebrews in its ancient contexts. Book review 130
A companion to Bordering on madness, an American land use tale, 2d ed.; cases, scholarship, and case studies. Book review 117
A companion to Juan Luis Vives. Book review 107
A comprehensive study of female offenders; life before, during, and after incarceration. Book review 153
A concordance to the major poems of Edward Taylor; 4v. Book review 168
A creative guide to exploring your life; self-reflection using photography, art, and writing. Book review 106
A fair chance in the race of life; the role of Gallaudet University in deaf history. Book review 164
A food lover's treasury. Book review 114
A gentlewoman in upper Canada; the journals, letters, and art of Anne Langton. Book review 172
A guide to documentary editing, 3d ed. Book review 125
A guide to English literature. (reprint, 1965). Book review 135
A guide to library research in music. Book review 115
A guide to literacy coaching; helping teachers increase student achievement. Book review 166
A guide to the Dead Sea scrolls and related literature, rev. ed. Book review 158
A history of Asia, 6th ed. Book review 169
A history of Christianity in Indonesia. Book review 184
A history of folk music festivals in the United Sates; feasts of musical celebration. Book review 128
A history of histories; epics, chronicles, romances and inquiries from Herodotus and Thucydides to the twentieth century. Book review 102
A history of prayer; the first to the fifteenth century. Book review 108
A history of the Jews and Judaism in the Second Temple Period; v.2: The early Hellenistic period (335-175 BCE). Book review 173
A history of the popes in the twentieth century; their struggle for spiritual clarity against political confusion. Book review 127
A Jew in the public arena; the career of Israel Zangwill. Book review 138
A life worthy of the gods; the materialist psychology of Epicurus. Book review 124
A literary criticism of five generations of African American writing; the artistry of memory. Book review 168
A literary history of Greece. (reprint, 1962). Book review 154
A manifesto for media freedom. Book review 100
A medical doctor examines life on three continents; a Pakistani view. Book review 127
A multitude of women; the challenges of the contemporary Italian novel. Book review 149
A noble fight; African American freemasonry and the struggle for democracy in America. Book review 164
A Palestinian Christian cry for reconciliation. Book review 82
A passion for nature; Thomas Jefferson and natural history. Book review 94
A picture book primer; understanding and using picture books. Book review 115
A place of refuge; Maynard Dixon's Arizona. Book review 96
A poet's high argument; Elizabeth Bishop and Christianity. Book review 158
A political odyssey; the rise of American militarism and one man's effort to stop it. Book review 173
A practical guide to program evaluation planning; theory and case examples. Book review 145
A practical introduction to paralegal studies; strategies for success, 2d ed. Book review 132
A psychology for inclusive education; new directions in theory and practice. Book review 126
A question of murder. Book review 139
A railroad atlas of the United States in 1946; v.3: Indiana, Lower Michigan & Ohio. Book review 162
A recipe for balanced tort reform; early offers with swift settlements. Book review 147
A sense of urgency. Book review 110
A shared aesthetic; artists of Long Island's North Fork. Book review 113
A spy's resume; confessions of a maverick intelligence professional and misadventure capitalist. Book review 125
A stranger in my own land; Sofia Casanova, a Spanish writer in the European fin de siecle. Book review 233
A study on authority. Book review 91
A teacher's guide to multisensory learning; improving literacy by engaging the senses. Book review 164
A teaching assistant's guide to completing NVQ level 3; supporting teaching and learning in schools. Book review 118
A theology of Christian mission; what should the church seek to accomplish. Book review 110
A thing among things; the art of Jasper Johns. Book review 141
A to Z of philosophy. Book review 86
A twenty-first century approach to teaching social justice; educating for both advocacy and action. Book review 133
A vehicle for performance; acting the messenger in Greek tragedy. Book review 102
A very short, fairly interesting and reasonably cheap book about international business. Book review 98
A very short, fairly interesting and reasonably cheap book about studying organizations, 2d ed. Book review 112
A women's Berlin; building the modern city. Book review 110
A word fitly spoken; poetic artistry in the first four acrostics of the Hebrew Psalter. Book review 182
A world apart; a memoir of Jewish life in nineteenth century Galicia. Book review 135
A Zapotec natural history; trees, herbs, and flowers, birds, beasts, and bugs in the life of San Juan Gbee. (CD-ROM included). Book review 131
ABLE bodies balance training. Book review 144
Abolition now!; ten years of strategy and struggle against the prison industrial complex. Book review 127
Abortion under state constitutions; a state-by-state analysis. Book review 117
Above all; Mount Whitney and California's highest peaks. Book review 117
Academic cultures; professional preparation and the teaching life. Book review 164
Academic language for English language learners and struggling readers; how to help students succeed across content areas. Book review 115
Accelerating catch-up; tertiary education for growth in Sub-Saharan Africa. Book review 128
Acculturation and its discontents; the Italian Jewish experience between exclusion and integration. Brief article 159
Achieving class A business excellence; an executive's perspective. Book review 152
Acting out. Book review 88
Active reading; transformative writing in literary studies. (reprint, 2006). Book review 97
Activist educators; breaking past limits. Book review 140
Actor training the Laban way; an integrated approach to voice, speech, and movement. Book review 107
Ad women; how they impact what we need, want, and buy. Book review 136
Adam's ancestors; race, religion, and the politics of human origins. Book review 106
Addressing offending behaviour; context, practice and values. Book review 108
Adobe InDesign CS4; one-on-one. (DVD-ROM included). Book review 102
Adolescents at school; perspectives on youth, identity, and education, 2d ed. Book review 164
Adult children of divorce; confused love seekers. Book review 119
Advanced modern political theory; analysis and technologies. Book review 117
Advances in government enterprise architecture. Book review 111
Aerial atlas of the holy land; discover the great sites of history from the air. Book review 110
Aesthetics and film. Book review 218
Aesthetics and nature. Book review 100
Aesthetics and painting. Book review 127
Aesthetics of prose. Book review 112
Afghanistan; transition under threat. Book review 117
Africa writes back; the African writers series & the launch of African literature. Book review 210
African Americans and popular culture; 3v. Book review 190
African and European readers of the Bible in dialogue; in quest of a shared meaning. Book review 140
Afro-Asian conflicts; changing contours, costs and consequences. Book review 130
After the disaster; re-creating community and well-being at Buffalo Creek since the notorious coal-mining disaster in 1972. Book review 145
Ageing and development. Book review 112
Agent-based tutoring systems by cognitive and affective modeling. Book review 166
Agents of innovation; the General Board and the design of the fleet that defeated the Japanese Navy. Book review 134
Agile portfolio management. Book review 119
Aging nation; the economics and politics of growing older in America. (reprint, 2006). Book review 126
Agricultural finance in India; the role of NABARD. Book review 144
Air commandos against Japan; Allied special operations in World War II Burma. Book review 105
Airplanes; the life story of a technology. (reprint, 2006). Book review 189
Alain Badiou; live theory. Book review 172
Alamos, Sonora; architecture and urbanism in the dry tropics. Book review 209
Albert Camus, precurseur; Mediterranee d'hier et d'aujourd'hui. Book review 101
Alchemy; a passion for jewels. Book review 102
Alfred Farag and Egyptian theater; the poetics of disguise, with four short plays and a monologue. Book review 144
Alien powers; the pure theory of ideology. 2d ed. Book review 94
All in a day's work; careers using science, 2d ed. Book review 88
All you have to do is listen; music from the inside out. Book review 148
Alone with all that could happen; rethinking conventional wisdom about the craft of fiction writing. Book review 159
Alternative journalism. Book review 98
America and Europe after 9/11 and Iraq; the great divide, rev.ed. Book review 222
America from 500 feet II. Book review 124
America's defense line; the Justice Department's battle to register the Israel lobby as agents of a foreign government. Book review 149
America's democratic republic, 3d ed. Book review 130
America's hidden history; untold tales of the first Pilgrims, fighting women, and forgotten founders who shaped a nation. Book review 103
America's top-rated smaller cities; a statistical profile, 2008/09, 6th ed.; 2v. Book review 284
American education; a history, 4th ed. Book review 119
American ethnic writers, rev.ed.; 3v. Book review 257
American fiction of the 1990s; reflections of history and culture. Book review 144
American folk songs; a regional encyclopedia; 2v. Book review 86
American folklore, legends, and tall tales for readers theatre. Book review 166
American Indian education; counternarratives in racism, struggle, and the law. Book review 220
American Indian liberation; a theology of sovereignty. Book review 101
American Indians of the Pikes Peak Region. Book review 114
American masterworks; houses of the 20th and 21st centuries, rev. ed. Book review 131
American pogrom; the East St. Louis Race Riot and Black politics. Book review 258
American prisoners of war held at Barbados, New Providence, and Newfoundland during the War of 1812. Book review 154
American prisoners of war held at Bermuda, Cape of Good Hope and Jamaica during the War of 1812. Book review 160
American private international law. Book review 185
American secret pusher fighters of World War II; XP-54, XP-55, and XP-56. Book review 136
American sports; an anthropological approach. Book review 124
An American history album; the story of the United States told through stamps. Book review 95
An anthology of American folktales and legends. Book review 121
An anthology of Russian folktales. Book review 115
An archaeology of Black markets; local ceramics and economies in eighteenth-century Jamaica. Book review 173
An economic history of Ghana; reflections on a half-century of challenges & progress. Book review 122
An ethnographic study of Afro-Mexicans in Mexico's Gulf Coast; fishing, festivals, and foodways. Book review 122
An eye for Iran; the photographs of Kazem Hakimi. Book review 105
An honourable calling; political memoirs. Book review 105
An Indian attachment. Book review 152
An inquiry into the original of our ideas of beauty and virtue; in two treatises, rev. ed. Book review 122
An insider's guide to refinancing your mortgage; money-saving secrets you need to know. Book review 83
An introduction to cultural heritage law. Book review 160
An introduction to game theory in business and economics. Book review 88
An introduction to intelligence research and analysis. Book review 136
Analysing social opposition to reforms; the electricity sector in India. Book review 92
Analysis, geometry, and modeling in finance; advanced methods in options pricing. Book review 126
Anatolian interfaces; Hittites, Greeks and their neighbours; proceedings. Book review 134
Anaxagoras of Clazomenae; Fragments and Testimonia. Book review 125
Ancient mosaic pavements; themes, issues, and trends. Book review 234
Ancient Rome in early opera. Book review 129
And the world changed; contemporary stories by Pakistani women. Book review 129
Anglo-Irish identities 1571-1845. Book review 186
Anglo-Saxon studies in archaeology and history; v.15. Book review 122
Animal presences. Book review 109
Animals as disguised symbols in Renaissance art. Book review 136
Animals in stone; Indian mammals sculptured through time. Book review 207
Animation unleashed; 100 principles every animator, comic book writer, filmmaker, video artist and game developer should know. Book review 136
Annals of gullibility; why we get duped and how to avoid it. Book review 128
Annual report on exchange arrangements and exchange restrictions; 2008. Book review 133
Annual review of development effectiveness 2008; shared global challenges. Book review 83
Annual review of law and social science; v.4, 2008. Book review 182
Anonymous life; Romanticism and dispossession. Book review 169
Anthropology's global histories; the ethnographic frontier in German New Guinea, 1870-1935. Book review 132
Antisemitism and philosemitism in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries; representing Jews, Jewishness, and modern culture. Book review 156
Antonio Machado's Cartas Love letters to Pilar de Valderrama; a facing page translation from Spanish into English. Book review 164
Anxiety; using depth psychology to find a balance in your life. Book review 149
Aphra Behn stages the social scene in the Restoration theatre. Book review 175
Apocalyptic patterns in twentieth-century fiction. Book review 242
Approaches to behavior and classroom management; integrating discipline and care. (CD-ROM included). Book review 131
Arab media; power and weakness. Book review 101
Arab modernities; islamism, nationalism, and liberalism in the post-colonial Arab world. Book review 112
Arcadian waters and Wanton Seas; the iconology of waterscapes in nineteenth-century century transatlantic culture. Book review 182
Archaeologies of art; time, place and identity. Book review 169
Archaeologies of placemaking; monuments, memories, and engagement in native North America. Book review 192
Architectural inspiration; styles, details & sources. Book review 160
Architecture of authority. Book review 188
Architecture of modern China; a historical critique. Book review 150
Architecture, artifacts, and arts in the Harmony Society of George Rapp; the material culture of a nineteenth-century American utopian community. Book review 144
Architecture, cultural history, autobiography. Book review 86
Are economists basically immoral?; and other essays on economics, ethics, and religion. Book review 135
Are you sure you're the principal?; a guide for new and aspiring leaders, 2d ed. Book review 86
Arenas of power. Book review 169
Arguing for a general framework for mass media scholarship. Book review 175
Aristotle and modernism; aesthetic affinities of T.S. Eliot, Wallace Stevens, and Virginia Woolf. Book review 128
Aristotle's metaphysics; form, matter and identity. Book review 123
Armageddon or evolution?; the scientific method and escalating world problems. Book review 98
Armchair warriors; private citizens, popular press, and the rise of American power. Book review 88
Arrest decisions; what works for the officer? Book review 150
Art and love in renaissance Italy. Book review 161
Art and the city; civic imagination and cultural authority in Los Angeles. Book review 203
Art in its own terms; selected criticism 1935-1975. Book review 149
Art therapy and clinical neuroscience. Book review 142
Article 2; the right of non-discrimination. Book review 155
AS law, 5th ed. Book review 151
As witnessed by images; the Trojan War tradition in Greek and Etruscan art. Book review 120
Assessing accomplished teaching; advanced-level certification programs. Book review 182
Assessing critical skills. Book review 171
Assessing differentiated student products; a protocol for development and evaluation. Book review 112
Assessing performance; designing, scoring, and validating performance tasks. Book review 102
Assessment of exceptional students; educational and psychological procedures, 8th ed. Book review 142
Atlantic diasporas; Jews, conversos, and crypto-Jews in the age of mercantilism, 1500-1800. Book review 139
Atlas of Hispanic-American history, rev.ed. Book review 114
Atlas of human migration. Book review 122
Attack transport; USS Charles Carroll in World War II. Book review 141
Audrey Hepburn; a biography. Book review 143
Augustine and Roman virtue. Book review 87
Augustine and the Jews; a Christian defense of Jews and Judaism. Book review 104
Austen's Emma. Book review 161
Australian plants for gardens in the sun, rev.ed. Book review 117
Author cocitation analysis; quantitative methods for mapping the intellectual structure of an academic discipline. Book review 126
Authority matters; rethinking the theory and practice of authorship. Book review 152
Autobiography of a democratic nation at risk; the currere of culture and citizenship in the post 9/11 American wilderness. Book review 121
Autonomy; beyond Kant and hermeneutics. Book review 179
Autour de l'enfant; du droit canonique et romain medieval au code civil de 1804. Book review 187
Avengers of blood; homicide in Athenian law and custom from Draco to Demosthenes. Book review 185
Aviation security management; 3v. Book review 268
Bach's St. Matthew Passion; a closer look. Book review 128
Bad for democracy; how the Presidency undermines the power of the people. Book review 181
Bailout; what the rescue of Bear Stearns and the credit crisis mean for your investments. Book review 123
Ballroom, boogie, shimmy sham, shake; a social and popular dance reader. Book review 118
Ballykilcline rising; from famine Ireland to immigrant America. Book review 139
Baltimore's alley houses; homes for working people since the 1780s. Book review 116
Ban Gu's history of early China. Book review 133
Banking on Basel; the future of international financial regulation. Book review 201
Banking services and information technology; the Indian experience. Book review 160
Banking the poor; measuring banking access in 54 economies. Book review 104
Barack Obama and the future of American politics. Book review 107
Barbarous play; race on the English Renaissance stage. Book review 99
Barron's SAT 2400; aiming for the perfect score, 2d ed. Book review 130
Baseball and the "Sultan of Swat"; Babe Ruth at 100. Book review 122
Basic Korean; a grammar and workbook. Book review 88
Basics of genealogy reference; a librarian's guide. Brief article 125
Battleship Oklahoma, BB-37. Book review 148
Beaches, ruins, resorts; the politics of tourism in the Arab world. Book review 122
Beale Street; resurrecting the home of the blues. Book review 108
Bear country; predation, politics, and the changing face of Pyrenean pastoralism. Book review 112
Beat the market; win with proven stock selection and market timing strategies. Book review 116
Beckett; a guide for the perplexed. Book review 102
Becoming a calm mom; how to manage and enjoy the first year of motherhood. Book review 140
Becoming a counselor; the light, the bright, and the serious, 2d ed. Book review 140
Becoming a trial lawyer. (CD-ROM included). Book review 119
Beethoven's Fifth and Seventh symphonies; a closer look. Book review 130
Being inside; an explorative study into emotional reactions of juvenile offenders to custody. Book review 144
Belief in the past; theoretical approaches to the archaeology of religion. Book review 110
Belonging; a culture of place. Book review 168
Beneath the surface; the making of paintings. Book review 148
Benefit-cost analysis; 2v. Book review 214
Bereavement narratives; continuing bonds in the 21st century. Book review 138
Berkeley; a guide for the perplexed. Book review 93
Besa; Muslims who saved Jews in World War II. Book review 126
Best little stories of Winston Churchill. Book review 82
Best practices for teaching social studies; what award-winning classroom teachers do. Book review 85
Best practices in business technology management. Book review 128
Best rail trails California; more than 70 rail trails throughout the state. Book review 105
Bet you didn't know; hundreds of intriguing facts about living in the USA. Book review 136
Between grammar and rhetoric; Dionysius of Halicarnassus on language, linguistics and literature. Book review 119
Between Judaism and Christianity; art historical essays in honor of Elisheva (Elisabeth) Revel-Neher. Book review 169
Between Sardis and Philadelphia; the life and world of pietist court preacher Conrad Broske. Book review 126
Between two generations; language maintenance and acculturation among Chinese immigrant families. Book review 83
Between worlds; the rhetorical universe of Paradise Lost. Book review 92
Beyond Archigram; the structure of circulation. Book review 137
Beyond Douglass; new perspectives on early African-American literature. Book review 108
Beyond the Reformation?; authority, primacy and unity in the conciliar tradition. (reprint, 2006). Book review 127
Beyond tracking; multiple pathways to college, career, and civic participation. Book review 158
Beyond Vienna; contemporary literature from the Austrian provinces. Book review 102
Bibliographical sources for Buddhist studies; from the viewpoint of Buddhist philology, 2d rev.ed. Book review 171
Big picture realities; Canada and Mexico at the crossroads. Book review 89
Big sky journal; the new Montana cabin; contemporary approaches to the traditional Western retreat. Book review 135
Big Sycamore stands alone; western Apaches, Aravaipa, and the struggle for place. Book review 127
Binding the strong man; a political reading of Mark's story of Jesus. Book review 156

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