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Articles from Reference & Research Book News (November 1, 2007)

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"If you turned into a monster"; transformation through play; a body-centred approach to play therapy . Book Review 103
"In the same light as slavery"; building a global antiterrorist consensus. Book Review 183
"It's being done;" academic success in unexpected schools. Book Review 99
"Unleashing the unpopular"; talking about sexual orientation and gender diversity in education. Book Review 147
(De)regulation of the taxi industry. Book Review 131
?La utz awach?; introduction to Kaqchikel Maya language. Book Review 125
1001 people who made America. Book Review 118
150 best jobs through military training. Book Review 102
1913; the cradle of modernism. Brief Article 162
201 Mandarin Chinese verbs; compounds and phrases for everyday usage, 2d ed. Book Review 133
24/7; how cell phones and the Internet change the way we live, work, and play. Book Review 125
25 ways to make college pay off; advice for anxious parents from a professor who's seen it all. Book Review 105
27 down; new departures in Indian railway studies. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 192
30; the collapse of the great American newspaper. Book Review 113
5 minutes to maximizing real estate technology; a desk reference for top-selling agents. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 87
50 reasons to buy fair trade. Book Review 114
50 reasons to hate the French, or, Vive la difference. Book Review 131
60 on up; the truth and aging in America. Book Review 97
A biography of Lillian and George Willoughby; twentieth-century Quaker peace activists. Book Review 112
A blessed shore; England and Bohemia from Chaucer to Shakespeare. Book Review 109
A breath of fresh Eyre; intertextual and intermedial reworkings of Jane Eyre. Book Review 120
A brief history of Central America, 2d ed. Book Review 171
A Bronte encyclopedia. Book Review 159
A call to the village; retooling public schools. Book Review 139
A canon of empty fathers; paternity in Portuguese narrative. Book Review 184
A childhood memory by Piero della Francesca. Book Review 119
A common stage; theater and public life in medieval Arras. Book Review 111
A community under siege; the Jews of Breslau under Nazism. Book Review 150
A companion to international history, 1900-2001. Book review 134
A companion to Roman religion. Brief Article 143
A companion to the history of the book. Book Review 138
A concise companion to Shakespeare and the text. Book Review 115
A concise guide to macroeconomics; what managers, executives, and students need to know. Book Review 125
A discipline divided; sociology in American high schools. Book Review 135
A dream with a deadline; turning strategy into action. Book Review 139
A Florida fiddler; the life and times of Richard Seaman. Book Review 148
A functional assessment and curriculum for teaching students with disabilities, 4th ed.; v.1. Book review 180
A gift from the enemy; childhood memories in wartime Italy. Book Review 129
A gift of the spirit; reading The souls of Black folk. Book Review 117
A good match; library career opportunities for graduates of liberal arts colleges. Book Review 121
A grammar of organizing. Book Review 175
A guest in my own country; a Hungarian life. Book Review 152
A guide to early years practice, 3d ed. Book Review 147
A guide to federal agency rulemaking, 4th ed. Book Review 199
A guide to the World Bank, 2d ed. Book Review 96
A guide to writing for human services professionals. Book Review 92
A hard journey; the life of Don West. Book Review 86
A head start on science; encouraging a sense of wonder. Book Review 105
A higher purpose; profiles in presidential courage. Book Review 159
A historical companion to postcolonial thought in English. (reprint, 2005). Book Review 127
A history and anthology of the Spanish folktale, with studies of selected texts. Book Review 149
A history of modern Lebanon. Book Review 128
A history of the World Cup; 1930-2006. Book Review 111
A Kiowa's odyssey; a sketchbook from Fort Marion. Book Review 213
A liberal tool kit; progressive responses to conservative arguments. Book Review 163
A matter of conscience; Sir Ronald Wilson. Book Review 129
A nation of victims?; representations of German wartime suffering from 1945 to the present. Book Review 104
A new paradigm for global school systems; education for a long and happy life. Book Review 147
A Northern Cheyenne album. (reprint, 2006). Book Review 139
A Philadelphia perspective; the Civil War diary of Sidney George Fisher. Book Review 132
A place for dialogue; language, land use, and politics in southern Arizona. Book Review 180
A practical guide to legal writing & legal method, 3d ed. Book Review 124
A practical reader in universal design for learning. Book Review 194
A provisional dictator; James Stephens and the Fenian movement. Book Review 120
A question of commitment; children's rights in Canada. Book Review 118
A revolution almost beyond expression; Jane Austen's Persuasion. Book Review 114
A short history of myth. Brief Article 85
A slice of rural Essex; recent archaeological discoveries from the A120 between Stansted Airport and Braintree. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 139
A stranger in the land; a search for Jewish identity beyond nationalism. Book Review 180
A student's guide to the history and philosophy of yoga. Book Review 106
A theory of parties and electoral systems. (reprint, 1980). Book Review 106
A thing of this world; a history of continental anti-realism. Book Review 200
A thinker's guide to effective writing. Book Review 136
A to Z of American Indian women, rev. ed. Book Review 120
A turbulent decade remembered; scenes from the Latin American sixties. Book Review 92
A typographic workbook; a primer to history, techniques, and artistry, 2d ed. Book Review 103
A United Nations for the 21st century; from reaction to prevention; towards an effective and efficient international regime for conflict prevention and peacebuilding. Book Review 175
About Chekhov; the unfinished symphony. Book Review 199
Abstract artists; signatures and monograms, an international directory. Book Review 120
Abstract expressionism and other modern works; the Muriel Kallis Steinberg Newman collection in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Book Review 146
Abusir X; The pyramid complex of Raneferef at Abusir; the papyrus archive. Book Review 154
Abusir XIV; faience inlays from the funerary temple of King Raneferef, Raneferef's substitute decoration programme. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 110
Abusir XV; stone vessels from the mortuary complex of Raneferef at Abusir. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 114
Academic librarianship by design; a blended librarian's guide to the tools and techniques. Book Review 135
According to the Scriptures?; the challenge of using the Bible in social, moral, and political questions. Book Review 131
Accounting for Dante; urban readers and writers in late medieval Italy. Book Review 164
Achievement and inclusion in schools. Book Review 170
Achieving high performance; a research-based practical approach. Book Review 108
Achieving the American dream. Book Review 131
Achieving the radical reform of special education; essays in honor of James M. Kauffman. Book Review 171
Across the secular abyss; from faith to wisdom. Brief Article 177
Acta Conventus Neo-Latini Bonnensis; proceedings. Book Review 183
Activities to enhance social, emotional, and problem-solving skills; seventy-six activities that teach children, adolescents, and adults skills crucial to success in life, 2d ed. Book Review 186
Adaptation or expiration in family firms; organizational flexibility in emerging economics. Book Review 136
Adapted aquatics programming; a professional guide, 2d ed. Book Review 223
Adland; a global history of advertising. Brief Article 125
Admiral Lord Howe. Book Review 131
Adopted; the ultimate teen guide. Book Review 94
Adoption in a color-blind society. Book Review 155
Adoption; global perspectives and ethical issues. Book Review 159
Advances in communications and media research; v.3. Book Review 181
Advances in communications and media research; v.4. Book Review 139
Advances in enterprise information technology security. Book Review 155
Advances in psychology research; v.42. Book Review 133
Advances in psychology research; v.48. Book Review 164
Advances in psychology research; v.50. Book Review 91
Adventures in fantasy; lessons and activities in narrative and descriptive writing, grades 5-9. Book Review 135
Adventures in realism. Book Review 138
Advocacy in action; the fourth book of speaking up, a plain text guide to advocacy. Book Review 182
Aegypten; Reisebilder aus dem Orient/ Egypt; travel sketches from the Orient. Book Review 97
Aelfric's lives of the virgin spouses; with a modern English parallel-text translations, Julian and Basilissa, Cecilia and Valerian and Chrysanthus and Daria. Book Review 142
Aesthetic perception; a Thomistic perspective. Book Review 148
Aesthetics and music. Book Review 144
Aesthetics. Book Review 114
African agency and European colonialism; latitudes of negotiation and containment. Book Review 191
African Americans in the media today; an encyclopedia; 2v. Book Review 168
After the fall; rhetoric in the aftermath of dissent in post-communist times. Book Review 100
After the Gold Rush; tarnished dreams in the Sacramento Valley. Brief Article 143
After the Tsunami; relief and rehabilitation in Sri Lanka, re-starting towards the future; proceedings. Book Review 170
Aftershock; rethinking the future since September 11, 2001; proceedings. Book Review 185
Against capitalism; the European left on the march. Book Review 95
Against Islamophobia; Muslim communities, social exclusion, and the Lisbon process in Europe. Book Review 121
Against the president; dissent and decision-making in the White House; a historical perspective. Book Review 160
Agenda setting, the UN, and NGOs; gender violence and reproductive rights. Book Review 138
Agent and web service technologies in virtual enterprises. Book Review 205
Air castle of the South; WSM and the making of Music City. Book Review 157
Alaska Eskimo footwear. Book Review 151
Alden B. Dow; midwestern modern. Book Review 104
Algebra in the early grades. Book Review 218
All in the family; the private roots of American public policy. Book review 163
All roads lead to Baghdad; Army Special Operations Forces in Iraq. Book Review 113
All year long!; funny readers theatre for life's special times. Book Review 140
Allah's bomb; the Islamic quest for nuclear weapons. Book Review 186
Alone together; making an Asperger marriage work. Book Review 132
Alternative Oklahoma; contrarian views of the Sooner State. Book Review 175
America and China; Asia-Pacific Rim hegemony in the 21st century. Book Review 143
America in revolt during the 1960s and 1970s. Book Review 164
America town; building the outposts of empire. Book Review 165
American Arabs and political participation; proceedings. Book Review 160
American aria; encore, 2d ed. Book Review 114
American artists II; signatures and monograms from 1800, a comprehensive directory. Book review 145
American Catholics today; new realities of their faith and their church. Book Review 88
American cinema of the 1980s; themes and variations. Book Review 133
American drama in the age of film. Book Review 161
American paintings to 1945; the collections of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art; 2v. Book Review 162
American public education law; primer. Book Review 132
American Revolution; people and perspectives. Book Review 131
American short-story writers since World War II; fifth series. Book Review 139
Americans and asymmetric conflict; Lebanon, Somalia, and Afghanistan. Book Review 129
Amorium; a Byzantine city in Anatolia. Book Review 175
An American's guide to doing business in China. Book Review 145
An archaeology of identity; soldiers and society in late Roman Britain. Book Review 186
An archaeology of Southwest Ireland, 1570-1670. Book Review 177
An architectural guidebook to Portland, 2d ed. Book Review 101
An assessment of the investment climate in South Africa. Book Review 155
An East Asian renaissance; ideas for economic growth. Brief Article 157
An economic analysis of private international law. Book Review 129
An indigenous curriculum of place; the United Houma Nation's contentious relationship with Louisiana's educational institutions. Book Review 180
An introduction to air law, 8th 2006 rev. ed. Book Review 157
An introduction to economics; concepts for students of agriculture and the rural sector, 3d ed. Book Review 154
An introduction to nineteenth-century French literature. Brief Article 105
An introduction to the nonprofit sector; a practical approach for the 21st century, 2d ed. Book Review 165
An ontological study of death; from Hegel to Heidegger. Book Review 139
Analysing literary Sumerian; corpus-based approaches. Book Review 133
Analyzing library collection use with Excel. Book Review 101
Anatomy of science fiction. Book Review 84
Ancestral spirits embodied in Ekpu figurines of the Oron people; a study in Nigerian traditional art. Brief Article 190
Ancient board games in perspective; papers from the 1990 British Museum colloquium, with additional contributions. Book Review 142
Ancient Near Eastern art in context; studies in honor of Irene J. Winter by her students. Book Review 107
Angels and rabies; a journey through the Americas. Book Review 114
Angola; oil, broad-based growth, and equity. Book Review 130
Anime intersections; tradition and innovation in theme and technique. Book Review 145
Annual review of jazz studies 13, 2003. Book Review 128
Annual review of political science; v.10, 2007. Book Review 163
Anthology of world scriptures, 6th ed. Book Review 82
Anthracite coal art by Charles Edgar Patience. Book Review 88
Anticipating and managing crime, crisis, and violence in our schools; a practical guide. Book Review 120
Antisemitism; the generic hatred, essays in memory of Simon Wiesenthal. Book Review 92
Antitrust law developments, 6th ed.; 2v. Book Review 246
Antoine Predock, architect 4. Book Review 130
Appalachia; social context past and present, 5th ed. Book Review 135
Appalachian aspirations; the geography of urbanization and development in the Upper Tennessee River Valley, 1865-1900. Book Review 144
Application of the SCOR model in supply chain management. Book Review 93
Applied cultural linguistics; implications for second language learning and intercultural communication. Brief article 142
Applied evolutionary economics and economic geography; proceedings. Book Review 161
Applied social research; tool for the human services, 6th ed. Book Review 100
Approaches to positive youth development. Book Review 155
Approaches to teaching Marguerite de Navarre's Heptameron. Book Review 148
Approaches to teaching Wiesel's Night. Book Review 183
Arc marine; GIS for a blue planet. Book Review 165
Archaeology and women; ancient and modern issues. Book Review 121
Archaeology is a brand!; the meaning of archaeology in contemporary popular culture. Book Review 131
Archaeology of the Iroquois; selected readings and research sources. Book Review 168
Archaeology of the Lower Muskogee Creek Indians, 1715-1836. Brief Article 177
Archaeology of the Moundville chiefdom. (Reprint, 1998). Book Review 160
Archeologies of invective. Book Review 88
Architect of justice; Felix S. Cohen and the founding of American legal pluralism. Book Review 117
Architecture and regional identity in the San Francisco Bay area, 1870-1970. Book Review 158
Architecture; form, space, & order, 3d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 156
Arctic spectacles; the frozen North in visual culture, 1818-1875. Book Review 147
Arctic spirit; Inuit art from the Albrecht Collection at the Heard Museum. Book Review 142
Are you a machine?; the brain, the mind, and what it means to be human. Book Review 103
Are you your own worst enemy?; the nine inner strengths you need to overcome self-defeating tendencies at work. Book Review 131
Argentinian cultural production during the neoliberal years (1989-2001). Book Review 225
Aristophanes and the carnival of genres. Book Review 82
Armed America; portraits of gun owners in their homes. Book Review 93
Armies in homeland security; American and European perspectives. Book Review 102
Army of none; strategies to counter military recruitment, end war, and build a better world. Book Review 112
Art and fear. (reprint, 2003). Brief Article 139
Art as theology; from the postmodern to the medieval. Book Review 91
Art direction + editorial design. Book Review 148
Art of the Cherokee; prehistory to the present. Book Review 115
Art of the twentieth century; v.1: The avant-garde movements, 1900-1919. Book Review 237
Articulatory phonetics; tools for analyzing the world's languages, 4th ed. Book Review 192
Artillery; an illustrated history of its impact. Book Review 127
Asia-Pacific geopolitics; hegemony vs. human security. Book Review 172
Asian American assimilation; ethnicity, immigration, and socioeconomic attainment. Book Review 187
Asian tsunami and social work practice; recovery and rebuilding. Book Review 123
Ask Mr. Technology, get answers. Book Review 128
Assessing reference and user services in a digital age. Book Review 142
Assessment methods in recruitment, selection & performance; a manager's guide to psychometric testing, interviews and assessment centres. Book Review 111
Asset and liability management; the banker's guide to value creation and risk control, 2d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 180
Asset building & community development, 2d ed. Book Review 167
Auditing; a business risk approach, 6th ed. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 157
Augustine; De civitate dei, books III & IV. Book Review 176
Auld campaigner; a life of Alexander Scott. Book Review 116
Authority and kingship under the Sultans of Delhi; thirteenth-fourteenth centuries. Book Review 175
Autobiographical reminiscences of African-American classical singers, 1853-present; introducing their spiritual heritage into the concert repertoire. Book Review 120
Autumn spring. Book Review 98
Avalon revisited; reworkings of the Arthurian myth. Book Review 96
Avant-garde and criticism. Book Review 128
Avoiding legal liability; for adult educators, human resource developers, and instructional designers. Book Review 170
Ayodhya without the communal stamp; in the name of Indian secularism. Book Review 185
Back to peace; reconciliation and retribution in the postwar period. Book Review 233
Bad faith; the danger of religious extremism. Book Review 135
Badlands of the republic; space, politics, and French urban policy. Book Review 147
Balancing two worlds; Asian American college students tell their life stories. Book Review 149
Bandits, captives, heroines, and saints; cultural icons of Mexico's northwest borderlands. Book Review 154
Banking on small business; microfinance in contemporary Russia. Book Review 176
Banned in Kansas; motion picture censorship, 1915-1966. Book Review 170
Basic issues in medieval philosophy; selected readings presenting the interactive discourses among the major figures, 2d ed. Book Review 130
Basic real estate appraisal; principles and procedures, 7th ed. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 201
Beauty bias; discrimination and social power. Book Review 158
Beckett, Derrida, and the event of literature. Book Review 165
Becoming an ethical helping professional; cultural and philosophical foundation. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 125
Becoming Heidegger; on the trail of his early occasional writings, 1910-1927. Book review 133
Benchmarking water utility customer relations best practices. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 124
Bernard Bosanquet and the legacy of British idealism. Book Review 180
Beruria the Tannait; a theological reading of a female Mishnaic scholar. Book Review 145
Best books for young adults, 3d ed. Book Review 175
Best practices in planning and peformance management; from data to decisions, 2d ed. Book Review 150
Best summit hikes in Colorado; an opinionated guide to 50+ ascents of classic and little-known peaks from 8,144 to 14,433 feet. Book Review 162
Better learning, better behaviour. Book Review 166
Between image and identity; transnational fantasy, symbolic violence, and feminist misrecognition. Book Review 102
Between natives and foreigners; selected writings of Karl/Charles Follen (1796-1840). Book Review 130
Between rites and rights; excision in women's experiential texts and human contexts. Book Review 81
Between the lines; readings on Israel, the Palestinians, and the U.S. "war on terror". Book Review 232
Beyond bullets and bombs; grassroots peacebuilding between Israelis and Palestinians. Book Review 114
Beyond HR; the new science of human capital. Book Review 126
Beyond Maximus; the construction of public voice in Black Mountain poetry. Book Review 101
Beyond pilgrim souvenirs and secular badges; essays in honour of Brian Spencer. Book Review 128
Beyond Stonehenge; essays on the Bronze Age in honour of Colin Burgess. Book Review 156
Beyond the big firm; profiles of lawyers who want something more. Book Review 168
Bhakti and philosophy. (reprint, 2006). Book Review 128
Bicycling & the law. Book Review 91
Big history; from the Big Bang to the present. Book Review 173
Bilingual education in China; practices, policies, and concepts. Book Review 139
Bilingual lexicography from a communicative perspective. Book Review 167
Black finance; the economics of money laundering. Book Review 148
Black masculinity and the U.S. South; from Uncle Tom to gangsta. Book Review 164
Black November; the Carl D. Bradley tragedy. Book review 98
Black radical; the education of an American revolutionary. Book Review 104
Blackfoot war art; pictographs of the reservation period, 1880-2000. Book Review 111
Blood and religion; the unmasking of the Jewish and democratic state. Book Review 216
Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp; the early years. Book Review 93
Blue sky thoughts; colour, consciouness and reality. Book Review 103
Blue water patriots; the American Revolution afloat. Book Review 86
Bodies of evidence; forensic science and crime. Book Review 144
Bombay cinema; an archive of the city. Book Review 144
Bonds; the unbeaten path to secure investment growth, rev. ed. Book Review 104
Bones in the well; the Haun's Mill Massacre, 1838; a documentary history. Book Review 131
Book design. Book review 146
Books of secrets; natural philosophy in England 1550-1600. Book Review 81
Books under suspicion; censorship and tolerance of revelatory writing in late medieval England. Book Review 119
Boomburbs; the rise of America's accidental cities. Book Review 181
Border film project; photos by migrants & minutemen on the U.S.-Mexico border. Book Review 138
Born of war; protecting children of sexual violence: Survivors in conflict zones. Book Review 120
Born this day; a book of birthdays and quotations of prominent people through the centuries, 2d ed. Book Review 124
Brain, mind, and human behaviour in contemporary cognitive science; critical assessments of the philosophy of psychology. Book Review 83
Branded and on display. Book Review 135
Branding the teleself; media effects discourse and the changing self. Book Review 179
Brazil; a global studies handbook. Book Review 136
Brian Moore and the meaning of the past; an Irish novelist reimagines history. Brief Article 179
Bridges of the Oregon coast. Book Review 113
Brief intervention for school problems; outcome-informed strategies, 2d ed. Book Review 160
Brill's New Pauly; encyclopaedia of the ancient world: Antiquity; v.11: Phi-Prok. Book Review 206
Brilliant project management; what the best project managers know, say and do. Book Review 151
British and Irish poets; a biographical dictionary, 449-2006. Book Review 163
Broadcasts from the Blitz; how Edward R. Murrow helped lead America into war. (reprint, 2006). Book Review 110
Brujerias; stories of witchcraft and the supernatural in the American Southwest and beyond. Brief Article 120

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