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Articles from Reference & Research Book News (November 1, 2008)

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"Eternal covenant" in the Pentateuch; the contours of an elusive phrase. Book review 138
"Lactilla tends her fav'rite cow"; ecocritical readings of animals and women in eighteenth-century British labouring-class women's poetry. Brief article 116
"Proverbs speak louder than words"; folk wisdom in art, culture, folklore, history, literature and mass media. Book review 96
'Race' and sport; critical race theory. Book review 151
(Not) keeping up with our parents; the unraveling of the professional middle class. Book review 110
1,000 dollars and an idea; entrepreneur to billionaire. Book review 83
100 experiential learning activities for social studies, literature, and the arts, grades 5-12. Brief article 195
100 views of the Golden Gate. Brief article 106
1001 paintings you must see before you die. Book review 115
101 ways to make studying easier and faster for college students; what every student needs to know explained simply. Book review 120
101 ways to score higher on your GMAT; what you need to know about the Graduate Management Admission Test explained simply. Book review 190
13 things that don't make sense; the most baffling scientific mysteries of our time. Book review 146
2009 internet directory; web 2.0 ed. Brief article 134
202 things you can buy and sell for big profits, 2d ed. Book review 103
250 essential Japanese kanji characters, 2d ed.; v.1. Book review 117
3 weeks to startup; a high-speed guide to starting a business. Book review 136
48 hours of Kristallnacht; night of destruction/dawn of the Holocaust; an oral history. Book review 111
7 successful strategies to promote emotional intelligence in the classroom. Book review 136
9/11 Commission recommendations. Book review 81
A biographical dictionary of Irish Quakers, 2d ed. Brief article 121
A brief history of Israel, 2d ed. Book review 123
A brief history of Russia. Brief article 141
A century of sanctuary; the art of Zion National Park. Book review 112
A coach's guide to emotional intelligence; strategies for developing successful leaders. Book review 103
A companion to Bede; a reader's commentary on the Ecclesiastical history of the English people. Book review 92
A companion to eighteenth-century Europe. Book review 157
A comparative overview of the mandatory bid rule in Belgium, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Book review 304
A comparison of six adaptations of Shakespere's Coriolanus, 1681-1962; how changing politics influence the interpretation of a text. Brief article 111
A complaint is a gift; recovering customer loyalty when things go wrong. Book review 101
A concordance to the poems of Christopher Okigbo; with the complete text of the poems, 1957-1967. Brief article 182
A critical handbook of Japanese film directors; from the silent era to the present day. Book review 116
A cross too heavy: Eugenio Pacelli; politics and the Jews of Europe, 1917-1943. Book review 185
A delicate dance; autoethnography, curriculum, and the semblance of intimacy. Brief article 133
A dictionary of Chinese characters; accessed by phonetics. Book review 104
A disciplinary blueprint for the assessment of information literacy. Book review 109
A frequency dictionary of Portuguese: core vocabulary for learners. Book review 130
A grammar of Eton. Book review 155
A grammar of the common good; speaking of globalization. Book review 157
A guide to Merleau-Ponty's Phenomenology of perception. Brief article 93
A guide to prehistoric astronomy in the Southwest, rev.ed. Book review 110
A guide to school attendance. Brief article 138
A guide to the Church of England. Book review 81
A hallucinogenic tea, laced with controversy; ayahuasca in the Amazon and the United States. Brief article 126
A handbook on accession to the WTO. Book review 164
A history of advertising. Brief article 81
A history of Iran; empire of the mind. Book review 94
A history of organized labor in Panama and Central America. Book review 92
A history of the Polish Americans. (reprint, 1987). Book review 175
A journey into Florida railroad history. Brief article 154
A lawyer writes; a practical guide to legal analysis. Brief article 184
A legacy of innovation; governors and public policy. Book review 136
A legacy of leadership; governors and American history. Brief article 125
A linguistic introduction to the history and structure of the English lexicon. Book review 154
A marquetry odyssey; historical objects and personal work. Book review 88
A mother apart; how to let go of guilt & find happiness living apart from your child. Book review 226
A new theatre, rev. ed. Brief article 115
A part of history; aspects of the British experience of the First World War. Brief article 162
A people's history of sports in the United States; 250 years of politics, protest, people, and play. Brief article 185
A philosophical enquiry into the sublime and beautiful. (reprint, 1958). Book review 96
A pictorial souvenir of Yellowstone with German, Spanish, Mandarin, and Japanese translations. Book review 91
A place called Maine; 24 authors on the Maine experience. Brief article 127
A practical guide to training and development; assess, design, deliver, and evaluate. Book review 116
A profile of immigrant populations in the 21st century; data from OECD countries. Book review 160
A remote possibility; the battle for Imparja television. Brief article 85
A Roman drainage culvert, Great Fire destruction debris and other evidence from hillside sites north-east of London Bridge.... Brief article 142
A soldier's best friend; scout dogs and their handlers in the Vietnam War. (reprint, 2003; new foreword). Book review 167
A southern architecture; the work of Ted McCoy. Book review 144
A standard for enterprise project management. (CD-ROM included). Book review 169
A synthesis of research on second language writing in English. Book review 169
A theory of organizing. Book review 153
A thousand hills; Rwanda's rebirth and the man who dreamed it. Book review 113
A time to dance; the life of Heinz Poll. Brief article 95
A treatise of Master Hervaeus Natalis (d. 1323), the doctor perspicacissimus, on second intentions. Brief article 164
A voyage long and strange; rediscovering the new world. Book review 95
A White House diary. Brief article 256
A work in progress; the prospects and potential of the world's youth. Book review 139
Abroad for her country; tales of a pioneer woman ambassador in the U.S. Foreign Service. Brief article 143
Absinthe, sip of seduction; a contemporary guide, rev. ed. Brief article 141
Academic dishonesty; developing and implementing institutional policy. Book review 127
Academic writing and plagiarism; a linguistic analysis. Brief article 89
Access; multiple avenues for deaf people. Book review 123
Accountability and oversight of US exchange rate policy. Brief article 136
Accreditation mills. Book review 175
Achieving depth & distance; painting landscapes in oils. Book review 117
Acting in musical theatre; a comprehensive course. Book review 101
Acting like a lady; British women novelists and the eighteenth-century theater. Brief article 175
Acting the song; performance skills for the musical theatre. Book review 105
Action in context. Book review 119
Action research; teachers as researchers in the classroom, 2d ed. Book review 120
Adam Ferguson; selected philosophical writings. Brief article 94
Addicted to incarceration; corrections policy and the politics of misinformation in the United States. Book review 175
Adult education; issues and developments. Book review 175
Advanced IQ tests; the toughest practice questions to test your lateral thinking, problem solving, and reasoning skills. Book review 84
Advertising 2.0; social media marketing in a web 2.0 world. Book review 111
Advice from the presidents; the student's guide to reaching the top in business and politics. Book review 107
Aesthetics; key concepts in philosophy. Brief article 166
Africa at a turning point?; growth, aid, and external shocks. Book review 82
Africa in world politics; reforming political order, 4th ed. Book review 88
African American religious leaders. Brief article 91
African American women confront the West; 1600-2000. (reprint, 2003). Brief article 139
African placenames; origins and meanings of the names for natural features, towns, cities, provinces, and counties, 2d ed. Book review 120
After Bush; the case for continuity in American foreign policy. Book review 176
After the Taliban; nation-building in Afghanistan. Brief article 147
Against the wall; poor, young, Black, and male. Book review 224
Against transgression. Book review 102
Ageing in a consumer society; from passive to active consumption in Britain. Brief article 119
Aging and caring at the intersection of work and home life; blurring the boundaries. Brief article 147
Aging with attitude; growing older with dignity and vitality. (reprint, 2004). Book review 115
Agnotology; the making and unmaking of ignorance. Book review 225
Agony in New Haven; the trial of Bobby Seale, Ericka Huggins, & the Black Panther Party. Book review 187
Agreement restrictions. Book review 171
Agricultural support, farm land values and sectoral adjustment; the implications for policy reform. Book review 122
Agriculture and development; proceedings. Brief article 167
Agriculture, human security, and peace; a crossroad in African development. Book review 166
AIGA professional practices in graphic design, 2d ed. Book review 112
Aiming high; raising the attainment of pupils from culturally diverse backgrounds. Brief article 165
Ain't no makin' it; aspirations and attainment in a low income neighborhood, 3d ed. Book review 146
Alaska at war, 1941-1945; the forgotten war remembered. Brief article 123
Alexander and the Hellenistic kingdoms; coins, image and the creation of identity. The Westmoreland collection. Brief article 178
Alexandria and the Egyptian Mediterranean; a traveler's guide, rev.ed. Brief article 133
All the people in the Bible; an a-z guide to the saints, scoundrels, and other characters in scripture. Brief article 123
All things Austen; an encyclopedia of Austen's world. Book review 189
All to one another; the university at home and in the world. Book review 121
Alma Flor Ada and you; v.2. Book review 153
Almanac of the 50 states; comparative data profiles & guide to government data, 2008 ed. Book review 146
Almanac; yearbook of Welsh writing in English. Book review 100
Along the roaring river; my wild ride from Mao to the Met. Book review 164
Alternative assessment of gifted learners. Brief article 143
Alternative institutional structures; evolution and impact. Book review 181
Altruism, intergroup apology, forgiveness, and reconciliation. Book review 103
Alutiiq villages under Russian and U.S. rule. Book review 85
Amalgamation schemes; antiblackness and the critique of multiracialism. Book review 160
America votes!; a guide to modern election law and voting rights. Book review 127
America's midlife crisis; the future of a troubled superpower. Brief article 150
America's secular challenge; the rise of a new national religion. Brief article 92
America's top rated cities; a statistical handbook, 2008, 15th ed.; 4v. Brief article 223
American Civil War; 2v. Book review 164
American culture; an anthology, 2d ed. Brief article 101
American dreamers; what dreams tell us about the political psychology of conservatives, liberals, and everyone else. Book review 143
American economic history reader; documents and readings. Book review 231
American farmer; the heart of our country. Brief article 80
American heroes; 3v. Book review 181
American impressionists; painters of light and the modern landscape. Brief article 135
American paintings at Harvard; v.2: Paintings, watercolors, pastels, and stained glass by artists born 1826-1856. Book review 151
American political ideas, 1865-1917. (reprint, 1923). Brief article 158
American prophecy; race and redemption in American political culture. Brief article 94
American villains; 2v. Brief article 164
Amerindian elements in the poetry of Ruben Dario; the alter ego as the indigenous other. Brief article 151
An actor's work; a student's diary. Book review 123
An author index to little magazines of the mimeograph revolution, 1958-1980. Book review 177
An easy burden; the civil rights movement and the transformation of America. Book review 132
An employment-targeted economic program for Kenya. Book review 155
An estate planner's guide to qualified retirement plan benefits, 4th ed. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 148
An ethnography of social mobility; immigrant membership in a Seventh-day Adventist Puerto Rican ethnic church. Brief article 166
An ethnological interpretation of the Afro-Cuban world of Lydia Cabrera (1900-1991). Book review 183
An Garda Siochana and the Scott Medal. Brief article 117
An impact evaluation of India's second and third Andhra Pradesh irrigation projects; a case of poverty reduction with low economic returns. Brief article 102
An intellectual biography of David Atwood Wasson (1828-1887); an American Trancendentalist thinker. Book review 111
An intimate understanding of America's teenagers; shaking hands with aliens. Brief article 84
An introduction to comparative legal models of criminal justice. Book review 191
An introduction to language and society, 3d ed. Book review 105
An introduction to the ancient world, 2d ed. Book review 112
An introduction to western esotericism; essays in the hidden meaning of literature, groups, and games. Book review 167
Analysis of multivariate social science data, 2d ed. Brief article 238
Ancient Chinese divination. Book review 100
Anglo-Saxon FAQs. Book review 90
Animal abuse and family violence; linkages, research, and implications for professional practice. Book review 146
Annual review of political science; v.11, 2008. Book review 110
Annual review of sociology; v.34, 2008. Book review 118
Anthropology's wake; attending to the end of culture. Book review 97
Anti-semitism; a history and psychoanalysis of contemporary hatred. Book review 98
Antigone's daughters; gender, family, and expression in the modern novel. Book review 134
Antique trader kitchen collectibles price guide. Book review 114
Antiquity as the source of modernity; freedom and balance in the thought of Montesquieu and Burke. Brief article 84
Antonio Lopez Garcia. Book review 95
APA concise dictionary of psychology. Brief article 126
Apology and Memorabilia I. Book review 111
Applications of geographical offender profiling. Book review 91
Applied e-learning and e-teaching in higher education. Book review 124
Applied ethics and social problems; moral questions of birth, society and death. Book review 148
Applied psychology research trends. Book review 187
Applied welfare economics. Book review 201
Applying twelve different learning theories to improve classroom teaching; ways to close the achievement gap. Book review 186
Approaches to teaching Nabokov's Lolita. Brief article 102
Arab, Muslim, woman; voice and vision in postcolonial literature and film. Book review 135
Arabs in the mirror; images and self-images from pre-Islamic to modern times. Brief article 158
Archaeology and landscape in central Italy; papers in memory of John A. Lloyd. Brief article 157
Archaeology meets science; biomolecular investigations in bronze age Greece, the primary scientific evidence, 1997-2003. Brief article 204
Archaeology of the Fourth Nile cataract; proceedings. Book review 156
Archeology in cultural systems. Book review 154
Architects draw; freehand fundamentals. Book review 86
Architecture of the off-modern; Svetlana Boym. Book review 110
Archives, ancestors, practices; archaeology in the light of its history. Book review 136
Archy Lee; a California fugitive slave case. (reprint, 1969). Book review 146
Argumentation schemes. Book review 130
Armed and considered dangerous, 2d ed. (reprint, 1994; new intro.). Book review 154
Armed groups; studies in national security, counterterrorism, and counterinsurgency. Book review 93
Art and its uses in Thomas Mann's Felix Krull. Book review 194
Art and revolution; the life and death of Thami Mnyele, South African artist. Book review 207
Art as metaphor; the prehistoric rock-art of Britain. Brief article 140
Art from Fort Marion; the Silberman collection. Book review 172
Art of the royal court; treasures in pietre dure from the palaces of Europe. Book review 185
Art work; women artists and democracy in mid-nineteenth-century New York. Book review 193
Article 21; adoption. Brief article 159
Artificial higher order neural networks for economics and business. Book review 175
Artur Mahraun and the Young German Order; an alternative to national socialism in Weimar political culture. Book review 97
ASBO nation; the criminalisation of nuisance. Brief article 132
Asian alterity; with special reference to architecture and urbanism through the lens of cultural studies and case studies of Asian cities. Book review 109
Asian Americans in the twenty-first century; oral histories of first- to fourth-generation Americans from China, Japan, India, Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Laos. Brief article 191
Asian Canadian writing beyond autoethnography. Book review 157
Asian settler colonialism; from local governance to the habits of everyday life in Hawai'i. Book review 186
Aspects of early music and performance. Brief article 97
Assessing risk in sex offenders; a practitioner's guide. Book review 85
Assessing science learning; perspectives from research and practice. Book review 167
Assessment of capacity for countries of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia to produce MDG-relevant statistics. Book review 99
Assessment of competencies in educational contexts. Book review 123
Asset pricing; a structural theory and its applications. Brief article 149
Assyrian stone vessels and related material in the British Museum. Book review 121
At home by the sea; houses designed for living at the water's edge. Book review 104
At the crossroads; challenges for secondary education in Africa. Brief article 162
At the crossroads; the remarkable CPA firm that nearly crashed, then soared. Brief article 145
At the heart of the 1890s; essays on Lionel Johnson. Brief article 135
At your own risk!; How the risk-conscious culture meets the challenge of business change. Book review 155
Atheism explained; from folly to philosophy. Book review 101
Atlantic escorts; ships, weapons & tactics in World War II. Book review 120
Atlas of cultural and environmental change in arid Africa. (German translation booklet included). Brief article 203
Atlas of exploration, 2d ed. Book review 131
Atomic tragedy; Henry L. Stimson and the decision to use the bomb against Japan. Book review 180
Autopsia; self, death, and God after Kierkegaard and Derrida. Book review 190
Avant-garde film. Book review 151
Awaiting the heavenly country; the Civil War and America's culture of death. Brief article 127
Ayorama; that's the way it is. (reprint, 1955). Brief article 155
Azerbaijani women poet-minstrels; women Ashiqs from the eighteenth century to the present. Brief article 113
Back to basics; a complete guide to traditional skills, 3d ed. Brief article 99
Back to the basics of teaching and learning; thinking the world together, 2d ed. Book review 214
Back to the schoolyard; the daily practice of medieval and Renaissance education. Brief article 142
Backpacking California; mountain, foothill, coastal, & desert adventures in the Golden State, 2d ed. Book review 110
Backpacking in Michigan. Book review 81
Bahrain's business environment. Book review 103
Balanchine the teacher; fundamentals that shaped the first generation of New York City Ballet dancers. Book review 132
Balanchine variations. Brief article 105
Bankruptcy for small business. Book review 131
Barack Obama; a biography. Book review 95
Barcelona's vocation of modernity; rise and decline of an urban image. Brief article 125
Bark house style; sustainable designs from nature. Book review 112
Base politics; democratic change and the U.S. military overseas. Brief article 264
Bash brothers; a legacy subpoenaed. Brief article 89
Basic bankruptcy law for paralegals, abridged. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 127
Basic conditions of Taoist Thunder magic [Daojiao lei fa]. Book review 84
Basic wills, trusts, and estates for paralegals, 4th ed. Book review 153
Battleground; schools; 2v. Brief article 157
Battleground; the media; 2v. Book review 158
Battlestar Galactica and philosophy; mission accomplished or mission frakked up? Brief article 144
Bay Area Ridge Trail; the official guide for hikers, mountain bikers, and equestrians, 3d ed. Book review 172
Beating bureaucracy in special educational needs. Book review 88
Beating the odds; superstars who overcame adversity. Brief article 110
Beating the odds; sustaining inclusion in Mozambique's growing economy. (CD-ROM included). Book review 205
Becoming a resonant leader; develop your emotional intelligence, renew your relationships, sustain your effectiveness. Book review 127
Becoming American, remaining ethnic; the case of Armenian-Americans in central California. Book review 179
Becoming Tsimshian; the social life of names. Brief article 116
Been a heavy life; stories of violent men. Brief article 91
Behavioral methods in social welfare; helping children, adults, and families in community settings. (reprint, 1981). Book review 135
Being "Dutch" in the Indies; a history of Creolisation and empire, 1500-1920. Book review 162
Ben Bernanke's Fed; the Federal Reserve after Greenspan. Book review 130
Bernini and the birth of Baroque portrait sculpture. Book review 144
Best hikes with dogs; Boston and beyond. Book review 137
Best new media, K-12; a guide to movies, subscription web sites, and educational software and games. Book review 129
Between growth and stability; the demise and reform of the European Union's Stability and Growth Pact. Book review 208
Between mass death and individual loss; the place of the dead in twentieth-century Germany. Brief article 101
Between two rivers; the Atrisco land grant in Albuquerque history, 1692-1968. Book review 82
Beyond bullsh*t; straight-talk at work. Brief article 91
Beyond pacifism; why Japan must become a "normal" nation. Brief article 90
Beyond prison; the fight to reform prison systems around the world. Book review 110
Beyond revenge; the evolution of the forgiveness instinct. Book review 143
Beyond sacred and secular; politics of religion in Israel and Turkey. Book review 102
Beyond the border; Huguenot goldsmiths in northern Europe and North America. Brief article 145
Beyond the crisis in US American studies; Scandinavian perspectives. Book review 108
Bhagavadgita; exegetical and comparative commentary with Sanskrit text, translation, interlinear transliteration with parsing, mini lexicon, and text-critical notes, v.2: chapters 4-6. Book review 107
Biblical interpretation in early Christian gospels; v.2: The gospel of Matthew. Brief article 137
Big ideas in collaborative public management. Book review 134
Big show, tiny budget; an idea book for every stage designer, from high school to Broadway, who wishes he had money to burn, but can't afford a disposable lighter. Book review 183
Big steps for little people; parenting your adopted child. Brief article 154
Big Thicket people; Larry Jene Fisher's photographs of the last southern frontier. Book review 95
Billions of entrepreneurs; how China and India are reshaping their futures--and yours. Brief article 174
Bishops as successors to the Apostles according to John Chrysostom; ecclesiastical authority in the early church. Brief article 92
Bismarck and the creation of the Second Reich. (reprint, 1948; new intro.). Book review 135
Bitterly divided; the South's inner Civil War. Book review 130
Black America, body beautiful; how the African American image is changing fashion, fitness, and other industries. Book review 134
Black Americans; a statistical sourcebook & guide to government data, 2008 ed. Book review 177
Black artists in Oakland. Book review 81
Black philosopher, white academy; the career of William Fontaine. Brief article 140
Black star; African American activism in the international political economy. Brief article 129
Blowing the whistle on genocide; Josiah E. Dubois, Jr. and the struggle for a U.S. response to the Holocaust. Book review 105
Blue helmets and black markets; the business of survival in the siege of Sarajevo. Brief article 114
Bob Bullock; God bless Texas. Brief article 141
Bob Marley; a life. Book review 122
Bobbio in the early middle ages; the abiding legacy of Columbanus. Book review 121
Bodhisattvas of the forest and the formation of the Mahayana; a study and translation of the Rastrapalapariprccha-sutra. Book review 111
Boeve de Haumtone and Gui de Warewic; two Anglo-Norman romances. Book review 125
Books of breathing and related texts. Book review 149

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