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Articles from Reference & Research Book News (August 1, 2007)

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"After thirty falls"; new essays on John Berryman. Book Review 164
"In old friendship"; the correspondence of Lewis Mumford and Henry A. Murray, 1928-1981. Book Review 98
'Call Me Hank'; a St'oloman's reflections on logging, living, and growing old, 2d ed. Book Review 145
'Relations stop nowhere'; the common literary foundations of German and American literature, 1830-1917. Book Review 181
`Incidental' ethnographers; French Catholic missions on the Tonkin-Yunnan frontier, 1880-1930. Book Review 102
1-to-1 learning; laptop programs that work. Book Review 110
100 ideas for teaching languages. Book Review 101
1000 fences and gates. Book Review 80
101 best Web sites for teacher tools and professional development. Brief Article 148
101 people who are really screwing America; (and Bernard Goldberg is only #73). Book Review 117
101 ways to help preschoolers excel in reading, writing, and speaking. Book Review 102
24/7; time and temporality in the network society. Book Review 170
30 days in Italy; true stories of escape to the good life. Book Review 99
40 days and 40 nights; Darwin, intelligent design, God, OxyContin, and other oddities on trial in Pennsylvania. Book Review 154
41 seconds to freedom; an insider's account of the Lima hostage crisis, 1996-97. Brief Article 133
7 steps to success in dual language immersion; a brief guide for teachers & administrators. Brief Article 127
A 21st century rationalist in medieval America; essays on religion, science, morality, and the Bush administration. Brief Article 110
A brief history of Afghanistan. Book Review 153
A brief history of Canada, 2d ed. Book Review 95
A brief history of happiness. Book Review 99
A briefe and true report of the new found land of Virginia. Book Review 139
A commentary on Gabriel Marcel's The mystery of being. Book Review 105
A companion to Catullus. Brief Article 147
A companion to Greek religion. Brief Article 104
A companion to the Roman army. Book Review 135
A comprehensive review of revised article 9. Brief Article 104
A concise history of Hong Kong. Book Review 102
A culture of deference; Congress, the President, and the course of the U.S.-led invasion and occupation of Iraq. Book Review 123
A day in the life; career options in library and information science. Book Review 149
A dealer of old clothes; philosophical conversations with David Walker. Book Review 146
A decade of action in transport; an evaluation of World Bank assistance to the transport sector, 1995-2005. Book Review 148
A decade of urban school reform; presistence and progress in the Boston public schools. Book Review 176
A devil's triangle; terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, and rogue states. (reprint, 2005). Book Review 118
A distant grief; Australians, war graves and the Great War. Book Review 125
A form and style manual for paralegals. Book Review 87
A formula for conversation; Christians and Muslims in dialogue. Book Review 148
A gay history of Britain; love and sex between men since the Middle Ages. Book Review 137
A generation of excellence; a history of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research. Book review 174
A glossary of English grammar. Book Review 81
A glossary of political theory. Book Review 116
A glossary of U.S. politics and government. Book Review 105
A good day's work; an Iowa farm in the Great Depression. Book Review 97
A grammar of Dolakha Newar. Book Review 175
A guide to Hellenistic literature. Brief Article 116
A guide to Old English, 7th ed. Brief Article 81
A handbook for counseling with international students in the United States. Book Review 171
A handbook of alternative monetary economics. Book Review 203
A handbook of employee reward management and practice, 2d ed. Brief Article 135
A history of American music education, 3d ed. Book Review 100
A history of Daoism and the Yao people of South China. Brief Article 123
A history of Israel; from the rise of Zionism to our time, rev. 3d ed. Book Review 118
A history of psychology in autobiography; v.9. Book Review 127
A history of the old Icelandic commonwealth. (reprint, 1974). Book Review 120
A landscape for learning; a history of the grounds of the University of Western Australia. Book Review 167
A litigation guide to expert witnesses. Book Review 118
A living lens; photographs of Jewish life from the pages of the Forward. Book Review 148
A love for learning; motivation and the gifted child. Brief Article 97
A man of letters. Book Review 123
A matter of faith; religion in the 2004 presidential election. Book Review 93
A MiG-15 to freedom; memoir of the wartime North Korean defector who first delivered the secret fighter jet to the Americans in 1953. (reprint, 1996). Book Review 129
A mile in her boots; women who work in the wild. Brief article 87
A misfit's manifesto; the sociological memoir of a rock & roll heart. (reprint, 2003). Brief Article 175
A new dictionary of the social sciences, 2d. ed. (reprint, 1979). Book Review 140
A new philosophy of society; assemblage theory and social complexity. Brief Article 96
A novel approach to politics; introducing political science through books, movies, and popular culture. Book Review 157
A people's history of the European Court of Human Rights. Book Review 95
A people's war; Germany's political revolution, 1913-1918. Book Review 186
A philosophy of moral dilemmas; why we should not feel guilty about things we have done. Book Review 132
A practical guide to information literacy assessment for academic librarians. Brief Article 112
A primer for management, 2d ed. Book Review 84
A scalawag in Georgia; Richard Whiteley and the politics of Reconstruction. Book Review 95
A short introduction to social research. Book Review 174
A singular duality; literary relations between France and England in the eighteenth century. Book Review 97
A sixty-year ride through the world of education. Book Review 173
A South divided; portraits of dissent in the Confederacy. Book Review 118
A South-Asian history of Britain; four centuries of peoples from the Indian sub-continent. Brief Article 176
A teacher's guide to classroom assessment; understanding and using assessment to improve student learning. Book Review 116
A teacher's guide to including students with disabilities in general physical education, 3d ed. Book Review 115
A tiger in the tank; Ernest Dichter; an Austrian advertising guru. Book Review 152
A very English hangman; the life and times of Albert Pierrepoint. Book Review 137
Aboriginal paintings of the Wolfe Creek Crater; track of the rainbow serpent. Book Review 124
Aboriginal people and their plants. Brief Article 88
About face; self-portraits by Native American, First Nations, and Inuit artists. Brief Article 150
Academic entrepreneurship in Europe. Book Review 164
Academic novels as satire; critical studies of an emerging genre. Book Review 150
Academic turnarounds; restoring vitality to challenged American colleges and universities. Brief Article 144
Accelerating new food product design and development. Brief Article 187
Access denied; how internet filters impact student learning in high schools. Brief Article 112
Access to environmental justice; a comparative study. Book Review 199
Accredited institutions of postsecondary education; includes candidates for accreditation and accredited programs at other facilities, 2006-2007. Book Review 147
Achieve leadership genius; how you lead depends on who, what, where, and when you lead. Book Review 187
Across cultures; a guide to multicultural literature for children. Book Review 186
Action research, 3d ed. Book Review 106
Actionable performance measurement. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 100
Actions, products, and things; Brentano and Polish philosophy. Book Review 121
Adaptive technologies and business integration; social, managerial and organizational dimensions. Brief Article 122
Additions and alterations; a commentary on the architecture of the north acropolis, Tikal, Guatemala. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 192
Adobe InDesign CS3 how-tos; 100 essential techniques. Book Review 114
Adobe Indesign CS3. (CD-ROM included). Brief Article 118
Adolescents, media, and the law; what developmental science reveals and free speech requires. Book Review 189
Ads to icons; how advertising succeeds in a multimedia age. Book Review 122
Ads, fads, and consumer culture; advertising's impact on American character and society, 3d ed. Book Review 95
Adult children of parental alienation; breaking the ties that bind. Book Review 141
Adult learners welcome here; a handbook for librarians and literacy teachers. Brief Article 175
Advanced language learning; the contribution of Halliday and Vygotsky. Brief Article 155
Advanced project management; a complete guide to the key processes, models and techniques. (reprint, 2004) (CD-ROM included). Book Review 114
Advances in psychology research; v.47. Brief Article 138
Adventure education; theory and applications. Book Review 85
Advertising in modern and postmodern times. Book Review 193
Advertising, promotion, and other aspects of integrated marketing communications, 7th ed. Book Review 80
Affected sensibilities; romantic excess and the genealogy of the novel, 1680-1810. Book Review 95
Afoot and afield in San Diego County; a comprehensive hiking guide, 4th ed. Book Review 106
Africa on the move; African migration and urbanisation in comparative perspective. Book Review 115
African American families. Book Review 165
African American pioneers of baseball; a biographical encyclopedia. Book Review 124
African economic development; cooperation, ownership, and leadership. Book Review 120
African gifts of the spirit; pentecostalism & the rise of a Zimbabwean transnational religious movement. Book Review 85
African literature; an anthology of criticism and theory. Book Review 136
After Enron; lessons for public policy. (reprint, 2005). Book Review 167
After mass crime; rebuilding states and communities. Book Review 97
After virtue; a study in moral theory, 3d ed. Book Review 101
Against the grain; an irreverent view of Alberta. (reprint, 2005). Book Review 89
Against the Vietnam War; writings by activists. (reprint, 1999). Book Review 177
Agency and consciousness in discourse; self-other dynamics as a complex system. (reprint, 2004). Brief Article 165
Agents of empire; British female migration to Canada and Australia, 1860s-1930. Book Review 111
Aging and time; multidisciplinary perspectives. Book Review 118
Aid for peace; a guide to planning and evaluation for conflict zones. Brief Article 129
Aiming at heaven, getting the earth; the English Catholic novel today. Book Review 178
Aircraft carriers at war; a personal retrospective of Korea, Vietnam, and the Soviet confrontation. Book Review 101
Airline management; strategies for the 21st century, 2d ed. Book Review 141
Akhmim in the Old Kingdom; part 2: The pottery, decoration techniques and colour conventions. Book Review 119
Akrasia in Greek philosophy; from Socrates to Plotinus. Book Review 115
Al-Qushayri's Epistle on Sufism; Al-Rishala al-qushayriyya fi 'ilm al-tasawwuf. Brief Article 139
Alcoholism in America; from Reconstruction to Prohibition. (reprint, 2005). Book Review 101
Alex Swan and the Swan companies. Book Review 119
Alexander Hamilton; America's forgotten founder. Book Review 91
Alexander's coins and Alexander's image. Book Review 98
Alfred Douglas; a poet's life and his finest work. Book Review 171
Alice Munro; an annotated bibliography of works and criticism. Book Review 138
Alien worlds; social and religious dimensions of extraterrestrial contact. Book Review 86
Aligning standards & curriculum for classroom success, 2d ed. Book Review 180
All around the track; oral histories of drivers, mechanics, officials, owners, journalists, and others in motorsports past and present. Book Review 135
All news is local; the failure of the media to reflect world events in a globalized age. Book Review 109
All the money in the world; the art and history of paper money and coins from antiquity to the 21st century. Book Review 106
All things Chaucer; an encyclopedia of Chaucer's world; 2v. Book Review 107
Alliance and illusion; Canada and the world, 1945-1984. Book Review 93
Allies in adversity; the Frontline States in southern African security, 1975-1993. (reprint, 1994). Brief Article 145
Alpha male syndrome. Book Review 107
Alternative routes to the sustainable city; Austin, Curitiba, and Frankfurt. Brief Article 97
Alternative theater in Taiwan; feminist and intercultural approaches. Book Review 179
Amarillo; the story of a western town. Book Review 82
Ambition and anxiety; Ezra Pound's Cantos and Derek Wallcott's Omeros as twentieth-century epics. Book Review 114
America in conflict; the deepening values divide. Book Review 92
America's courts and the criminal justice system, 9th ed. Book Review 247
America's top rated cities; a statistical handbook, 2007, 14th ed.; 4v. Brief Article 205
American constitutional law, 4th ed.; v.1: Sources of power and restraint. Book Review 91
American constitutional law, 4th ed.; v.2: Civil rights and liberties. Book Review 83
American education, 13th ed. Book Review 153
American evangelical enterprise in Africa; the case of the United Presbyterian mission in Cameroon, 1879-1957. Book Review 114
American government and politics today; the essentials, 2007 ed. Book Review 86
American government and the vision of the Democrats. Book Review 178
American incomes; demographics of who has money, 6th ed. Brief Article 142
American Indian nonfiction; an anthology of writings, 1760s-1930s. Book Review 124
American Indian wars; a chronology of confrontations between Native peoples and settlers and the United States military, 1500s-1901. Book Review 81
American library directory 2007-2008, 60th ed; 2v. Book Review 134
American mania; when more is not enough. (reprint, 2005). Book Review 96
American reference books annual 2007 ed.; v.38. Brief Article 124
American rhetoric in the New Deal era, 1932-1945. Book Review 179
American special education; a history of early political advocacy. Brief Article 154
American theaters; performance halls of the nineteenth century, 2d rev.ed. Book Review 119
American time use; who spends how long at what. Book Review 143
An accidental novelist; a literary memoir. Book Review 83
An activity-based approach to developing young children's social and emotional competence. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 161
An atlas of drawings; transforming chronologies. Book Review 167
An educator's classroom guide to America's religious beliefs and practices. Book Review 103
An educator's guide to information literacy; what every high school senior needs to know. Book Review 133
An employment-targeted economic program for South Africa. Book Review 113
An essay on the history and reality of apparitions; Stoke Newington Daniel Defoe edition. Book Review 141
An illuminated life; Belle da Costa Greene's journey from prejudice to privilege. Book Review 122
An illusion of harmony; science and religion in Islam. Brief Article 98
An index of images in English manuscripts; from the time of Chaucer to Henry VIII; US Libraries, New York City. Columbia Union - Union Theological. Book Review 107
An integrative approach to counseling; bridging Chinese thought, evolutionary theory, and stress management. Brief Article 179
An introduction to conversation analysis. Book Review 100
An introduction to law and legal reasoning, 3d ed. Book Review 92
An ornament to the city; old Mobile ironwork. Book Review 113
An uncivil war of words; media and politics in the Arab world. Book Review 120
An uncompromising secessionist; the Civil War of George Knox Miller, Eighth (Wade's) Confederate Cavalry. Book Review 95
Anarchy and the law; political economy of choice. Book Review 169
Ancient privileges; Beowulf, law and the making of Germanic antiquity. Book Review 87
And nanny makes three; mothers and nannies tell the truth about work, love, money, and each other. Book Review 132
And though this world with devils filled; a story of sufferings. Book Review 168
Anderson's business law and the legal environment; standard volume, 20th ed. Book Review 106
Aneignungen, Entfremdungen; the Austrian playwright Franz Grillparzer (1791-1872). Book Review 99
Anglicisms in German; borrowing, lexical productivity, and written codeswitching. Book Review 178
Anglo-Irish and Gaelic women in Ireland; c.1170-1540. Brief Article 135
Anna Lee; memoir of a career on General Hospital and in film. Book Review 117
Anna's shtetl. Book Review 128
Anthology for musical analysis; postmodern update, 6th ed. Brief Article 149
Anthropology; the human challenge, 12th ed. Brief Article 83
Anti-Americanism; history, causes, themes; 4v. Book Review 220
Antislavery politics in antebellum and Civil War America. Book Review 217
Antitrust consent decrees in theory and practice; why less is more. Book Review 147
Apocalypticism, prophecy, and magic in early Christianity; collected essays. Book Review 120
Apollodorus' Library and Hyginus' Fabulae; two handbooks of Greek mythology. Book Review 145
Apologia politica; states & their apologies by proxy. (reprint, 2006). Brief Article 107
Application-driven terminology engineering. Book Review 179
Applied psychology for social work. Brief Article 170
Applying andragogical principles to Internet learning. Book Review 105
Applying ethics; a text with readings, 9th ed. Brief Article 94
Appointing judges in an age of judicial power; critical perspectives from around the world. Book Review 174
Appreciative inquiry and knowledge management; a social constructionist perspective. Book Review 175
Arbitration and mediation in international business, 2d ed. Brief Article 154
Archaeological fieldwork opportunities bulletin, 27th ed., 2007. Brief Article 114
Archaeology as a tool of civic engagement. Book Review 95
Archaeology in Washington. Book Review 105
Architects of empire; the Duke of Wellington and his brothers. Book Review 100
Architectural regionalism; collected writings on place, identity, modernity, and tradition. Brief Article 104
Archives and justice; a South African perspective. Book Review 102
Arctic hell-ship; the voyage of HMS Enterprise, 1850-1855. Book Review 124
Aristotle on definition. Brief Article 132
Arms transfers to Israel; the strategic logic behind American military assistance. Book Review 126
Art and practice of court administration. Book Review 119
Art museum libraries and librarianship. Brief Article 173
Art's agency and art history. Book Review 128
Arthur Miller's global theater. Book Review 81
Artists in their studios; images from the Smithsonian's Archives of American Art. Book Review 152
Arts in society; essays by Angela Carter, John Berger, Reyner Banham, Michael Wood, Dennis Potter and others. (reprint, 1977). Book Review 174
Asian foreign direct investment in Africa; towards a new era of cooperation among developing countries. Brief Article 114
Asian ritual systems; syncretisms and ruptures. Book Review 130
Aspects of alterity; Levinas, Marcel, and the contemporary debate. Book Review 105
Aspiring to the landscape; on painting and the subject of nature. Book Review 118
Assessing learning; standards, principles, and procedures, 2d ed. Book Review 140
Assessment in emergent and early literacy. Brief Article 125
Assisted living for our parents; a son's journey. Book Review 122
Assyrians; from Bedr Khan to Saddam Hussein; driving into extinction the last Aramaic speakers. Brief Article 105
Athapaskan migrations; the archaeology of Eagle Lake, British Columbia. Book Review 123
Atlante; percorsi visivi. Brief Article 143
Attendant cruelties; nation and nationalism in American history. Brief Article 120
Attention and motor skill learning. Book Review 157
Attention; from theory to practice. Brief Article 96
Auditing for social change; a strategy for citizen engagement in public sector accountability; proceedings. Book Review 150
Auditing; assurance & risk, 3d ed. Book Review 152
Authors & artists for young adults; v.73. Brief Article 112
Backpacking Oregon; from rugged coastline to mountain meadows, 2d ed. Book Review 97
Backpacking Washington; from volcanic peaks to rainforest valleys, 2d ed. Brief Article 101
Backroads of Ohio; your guide to Ohio's most scenic backroad adventures. Book Review 128
Bad girls; cultural politics and media representations of transgressive women. Brief Article 202
Bakhtin between east and west; cross-cultural transmission. Book Review 130
Balaguer and the Dominican military; presidential control of the factional officer corps in the 1960s and 1970s. Brief Article 170
Balkan strongmen; dictators and authoritarian rulers of South Eastern Europe. Book Review 96
Bank Secrecy Act; background, statute, and interpretation. Book Review 182
Baroness of Hobcaw; the life of Belle W. Baruch. Book Review 125
Barriers to democracy; the other side of social capital in Palestine and the Arab world. Brief Article 139
Basic college research skills. Book Review 87
Basics of singing, 6th ed. Brief Article 125
Be of good mind; essays on the Coast Salish. Book Review 166
Beasts factual & fantastic. Brief Article 92
Beatus vir; studies in early English and Norse manuscripts in memory of Phillip Pulsiano. Book Review 137
Becoming Winston Churchill; the untold story of young Winston and his American mentor. Book Review 132
Beginning SharePoint with Excel. Book Review 116
Beowulf and Lejre. Brief Article 138
Bereavement in late life; coping, adaptation, and developmental influences. Book Review 107
Bergsonian philosophy and Thomism. Book Review 100
Bernadin de Saint-Pierre; a life of culture. Book Review 170
Best practices for supporting adjunct faculty. Book Review 164
Best practices in literacy instruction, 3d ed. Brief Article 146
Between text and territory; survey and excavations in the Terra of San Vincenzo Al Volturno. Book Review 199
Between the rule of power and the power of rule; in search of an effective world order. Book Review 178
Between two worlds; nation, Rushdie and postcolonial Indo-English fiction. Book Review 123
Bewnans Ke/The life of St Kea; A critical edition with translation. Book Review 147
Beyond ecriture feminine; repetition and transformation in the prose writing of Jeanne Hyvrard. Book Review 123
Beyond food production; the role of agriculture in poverty reduction. Book Review 101
Beyond grief and nothing; a reading of Don DeLillo. Book Review 92
Beyond literary Chinatown. Book Review 143
Beyond state failure and collapse; making the state relevant in Africa. Brief Article 136
Beyond the family romance; the legend of Pascoli. Book Review 100
Beyond transition; proceedings. Book Review 177
Bhagavadgita; exegetical and comparative commentary with Sanskrit text, translation, interlinear transliteration with parsing, mini lexicon, and text-critical notes. Book Review 100
Bhutan; traditions and changes; proceedings. Book Review 115
Bibliographies of Mongolian, Manchu-Tungus, and Tibetan dictionaries. Brief Article 149
Bibliography of sources on the region of former Yugoslavia; v.2. Brief Article 180
Bids, tenders and proposals; winning business through best practice, 2d ed. Book Review 84
Big-box swindle; the true cost of mega-retailers and the fight for America's independent businesses. Book Review 120
Bilateral investment treaties, 1995-2006; trends in investment rulemaking. Book Review 161
Bill Clinton; mastering the presidency. Book Review 122
Biographical dictionary of Chinese women; antiquity through Sui, 1600 B.C.E.-618 C.E. Book Review 136
Biographies and autobiographies in modern Italy; a festschrift for John Woodhouse. Book Review 119
Black American military leaders; a biographical dictionary. Book Review 135
Black and white in colour; African history on screen. Book Review 137
Black deaf students; a model for educational success. Book Review 115
Black Detroit and the rise of the UAW. (reprint, 1979). Book Review 155
Black Eden; the Idlewild community. (reprint, 2002). Book Review 136
Black geographies and the politics of place. Book Review 140
Black in Selma; the uncommon life of J.L. Chestnut Jr. (reprint, 1990). Book Review 117
Black Jews, Jews, and other heroes; how grassroots activism led to the rescue of the Ethiopian Jews. Book Review 110
Black looks & Black acts; the language of Toni Morrison in The bluest eye and Beloved. Book Review 154
Black scholars on the line; race, social science, and American thought in the twentieth century. Book Review 199
Black women and music; more than the blues. Book Review 154
Blues bibliography, 2d ed. Brief Article 179
Board members; governing roles and responsibilities. Brief Article 128

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