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Articles from Reference & Research Book News (May 1, 2007)

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"Everybody was black down there"; race and industrial change in the Alabama coalfields. Book review 127
"In comes I"; performance, memory and landscape. Book review 112
"Lord, giver of life"; toward a pneumatological complement to George Lindbeck's theory of doctrine. Book review 174
"Noyses, sounds, and sweet aires"; music in early modern England. Book review 173
'God wants it!'; the ideology of martyrdom in the Hebrew crusade chronicles and its Jewish and Christian background. Book review 131
(Un)civil societies; human rights and democratic transitions in Eastern Europe and Latin America. (reprint, 2005). Book review 131
..isms; understanding religion. Book review 90
100 albums that changed popular music; a reference guide. Book review 172
100 Hispanics you should know. Book review 144
100 ways America is screwing up the world. Book review 195
1000 best new teacher survival secrets. Book review 94
101 ways to improve customer service; training, tools, tips, and techniques. (CD-ROM included). Book review 118
101+ great ideas for teen library Web sites. Book review 119
1650-1850; ideas, aesthetics, and inquiries in the early modern era; v.13. Book review 102
20 questions about youth & the media. Book review 118
2006 museum financial information. Book review 110
25 doctrines of law; survival tools for a litigious society. Book review 129
50 psychology classics; who we are, how we think, what we do; insight and inspiration from 50 key books. Book review 91
7/7; the London bombings, Islam and the Iraq War. Book review 89
8 steps to building innovating organizations. Book review 87
9/11 and American empire; Christians Jews, and Muslims speak out; v.2. Book review 138
A biographical dictionary of Cork. Book review 94
A brief history of Mexico, rev. ed. Book review 101
A brief history of spirituality. Book review 94
A broken flute; the Native experience in books for children. Book review 196
A celebration of clematis. Book review 129
A companion to African philosophy. Book review 136
A companion to African-American philosophy. Book review 153
A companion to Greek rhetoric. Book review 158
A companion to Japanese history. Book review 102
A companion to media studies. Book review 98
A companion to medieval English literature and culture, c.1350-c.1500. Book review 156
A companion to modern British and Irish drama, 1880--2005. Book review 151
A companion to Roman rhetoric. Book review 183
A companion to satire; from the biblical world to the present. Book review 149
A companion to Shakespeare's sonnets. Book review 150
A companion to the classical Greek world. Book review 137
A companion to the classical tradition. Book review 156
A companion to William Faulkner. Book review 146
A comparative analysis of capital punishment; statutes, policies, frequencies, and public attitudes the world over. (reprint, 2002). Book review 185
A comprehensive, annotated bibliography on Mahatma Gandhi; v.2: Books and pamphlets about Mahatma Gandhi. Book review 146
A concise companion to Milton. Book review 173
A concise guide to teaching Latin literature. Book review 95
A corpus of Anglo-Saxon and medieval pottery from Lincoln. Book review 126
A critical study of the works of four British writers; Margaret Louisa Woods (1856-1945), Mary Coleridge (1861-1907), Sir Henry Newbolt (1862-1938), R.C. Trevelyan (1872-1951). Book review 177
A cultural approach to interpersonal communication; essential readings. Book review 160
A dictionary of statutory interpretation. Book review 94
A dictionary of world history, 2d ed. Book review 135
A dilemma of English modernism; visual and verbal politics in the life and work of C.R.W. Nevinson (1889-1949). Book review 187
A distant drummer; foreign perspectives on F. Scott Fitzgerald. Book review 83
A farewell to justice; Jim Garrison, JFK's assassination, and the case that should have changed history. (reprint, 2005). Book review 175
A fatal attraction; public television and politics in Italy. (reprint, 2005). Book review 147
A fate worse than death; Indian captivities in the West, 1830-1885. Book review 162
A game as old as empire; the secret world of economic hit men and the web of global corruption. Book review 231
A guidebook to Virginia's historical markers, 3d ed. Book review 125
A handbook of Czech prose writings, 1940-2005. Book review 87
A history of ancient Greece in its Mediterranean context, 2d ed. Book review 90
A history of ancient Greek; from the beginnings to late antiquity. Book review 118
A history of Cuban baseball, 1864-2006. Book review 172
A history of seventeenth-century English literature. Book review 130
A history of the ancient Near East, ca. 3000-323 B.C., 2d ed. Book review 111
A history of the archaic Greek world, ca. 1200-479 BCE. Book review 137
A history of the English-speaking peoples since 1900. Book review 169
A judge's guide to divorce; uncommon advice from the bench. (CD-ROM included). Book review 117
A just defense of the natural freedom of slaves: all slaves should be free (1682). Book review 155
A leadership for peace; how Edwin Ginn tried to change the world. Book review 162
A life in balance; finding meaning in a chaotic world. Book review 86
A life of Frederick, Prince of Wales, 1707-1751; a connoisseur of the arts. Book review 131
A life on paper; the drawings and lithographs of John Thomas Biggers. Book review 135
A manual for the performance library. Book review 96
A mermaid's tale; a personal search for love and lore. Book review 83
A modern history of monetary and financial systems of Congo; 1885-1995. Book review 179
A new literacies sampler. Book review 97
A new strategy for continuous improvement; 10 steps to lower costs and operational excellence. Book review 97
A peculiar imbalance; the fall and rise of racial equality in early Minnesota. Brief article 159
A police force without a state; a history of the Palestinian security forces in the West Bank and Gaza. Book review 162
A power governments cannot suppress. Book review 141
A practical guide to needs assessment, 2d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book review 132
A primer for benefit-cost analysis. Book review 141
A proposal for the re-founding of Nigeria; what to do after the total collapse of an African state. Book review 136
A queer history of the ballet. Book review 109
A random walk down Wall Street; the time-tested strategy for successful investing, 9th ed. Book review 142
A researcher's guide to the Lachish collection in the British Museum. Book review 150
A shadow of red; communism and the blacklist in radio and television. Book review 116
A short history of Canada, 6th ed. Book review 168
A social history of Quakers in Scotland, 1800-2000. Book review 125
A soldier to the last; Maj. Gen. Joseph Wheeler in blue and gray. Book review 120
A tale of two melons; emperor and subject in Ming China. Book review 84
A theory of personalism. (reprint, 2005). Book review 98
A time of paradox; America from awakening to Hiroshima; 1890-1945. Book review 99
A to Z of Lutheranism. (reprint 2001). Book review 134
A traveller's history of Poland. Book review 80
A US-Middle East free trade agreement; a circle of opportunity? Book review 123
A violent world; TV news images of Middle Eastern terror and war. (reprint, 2006). Book review 159
A vision of the Orient; texts, intertexts, and contexts of Madame Butterfly. Book review 149
A will to choose; the origins of African American Methodism. Book review 99
A year in sports; from the Rose Bowl to figure skating. Book review 120
A year of programs for teens. Book review 157
A Zouave's journey; recollections of a footsoldier in the 37th African division. Book review 112
A. Philip Randolph; a life in the vanguard. Book review 125
ABC etymological dictionary of old Chinese. Book review 133
Abel Ferrara. Book Review 123
Able, gifted, and talented. Book review 150
About love; reinventing romance for our times. (reprint, 1994). Book review 101
Above the age of reason; miracles and wonders in the long eighteenth century. Book Review 94
Academic publishing in Europe; the role of information in science and society; proceedings. Book Review 121
Accounting information systems, 7th ed. Book review 146
Acequia; water sharing, sanctity, and place. Brief article 114
Acting teachers of America; a vital tradition. Book review 89
Acting; working in the theatre. Book review 124
Activating the desire to learn. Book review 144
Activism, inc.; how the outsourcing of grassroots campaigns is strangling progressive politics in America. Book review 224
Activities for standards-based, integrated language arts instruction. Book review 140
Adam Van Doren. Book Review 112
Addis Ababa; migration and the making of a multiethnic metropolis,1941-1974. Book review 163
Adela of Blois; countess and lord (c.1067-1137). Book Review 111
Adjustment policies, poverty, and unemployment; the IMMPA framework. Book Review 257
Adobe Acrobat 8 how-tos; 125 essential techniques. Book review 109
Adolescent victimization and delinquent behavior. Book Review 101
Adventures in management; a saga of managing in a developing country. Book Review 150
Advocacy coalition and welfare policy; analyzing coalition consensus. Book review 116
Aeronautics in the Union and Confederate armies; with a survey of military aeronautics prior to 1861. (reprint, 1941). Book Review 132
Aesthetic life; the past and present of artistic cultures. Brief Article 91
Aesthetics of equilibrium; the vanguard poetics of Vicente Huidobro and Mario de Andrade. Book Review 113
Affirmative development; cultivating academic ability. Book Review 105
Africa Squadron; the U.S. Navy and the slave trade, 1842-1861. Book review 195
African American heritage in the Upper Housatonic Valley; a project of the Upper Housatonic Valley Heritage Area. Book Review 99
African development; making sense of the issues and actors. Book Review 108
African guerrillas; raging against the machine. Book review 203
African regligious influences on three black women novelists; the aesthetics of "Vodun" (Zora Neale Hurston, Simone Schwarz-Bart, and Paule Marshall). Book review 179
Afrique sur Seine; a new generation of African writers in Paris. (reprint, 2005). Book review 123
After Sibelius; studies in Finnish music. Book Review 115
After the insanity defense; when the acquitted return to the community. Book Review 113
After the massacre; the violent legacy of the San Saba Mission. Book Review 120
Against that "powerful engine of despotism"; the Fourth Amendment and general warrants at the founding and today. Book Review 105
Against the postcolonial; "francophone" writers at the ends of French empire. (reprint, 2005). Book review 135
Against the unspeakable; complicity, the Holocaust, and slavery in America. Book review 169
Ageing and the labor market in Japan; problems and policies. Book Review 89
Agent technology for e-commerce. Book review 172
Agents of orthodoxy; honor, status, and the Inquisition in colonial Pernambuco, Brazil. Book Review 124
Agoranomia; studies in money and exchange presented to John H. Kroll. Book Review 101
Agricultural policy and trade reform; potential effects at global, national, and household levels. Book Review 136
Al-Tabari's Book of jihad; a translation from the original Arabic. Book Review 162
Alabaster cities; urban U.S. since 1950. Book Review 105
Alarming drum; Britain's European dilemma. Book review 83
Alexander the Great in his world. Book review 93
Alltag und Gesellschaft zur Spatbronzezeit; eine Fallstudie aus Tall Bazi (Syrien). Book review 124
Alternative energy; political, economic, and social feasibility. Book Review 110
Alternatives to economics; Christian socio-economic perspectives. Book Review 102
Alviso, San Jose. Book Review 97
Ambiguous justice; Native Americans and the law in Southern California, 1848-1890. Book review 180
America and the limits of the politics of selfishness. Book Review 113
America in the world; United States history in global context. Book Review 91
America's battle for God; a European Christian looks at civil religion. Book review 107
America's founding charters; primary documents of Colonial and Revolutionary era governance; 3v. Book review 140
America's parks. Book Review 109
America's strategy in Southeast Asia; from the Cold War to the Terror War. Book review 151
American cultural studies; an introduction to American culture, 2d ed. Brief Article 158
American decorative arts and sculpture. Book Review 113
American elegy; the poetry of mourning from the Puritans to Whitman. Book Review 145
American federalism; a concise introduction. Book Review 86
American foreign policy; pattern and process, 7th ed. Book Review 168
American generals of the Revolutionary War; a biographical dictionary. Book Review 163
American government and politics today, 2007-2008 alternate ed. Book Review 153
American history through literature, 1820-1870; 3v. Book Review 166
American history through literature, 1870-1920; 3v. Book Review 164
American media politics in transition. Book review 133
American religious democracy; coming to terms with the end of secular politics. Book Review 111
Amirs, admirals, and desert sailors; Bahrain, the U.S. Navy, and the Arabian Gulf. Book review 173
AMP real estate exam prep; the smart guide to passing. Book Review 83
An anthology of Jewish-Russian literature; two centuries of dual identity in prose and poetry; 2v. Book review 180
An anthology regarding merit goods; the unfinished ethical revolution in economic theory. Book Review 182
An English translation of Bachofen's Mutterrecht (Mother right) (1861); a study of the religious and juridical aspects of gynecocracy in the ancient world; v.2: Lemnos and Egypt. Book Review 122
An existentialist curriculum of action; creating language of freedom and possibility. Book Review 111
An introduction to phonetics and phonology, 3d ed. Book review 120
An introduction to policing, 4th ed. Book review 100
An introduction to the causes of war; patterns of interstate conflict from World War I to Iraq. Book Review 137
An opportunity for a different Peru; prosperous, equitable, and governable. Book review 111
Analyses of nineteenth- and twentieth-century music, 1940-2000. Book review 140
Analysing social policy; a governmental approach. Book Review 161
Analysis for improving performance; tools for diagnosing organizations and documenting workplace expertise, 2d ed. Brief Article 110
Anatomy of criticism; four essays. Book Review 102
Ancient Greece in film and popular culture. Book review 84
Andre Chamson, 1900-1983; a critical biography; 2v. Book review 114
AngloMania; tradition and transgression in British fashion. Book review 97
Annual register of grant support; a directory of funding sources; 2007, 40th ed. Book review 174
Annual report on operations evaluation, 2006. Book Review 114
Annual reports 101. Brief Article 105
Annual review of development effectiveness 2006; getting results. Book review 121
Another mother; co-parenting with the foster care system. Book review 154
Answering the call of the court; how justices and litigants set the Supreme Court agenda. Book Review 207
Applied cost-benefit analysis, 2d ed. Book Review 144
Approaches to teaching the Song of Roland. (CD included). Book review 119
Approaching Apocalypse; unveiling Revelation in Victorian writing. Book Review 116
Appropriative rights model water code. Book review 123
Arab human development report 2005; towards the rise of women in the Arab world. Book Review 177
Arabs of Chicagoland. Brief Article 90
Archaeological anthropology; perspectives on method and theory. Brief article 112
Archaeological semiotics. Book review 93
Archaeology of the bronze age, Hellenistic, and Roman remains at an ancient town on the Euphrates River; 2v. Book Review 191
Architecture in Cincinnati; an illustrated history of designing and building an American city. Book Review 123
Archives and archivists. Book Review 85
Arguing about metaethics. Brief Article 110
Aristotle's Nicomachean ethics; reader's guide. Book review 141
Arminius on the assurance of salvation; the context, roots, and shape of the Leiden debate, 1603-1609. Book review 124
Army 101; inside the ROTC in a time of war. Book review 110
Arnold's expedition to Quebec. (reprint, 1901). Book Review 89
Art & reform; Sara Galner, the Saturday Evening Girls, and the Paul Revere pottery. Book review 110
Art and money in the writings of Tobias Smollett. Book Review 99
Art in story; teaching art history to elementary school children, 2d ed. Book Review 148
Art of the Japanese garden. Book Review 120
Art talk, politics talk; a consideration of categories. Book Review 122
Art therapy activities; a practical guide for teachers, therapists and parents. Book Review 99
Art, anti-art, non-art; experimentations in the public sphere in postwar Japan, 1950-1970. Book Review 181
Article 3; the best interests of the child. Book Review 108
Article 34; sexual exploitation and sexual abuse of children. Book review 129
Artifical ice; hockey, culture and commerce. Book Review 105
Artists of the floating world; contemporary writers between cultures. Book Review 102
Ashes taken for fire; aesthetic modernism and the critique of identity. Book Review 91
Assessment in counseling; a guide to the use of psychological assessment procedures, 4th ed. Book Review 106
At home on the prairie; the houses of Purcell & Elmslie. Book Review 99
At nature's edge; Frank Lloyd Wright's artist studio. Book Review 90
At the heart of terror; Islam, Jihadists, and America's war on terrorism. (reprint, 2004). Book review 198
At the table; metaphorical and material cultures of food in medieval and early modern Europe. Book Review 170
Athanasius' concept of eternal sonship as revealed in Contra Arianos. Book Review 90
Atlas of American history. Book review 123
Atlas of global development. Book Review 117
Atoms for peace; a future after fifty years? Book review 101
Attitudinal decision making in the supreme court of Canada. Book review 138
Augustus Welby Pugin, designer of the British Houses of Parliament; the Victorian quest for a liturgical architecture. Book Review 181
Authors in the pantry; recipes, stories, and more. Book review 100
Autobiographical, scientific, religious, moral and literary writings. Book Review 136
Axe age; Acheulian tool-making from quarry to discard. Book Review 123
Babies and young children in care; life pathways, decision-making and practice. Book review 122
Backroads of Michigan; your guide to Michigan's most scenic backroad adventures. Book Review 118
Bags to riches; the story of I.J. Wagner. Book review 124
Bakery products; science and technology. Book review 140
Basic economics, 14th ed. Book Review 95
Bathroom ideas that work; creative design solutions for your home. Brief Article 97
Battalion of the damned; the 1st Marine paratroopers at Gavutu and Bloody Ridge, 1942. Book review 97
Battered women and their families; intervention strategies and treatment programs, 3d ed. Book Review 168
Battle grounds; the Canadian military and aboriginal lands. Book review 103
Beauty and the abject; interdisciplinary perspectives. Book Review 122
Beavers in Britain's past. Book review 129
Because it's there; the life of George Mallory. (reprint, 2005). Book review 144
Becoming a professional life coach; lessons from the Institute for Life Coach Training. Book Review 123
Becoming an effective policy advocate: from policy practice to social justice, 5th ed. Book review 173
Becoming president; patterns of professional mobility of African American university presidents. Book Review 107
Before the manifesto; the life writings of Mary Lois Walker Morris. Book review 170
Begin here; reading Asian North American autobiographies of childhood. Book Review 91
Behemoth teaches Leviathan; Thomas Hobbes on political education. (reprint, 2002). Book Review 94
Behind the man; John Laurie, Ruth Gorman, and the Indian vote in Canada. Book Review 129
Bela Lugosi; dreams and nightmares. Book Review 167
Belief and bloodshed; religion and violence across time and tradition. Book Review 89
Benetton Formula 1; a story. Book review 132
Bent props and blow pots; a pioneer remembers Northern bush flying. (reprint, 2003). Book review 118
Beowulf; a verse translation and introduction. Book Review 102
Berkeley rocks; building with nature. Book Review 105
Bertram Goodhue; his life and residential architecture. Book Review 145
Best career and education Web sites; a quick guide to online job search, 5th ed. Brief Article 96
Best practices in writing instruction. Book Review 124
Between philosophy and religion; Spinoza, the Bible, and modernity; v.2: Politics and ethics. Brief Article 106
Between the Middle Ages and modernity; individual and community in the early modern world. Book Review 107
Between women; friendship, desire, and marriage in Victorian England. Brief Article 132
Beyond belief; the real life of Daniel Defoe. Book review 99
Beyond compliance; China, international organizations, and global security. Book review 180
Beyond relativism; comparability in cultural anthropology. Book Review 101
Beyond slavery; the multilayered legacy of Africans in Latin America and the Caribbean. Book review 169
Beyond survival; managing academic libraries in transition. Book Review 123
Beyond the 'African tragedy'; discourses on development and the global economy. Book Review 145
Beyond the balanced scorecard; improving business intelligence with analytics. Book review 103
Beyond the books; people, politics, and librarianship. Book review 154
Beyond the gymnasium; educating the middle-class bodies in classical Germany. Book review 111
Beyond the Iraq War; the promises, pitfalls and perils of external interventionism. Book review 212
Beyond the metropolis; urban geography as if small cities mattered. Book Review 95
Bibliography of twentieth- and twenty-first century works for voice, horn, and piano. Book review 138
Big art, small canvas; paint easier, better & faster with small oils. Book review 108
Big medicine from six nations. Book review 92
Bilingualism in international schools; a model for enriching language education. Book review 159
Bill Bennett; a mandarin's view. Book Review 124
Bioterrorism; confronting a complex threat. Book Review 94
Black lamb and grey falcon; a journey through Yugoslavia. (reprint, 1941). Book Review 97
Blackwell handbook of language development. Book Review 125
Blood and homeland; eugenics and racial nationalism in Central and Southeast Europe, 1900-1940. Book Review 125
Blowing up Russia; the secret plot to bring back KGB terror; acts of terror, abductions, and contract killings organized by the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation. Book Review 145
Blue skies, black wings; African American pioneers of aviation. Book review 153
Boathouses. Book Review 90
Bohemian and Moravian graduals 1420-1620. Book review 183
Bombs away!; representing the air war over Europe and Japan. Book Review 130
Books on early American history and culture, 1961-1970; an annotated bibliography. Book Review 180
Born again; the Christian Right globalized. Book Review 97
Boudica Britannia; rebel, war-leader and queen. Book Review 124
Bound on earth; a festschrift for Edmon Lewin Rowell, Jr. Book review 101
Bounding power; republican security theory from the polis to the global village. Book Review 109
Brand royalty; how the world's top 100 brands thrive & survive. Book Review 138
Branded entertainment; product placement & brand strategy in the entertainment business. Book review 103
Brave new words; the Oxford dictionary of science fiction. Book Review 122
Breaking the chains; the Royal Navy's war against white slavery. Book Review 135
Breakthrough; essays and vignettes in honor of John A. Rassias. Brief Article 136
Bridging the tax gap; addressing the crisis in federal tax administration. Book review 157

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