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Articles from Reference & Research Book News (August 1, 2009)

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"My share of God's reward"; exploring the roles and formulations of the afterlife in early Christian martyrdom. Book review 167
"Yes we can"; Barack Obama's proverbial rhetoric. Book review 130
'In the vaults beneath'; archaeological recording at St. George's Church, Bloomsbury. Book review 153
'The furie of the ordnance'; artillery in the English civil wars. Brief article 140
(Re)negotiating East and Southeast Asia; region, regionalism, and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. Book review 131
1 way 2 C the world; writings 1984-2006. Book review 143
100 activities for developing fluent readers; patterns and applications for word recognition, fluency, and comprehension, 2d ed. Brief article 125
100 most popular thriller and suspense authors; biographical sketches and bibliographies. Book review 105
100 years of Anne with an 'E'; the centennial study of Anne of Green Gables. Book review 146
101 ways to make yourself indispensable at work. Book review 109
10th Mountain Division. Book review 90
1916 Ireland's Easter rising; shots that cracked an empire; a compendium of people, places and events. Brief article 98
194X; architecture, planning, and consumer culture on the American home front. Book review 166
1960; LBJ vs. JFK vs. Nixon; the epic campaign that forged three presidencies. Book review 123
200+ active learning strategies and projects for engaging students' multiple intelligences, 2d ed. Book review 175
50 literacy strategies for beginning teachers, 1-8, 2d ed. Brief article 167
50 strategies for teaching English language learners, 3d ed. (DVD-ROM included). Book review 131
500 enameled objects; a celebration of color on metal. Book review 97
55 surefire Internet businesses you can start for under $5,000. Book review 197
63 tactics for teaching diverse learners, grades 6-12. Book review 125
63 tactics for teaching diverse learners, K-6. Brief article 168
99 ideas and activities for teaching English learners with the SIOP model. Book review 121
A "topping people"; the rise and decline of Virginia's old political elite, 1680-1790. Book review 104
A backward glance; the Southern renascence, the autobiographical epic, and the classical legacy. Book review 142
A Charles Ives omnibus. Book review 131
A chronicle of commerce; a short history of the School of Business at the University of Alberta. Book review 132
A cognitive theory of the firm; learning, governance and dynamic capabilities. Book review 143
A commentary on the Gospel of Thomas; from interpretations to the interpreted. Book review 199
A companion to Andrei Platonov's The foundation pit. Book review 169
A comprehensive RTI model; integrating behavioral and academic interventions. Brief article 115
A course for teaching English learners. Book review 179
A critical and exegetical commentary on John 1-4. Book review 178
A critical introduction to phonetics. Book review 130
A decent, orderly lynching; the Montana vigilantes. (reprint, 2004). Brief article 134
A declaration of readers' rights, renewing our commitment to students. Book review 147
A dictionary for the modern flutist. Book review 126
A different shade of Orange; voices of Orange County, California, black pioneers. Book review 163
A divided paradise; an Irishman in the Holy Land. Book review 94
A frequency dictionary of French; core vocabulary for learners. Book review 168
A frequency dictionary of Mandarin Chinese; core vocabulary for learners. Book review 119
A general history of the Civil War; the southern point of view. (reprint, 2004). Book review 132
A good school for every child. Book review 171
A great big girl like me; the films of Marie Dressler. Brief article 113
A guide to co-teaching with paraeducators; practical tips for K-12 educators. Book review 141
A guide to college writing assessment. Book review 117
A guide to conducting online research. Book review 130
A guide to cruising Northern Australia; anchorages Cairns to Darwin, 5th ed. Book review 167
A guide to special education advocacy; what parents, clinicians, and advocates need to know. Book review 132
A guide to trance land; a practical handbook of Ericksonian and solution-oriented hypnosis. Book review 117
A guidebook for raising foster children. (reprint, 2000). Book review 156
A handbook for early childhood administrators; directing with a mission. Book review 174
A handbook for teaching and learning in higher education; enhancing academic practice, 3d ed. Brief article 179
A higher moral and spiritual stand; selected writings of Milton Wright. Brief article 126
A historian reads Max Weber; essays on the Protestant ethic. Book review 121
A history of early childhood education in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Book review 147
A history of Egypt; from earliest times to the present. Book review 140
A history of macroeconomic policy in the United States. Book review 152
A Holocene prehistoric sequence in the Egyptian Red Sea area; the Tree Shelter. Book review 168
A human resources framework for the public sector. Book review 112
A hundred small steps; report of the Committee on Financial Sector Reforms. Book review 123
A journey in Ireland 1921. (reprint, 1922). Book review 125
A law enforcement and security officers' guide to responding to bomb threats; providing a working knowledge of bombs, preparing for such incidents, and performing basic analysis of potential threats, 2d ed. Book review 152
A nation of farmers; defeating the food crisis on American soil. Brief article 154
A newscast for the masses; the history of Detroit television news. Brief article 240
A philanthropic covenant with Black America. Book review 130
A philosophical investigation of rape; the making and unmaking of the feminine self. Book review 253
A practical guide for special education professionals. Book review 133
A priest, a prostitute, and some other early Texans; the lives of fourteen Lone Star State pioneers. Book review 95
A project manager's book of forms; a companion to the PMBOk guide, 4th ed. (CD-ROM included). Book review 109
A reappraisal of economic development; perspectives for cooperative research; proceedings. Brief article 170
A short guide to action research, 3d ed. Brief article 182
A simple guide to retirement; how to make retirement work for you. Book review 120
A social history of English Rugby Union. Book review 100
A splendid exchange; how trade shaped the world. Brief article 125
A survival guide for buying a home, 2d ed. Book review 150
A toolkit for the effective teaching assistant, 2d ed. Book review 172
A tragedy of Cola's furie, or Lirenda's miserie. Book review 158
A whaler's dictionary. Book review 136
A year of Hitchcock; 52 weeks with the master of suspense. Book review 148
Abel Kiviat, national champion; twentieth-century track & field and the melting pot. Brief article 133
Abel Sanchez. Brief article 97
Abigail and John; portrait of a marriage. Book review 113
Abolishing school fees in Africa; lessons from Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi and Mozambique. Book review 121
Aboriginal business; alliances in a remote Australian town. Brief article 137
Abstract Expressionism and the American experience; a reevaluation. Book review 147
Academic capitalism and the new economy; markets, state, and higher education. (reprint, 2004). Book review 114
Academic language! academic literacy!; a guide for K-12 educators. Book review 165
Accountability and decentralized service delivery; explaining performance variation across local governments in Indonesia. Book review 134
Accounting for goodwill. Brief article 146
Achieve PMP exam success; a concise study guide for the busy project manager, 4th ed. (CD-ROM included). Book review 154
Achieving early years professional status. Book review 154
Achieving excellence in human resource management; an assessment of human resource functions. Book review 206
Achieving sustainable development and promoting development cooperation; dialogues at the Economic and Social Council. Book review 200
Achieving your PTLLs award; a practical guide to successful teaching in the lifelong learning sector. Book review 164
Acquiring a non-native phonology; linguistic constraints and social barriers. (reprint, 2006). Book review 156
ACT 36; aiming for the perfect score. Book review 102
Action research in education, 2d ed. Book review 168
Address unknown; the homeless in America. (reprint, 1989). Book review 145
Adelaide Labille-Guiard; artist in the age of revolution. Book review 120
Adequacy of retirement income after pension reforms in Central, Eastern, and Southern Europe. Book review 176
Administrative topics in athletic training; concepts to practice. Book review 131
Advanced technologies and methodologies for risk management in the global transport of dangerous goods; proceedings. Book review 234
Advice from the top; what minority women say about their career success. Book review 122
Advocacy journalists; a biographical dictionary of writers and editors. Book review 135
Advocacy leadership; toward a post-reform agenda in education. Book review 118
Affirmative action. Book review 183
Affirming students' right to their own language; bridging language policies and pedagogical practices. Book review 139
Afghanistan; hidden treasures from the National Museum, Kabul. Book review 115
Africa and the Africans in the nineteenth century; a turbulent history. Book review 111
Africa development indicators 2008/09: Youth and employment in Africa; the potential, the problem, the promise. (CD-ROM included). Book review 185
Africa; unity, sovereignty, and sorrow. Brief article 152
AfricAmericas; itineraries, dialogues, and sounds. Book review 133
African American folktales. Brief article 91
African Americans in the West. Book review 177
African spiritual traditions in the novels of Toni Morrison. Book review 175
Africom; security, development, and humanitarian functions. Book review 144
After Kieslowski; the legacy of Krzysztof Kieslowski. Brief article 139
After the "socialist spring"; collectivisation and economic transformation in the GDR. Book review 164
After the flood; Irish America 1945-1960. Book review 141
After the Gold Rush; tarnished dreams in the Sacramento Valley. (reprint, 2007). Book review 145
Against machismo; young adult voices in Mexico City. Book review 109
Against the tide; household structure, opportunities, and outcomes among white and minority youth. Book review 124
Aging and cognition; research methodologies and empirical advances. Book review 151
Agitate! educate! organize!; American labor posters. Brief article 125
Agricultural land redistribution; toward greater consensus. Brief article 144
Agriculture at a crossroads; global report. Book review 133
Agriculture at a crossroads; synthesis report: a synthesis of the global and sub-global IAASTD reports. Book review 143
Agriculture at a crossroads; v.1: Central and West Asia and North Africa. Book review 163
Agriculture at a crossroads; v.2: East and South Asia and the Pacific. Book review 158
Agriculture at a crossroads; v.3: Latin America and the Caribbean. Book review 153
Agriculture at a crossroads; v.4: North America and Europe. Brief article 148
Agriculture at a crossroads; v.5: Sub-Saharan Africa. Brief article 145
Air wars; television advertising in election campaigns, 1952-2008, 5th ed. Book review 141
AirLandBattle21; transformational concepts for integrating twenty-first century air and ground forces. Brief article 103
Al-Qaeda goes to college; impact of the war on terror on American higher education. Book review 150
Alarming reports; communicating conflict in the daily news. Book review 92
Alexander Nimmo; master engineer, 1783-1832; public works and civil surveys. Book review 124
Alibaba; the inside story behind Jack Ma and the creation of the world's biggest online marketplace. Brief article 117
All a twitter; a personal and professional guide to social networking with Twitter. Book review 139
All about Almodovar; a passion for cinema. Brief article 162
All the news unfit to print; a history of how things were and how they were reported. Book review 131
All-volunteer and reserve military; issues and performance. Brief article 130
Allah made us; sexual outlaws in an Islamic African city. Book review 131
Allegories of love in Marguerite Porete's Mirror of simple souls. Book review 185
Almost home; stories of hope and the human spirit in the neonatal ICU. Book review 129
Alternate routes to teaching. Brief article 164
Amazing resumes; what employers want to see--and how to say it, 2d ed. Book review 151
Ambassadors of reconciliation; v.1: New testament reflections on restorative justice and peacemaking. Brief article 144
Ambedkar and dalit movement; special reference to Rajasthan. Book review 112
America's defense meltdown; Pentagon reform for President Obama and the new Congress. Book review 162
America's prophets; how judicial activism makes America great. Book review 131
American business, since 1920; how it worked, 2d ed. Book review 138
American consumer society 1865-2005; from hearth to HDTV. Book review 141
American education, 14th ed. Book review 169
Amid social contradictions; towards a history of social work in Europe. Book review 176
An annotated index to selected articles from The Musical Courier, 1880-1940; v.1. Book review 201
An anthology of modern Italian poetry in English translation, with Italian text. Book review 108
An anthropological study of Raigarh, a Sikh village in Punjab. Book review 125
An anthropology of war; views from the front line. Book review 132
An Armenian artist in Ottoman Egypt; Yuhanna al-Armani and his coptic icons. Book review 122
An assessment of the investment climate in Kenya. Brief article 84
An economic history of the American steel industry. Book review 130
An environmental history of postcolonial North India; the Himalayan Tarai in Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal. Book review 126
An index of images in English manuscripts; from the time of Chaucer to Henry VIII; Cambridge; v.1. Brief article 189
An introduction to bibliographical and textual studies, 4th ed. Book review 116
An introduction to child development, 2d ed. Book review 115
An introduction to intercultural communication; identities in a global community, 6th ed. Book review 140
An introduction to qualitative research, 4th ed. Book review 186
An introduction to social entrepreneurship; voices, preconditions, contexts. Book review 181
An introduction to the entertainment industry. Book review 155
An Iron Age settlement outside Battlesbury Hillfort, Warminster and sites along the Southern Range Road. Book review 169
An outline of philosophy. (reprint, 1927). Book review 127
Analysis and value judgement. (reprint, 1983). Book review 166
Analyzing banking risk; a framework for assessing corporate governance and risk management, 3d ed. Book review 159
Ancient Turkey. Book review 158
Angel. Brief article 90
Angles on the English-speaking world; v.8: Cultures of childhood, literary and historical studies in memory of Julia Briggs. Book review 130
Animal capital; rendering life in biopolitical times. Book review 150
Antebellum slave narratives; cultural and political expressions of Africa. Book review 177
Anthropology off the shelf; anthropologists on writing. Brief article 126
Antifeminism and the Victorian novel; rereading nineteenth-century women writers. Book review 174
Ants in their pants; teaching children who must move to learn. Book review 108
Applications of social research methods to questions in information and library science. Book review 116
Approaches to teaching Dickens's Bleak House. Brief article 121
Approaches to teaching Duras's Ourika. Brief article 143
Approaches to teaching Fitzgerald's The great Gatsby. Brief article 118
Approaches to teaching Lazarillo de Tormes and the picaresque tradition. Brief article 160
Appropriate; the houses of Joseph Esherick. Book review 124
Arab financial institutions. Book review 120
Arab political demography; population growth, labor migration and natalist policies, 2d rev.ed. Book review 121
Arab women writers; a critical reference guide, 1873-1999. Book review 165
Archaeology on the A303 Stonehenge Improvement. Book review 152
Architectura; elements of architectural style. Book review 153
Arda reconstructed; the creation of the published Silmarillion. Brief article 138
Arduous tasks; Primo Levi, translation, and the transmission of Holocaust testimony. Book review 145
Argentine youth; an untapped potential? Book review 141
Armstrong's handbook of management and leadership; a guide to managing for results, 2d ed. Book review 137
Art and architecture of the world's religions; 2v. Book review 184
Art and crime; exploring the dark side of the art world. Book review 127
Art and the end of apartheid. Book review 181
Art song composers of Spain; an encyclopedia. Book review 166
Art therapy exercises; inspirational and practical ideas to stimulate the imagination. Book review 103
Art/museums; international relations where we least expect it. Book review 200
Art/porn; a history of seeing and touching. Book review 128
Arts development in community health; a social tonic. Book review 131
As heard on TV; popular music in advertising. Book review 119
As you were; to war and back with the Black Hawk Battalion of the Virginia National Guard. Book review 137
Ashes of the mind; war and memory in northern literature, 1865-1900. Book review 144
Asia and Europe; dynamics of inter- and intra-regional dialogues. Brief article 163
Asian American chronology; chronologies of the American mosaic. Brief article 119
Asiento viejo and the development of the Rio Parita chiefdom, Panama. Book review 206
Aspects of American history. Book review 96
Assessing criminal justice/criminology education; a resource handbook for educators and administrators. Book review 117
Assessing new literacies; perspectives from the classroom. Book review 142
Assessment of student achievement, 9th ed. Book review 138
Assessment throughout the year. Book review 142
Asset allocation for dummies. Brief article 98
Astronomy and culture. Brief article 127
At Standing Rock and Wounded Knee; the journals and papers of Father Francis M. Craft, 1888-1890. Book review 144
At the font of the marvelous; exploring oral narrative and mythic imagery of the Iroquois and their neighbors. Book review 127
At the sharp end; uncovering the work of five contemporary dramatists. Book review 116
Atlas of Egyptian art. Book review 127
Authenticity in culture, self, and society. Brief article 111
Awakening the sleeping giant; helping teachers develop as leaders, 3d ed. Brief article 208
Backroads of North Carolina; your guide to North Carolina; your guide to great day trips & weekend getaways. Book review 133
Balance sheet; the Iraq War and U.S. national security. Book review 161
Balto-Slavic accentual mobility. Book review 161
Bands on the road; the tour sketchbook. Book review 119
Bankrupt; global lawmaking and systemic financial crisis. Book review 142
Banned in Berlin; literary censorship in imperial Germany, 1871-1918. Brief article 146
Baptism in the early church; history, theology, and liturgy in the first five centuries. Book review 187
Barbarians at the gate; the fall of RJR Nabisco. Book review 143
Barrier-free travel; a nuts and bolts guide for wheelers and slow-walkers, 3d ed. Book review 129
Barron's real estate handbook, 7th ed. Book review 160
Basic Chinese; a grammar and workbook, 2d ed. Book review 193
Basics of international business. Brief article 117
Bastide on religion; the invention of candomble. Book review 145
Battle for the Baltic Islands 1917; triumph of the imperial German Navy. Book review 123
Bearing the brunt; impact of rural distress on women. Brief article 149
Becoming American; the African-American journey. Brief article 129
Becoming ethical; a parallel, political journey with men who have abused. Brief article 140
Becoming gauchos Ingleses; diasporic models in Irish-Argentine literature. Book review 101
Becoming interculturally competent through education and training. Book review 134
Becoming native in a foreign land; sport, visual culture, and identity in Montreal, 1840-85. Book review 146
Beginning from Jerusalem. Book review 156
Behavior analysis for effective teaching. Book review 129
Behavioral interventions in schools; evidence-based positive strategies. Brief article 134
Behavioral mechanisms and psychopathologies; advancing the explanation of its nature, cause, and treatment. Brief article 115
Behaviour for learning; proactive approaches to behaviour management. Book review 154
Behemoth; the structure and practice of national socialism, 1933-1944. Book review 155
Behind the scenes at Boston Ballet. Book review 104
Beijing; the new city. Brief article 127
Being and time. Brief article 116
Being for the other; Emmanuel Levinas, ethical living and psychoanalysis. Book review 102
Being white in the helping professions; developing effective intercultural awareness. Book review 113
Benton MacKaye; conservationist, planner, and creator of the Appalachian Trail. (reprint, 2002). Book review 118
Berkshire encyclopedia of China; modern and historic views of the world's newest and oldest global power; 5v. Brief article 196
Bernard Shaw and his publishers. Book review 120
Best easy day hikes, Flagstaff, 2d ed. Brief article 147
Best easy day hikes, Orange County, 2d ed. Brief article 131
Best hikes near Portland. Brief article 125
Best practices for training early childhood professionals. Book review 160
Best thought, worst thought; on art, sex, work and death; aphorisms. Book review 118
Better parties, better government; a realistic program for campaign finance reform. Book review 129
Between Barack and a hard place; racism and white denial in the age of Obama. Book review 166
Between states; the Transylvanian question and the European idea during World War II. Brief article 189
Beyond Isadora; Bay Area dancing, the early years 1915-1965. Book review 115
Beyond national dreams; essays on Canadian citizenship and nationalism. Book review 154
Beyond retelling; toward higher-level thinking and big ideas. Brief article 144
Beyond the average divorce. Brief article 152
Beyond the boundaries; a new structure of ambition in African American politics. Book review 235
Beyond the gift shop; boost revenue, your brand, and patient satisfaction with strategic hospital retail. Book review 137
Beyond the subtitle; remapping European art cinema. Book review 145
Bibles and Baedekers; tourism, travel, exile and God. (reprint, 2006). Book review 157
Big Steel; technology, trade, and survival in a global market. Brief article 128
Bigger, better, more; the art of Viola Frey. Brief article 137
Bigger, faster, stronger; 2d ed. Book review 90
Bioarchaeology and identity in the Americas. Book review 135
Biocultural diversity and indigenous ways of knowing; human ecology in the Arctic. (foldout map included). Book review 158
Bismarck; the final days of Germany's greatest battleship. Brief article 130
Bits of organization. Brief article 145
Bitter harvest; Zimbabwe and the aftermath of its independence; the memoirs of Africa's most controversial leader. Brief article 115
Black beauty; aesthetics, stylization, politics. Book review 195
Black flame; the revolutionary class politics of anarchism and syndicalism. Brief article 178
Black manhood and community building in North Carolina, 1900-1930. Book review 157
Black power in Dixie; a political history of African Americans in Atlanta. Book review 112
Blacklisting myself; memoir of a Hollywood apostate in the age of terror. Book review 127
Blood and capital; the paramilitarization of Colombia. Book review 117
Blood in the forum; the struggle for the Roman Republic. Book review 111
Blood on the banner; the Republican struggle in Clare. Book review 98
Blood wedding/Bodas de sangre. Book review 111
Boater's guide to Lake Powell; featuring hiking, camping, geology, history & archaeology, 5th ed. Book review 98
Bodmin Moor; an archaeological survey; v.2: The industrial and post-medieval landscapes. (fold-out maps and CD-ROM included). Book review 130
Body language; first of all do no harm. Book review 124
Bolivia in focus; a guide to the people, politics, and culture. Book review 124
Bombing civilians; a twentieth-century history. Book review 186
Bond of Union; building the Erie Canal and the American empire. Book review 119
Booker T. Washington; black leadership in the age of Jim Crow. Book review 126
Booktalking authentic multicultural literature; fiction and history for young readers. Brief article 136
Boomer destiny; leading the U.S. through the worst crisis since the Great Depression. Book review 131

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