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Articles from Reference & Research Book News (May 1, 2006)

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"And I was there"; Pearl Harbor and Midway--breaking the secrets. (reprint, 1985). Book Review 101
"Can we all get along?"; racial and ethnic minorities in American politics, 4th ed. Book Review 159
"Kubla Khan"-- Poetic Structure, Hypnotic Quality and Cognitive Style: A Study in Mental, Vocal and Critical Performance. Book Review 99
"The most extraordinary district in the world"; Ironbridge & Coalbrookdale; an anthology of visitors' impressions of Ironbridge, Coalbrookdale and the Shropshire Coalfield, 3d ed. Book Review 212
"Unfortunate objects"; lone mothers in eighteenth-century London. Book Review 99
"Ye will say I am no Christian"; the Thomas Jefferson/John Adams correspondence on religion, morals, and values. Book Review 85
'Speak to me'; the legacy of Pink Floyd's The dark side of the moon. Book Review 137
(Un)settling the Neolithic. Book review 102
.S. Regulation of the International Securites and Derivatives Markets, 8th ed, vol. 2. Book Review 208
`To fill, forebear, or adorne'; the organ accompaniment of Restoration sacred music. Book Review 147
10 Best Teaching Practices: How Brain Research, Learning Styles, and Standards Define Teaching Competencies, 2d ed. Book Review 108
100 ideas for managing behaviour. Book Review 87
1001 Books you Must Read Before you Die. Book review 131
109 Ideas for Virtual Learning: How Open Content Will Help Close the Digital Divide. Book Review 142
110 Livingston Street; politics and bureaucracy in the New York City school system. (reprint, 1968). Book Review 205
1650-1850; ideas, aesthetics, and inquiries in the early modern era; v.11. Book Review 174
2006 Blu-Book Production Directory. Book Review 96
24 days; how two Wall Street Journal reporters uncovered the lies that destroyed faith in corporate America. Book Review 115
3G marketing on the internet; third generation internet marketing strategies for online success, 7th ed. Book Review 115
4 Baruch (Paraleipomena Jeremiou). Book Review 112
4 Baruch (Paraleipomena Jeremiou). Book Review 136
4 Maccabees; introduction and commentary on the Greek text in Codex Sinaiticus. Book Review 135
401(k) Answer Book, 2006 ed. Book Review 166
5 Essential Skills for School Leaders: Moving from Good to Great. Book Review 87
5500 Preparer's Manual: 2005 Plan Years. Book Review 94
5S for Service Organizations and Offices: a Lean Look at Improvements. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 156
A `Belle Epoque'?; women in French society and culture, 1890-1914. Book Review 122
A Business Guide to Information Security: How to Protect Your Company's IT Assets, Reduce Risks and Understand the Law. Book Review 98
A Catholic Cold War; Edmund A. Walsh, S.J., and the politics of American anticommunism. Book Review 156
A citizen's guide to negotiating and working through tax problems with the IRS. Book Review 95
A civil society?; collective actors in Canadian political life. Book Review 112
A common law for Europe. Book Review 174
A companion to African-American studies. Book Review 157
A Companion to American Immigration. Book Review 138
A Companion to Europe: 1900-1945. Book Review 125
A companion to Mark Twain. Book Review 124
A companion to nineteenth-century Europe, 1789-1914. Book Review 102
A Companion to Phenomenology and Existentialism. Book Review 99
A companion to pragmatism. Book Review 111
A companion to Shakespeare and performance. Book Review 120
A concise history of the Middle East, 8th ed. Book Review 134
A critical and exegetical commentary on Colossians and Philemon. Book Review 128
A crooked line; from cultural history to the history of society. Book Review 93
A curriculum of repression; pedagogy of racial history in the United States. Book Review 99
A deus ex machina revisited: Atlantic Colonial Trade and European Economic Development. Book Review 139
A dictionary of Jewish-Christian relations. Book Review 102
A Dictionary of the Targumim, the Talmud Babli and Yerushalmi, and the Midrashic Literature. (reprint, 1943). Book Review 159
A different three Rs for education; reason, relationality, rhythm. Book Review 119
A Different View of Urban Schools: Civil Rights, Critical Race Theory, and Unexplored Realities. Book Review 162
A Financial History of Modern U.s. Corporate Scandals: From Enron to Reform. Book review 212
A godly hero; the life of William Jennings Bryan. Book Review 103
A graduate student guide; making the most of mentoring. Book Review 123
A Grammar of Mina. Book Review 180
A Green River Reader. Book Review 116
A Guide to Forensic Accounting Investigation. Book Review 120
A Guide to Sources for the History of Material Culture in Ireland, 1500-2000. Book Review 116
A Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services: Army, 60th ed. (CD-ROM included). Book review 129
A Guide to the ICC Rules of Arbitration, 2d ed. Book review 155
A Haitian's coming of age in 1959 in the postcolonial light and shadow of Castro and Duvalier. Book Review 154
A Handbook for Writing Effective Psychoeducational Reports, 2d ed. Book Review 114
A Handbook to Appalachia: an Introduction to the Region. Book Review 84
A historical atlas of Norfolk, 3d ed. Book Review 109
A history of auditing; the changing audit process in Britain from the nineteenth century to the present day. Book Review 115
A history of Bridgwater. Book Review 155
A history of English glassmaking; AD43-1800. Book Review 106
A history of Highams Park & Hale End. Book Review 93
A history of modern Germany, 1800-2000. Book Review 81
A history of national accounting. Book Review 115
A History of Psychology in Letters, 2d ed. Book Review 112
A history of the campaigns of 1780 and 1781, in the southern provinces of North America. (reprint, 1787). Book Review 98
A history of the Orthodox Church in China, Korea, and Japan. Book Review 104
A history of Utah International; from construction to mining. Book Review 176
A history of Western society, 8th ed. Book Review 113
A home in the city. Book Review 155
A kinder, gentler America; melancholia and the mythical 1950s. Book Review 138
A Literary and Political History of Post-Revolutionary Mexico: Redefining "the Ideal". Book Review 105
A Market Town and Its Surrounding Villages: Cranbrook, Kent in the Later Seventeenth Century. Book Review 107
A Mind of Her Own: Helen Connor Laird and Family, 1888-1982. Book Review 103
A mobile century?; changes in everyday mobility in Britain in the twentieth century. Book Review 130
A most accursed religion; when a trauma becomes God. Book Review 100
A Naval History of the American Revolution. (reprint, 1913). Book Review 105
A New Financial Market Structure for East Asia. Book Review 176
A new social contract for Peru; an agenda for improving education, health care, and the social safety net. Book Review 124
A New Theory in the Philosophy and History of Three Twentieth-Century Styles in Art: Modernism, Postmodernism, and Surrealism. Book Review 137
A new youth?; young people, generations and family life. Book Review 146
A Path to Leadership: The Heroic Follower. Book review 107
A Practical Guide to Effective School Board Meetings. Book Review 103
A Precious Liquid: Drinking Water and Culture in the Valley of Mexico. Book review 109
A Preface to Politics. (reprint, 1913). Book review 108
A Prestigious Roman Building Complex on the Southwark Waterfront: Excavations at Winchester Palace, London, 1983-90. Book Review 133
A Rabbi Looks at Jesus' Parables. Book Review 103
A radical history of development studies; individuals, institutions and ideologies. Book Review 138
A rediscovered frontier; land use and resource issues in the new West. Book Review 100
A reference grammar of modern Hebrew. Book Review 137
A reference grammar of Syrian Arabic; based on the dialect of Damascus. (CD-included). Book Review 162
A reference grammar of Thai. Book Review 148
A Review of Forty Years of Community Law: Legal Developments in the European Communities and the European Union. Book Review 181
A Soviet Credo: Shostakovich's Fourth Symphony. Book Review 113
A Star Chamber Court in Ireland: The Court of Castle Chamber, 1571-1641. Book Review 132
A Strategy for IMF Reform. Book Review 117
A Student Grammar of Modern Standard Arabic. Book review 120
A Study and Translation from the Chinese of Tang Hou's Huajian: Cultivating Taste in Yuan China, 1279-1368. Book Review 132
A Thousand Pieces of Paradise: Landscape and Property in the Kickapoo Valley. Book Review 98
A to Z of Shinto. (reprint, 2002). Book review 126
A to zoo; subject access to children's picture books, 7th ed. Book Review 138
A traditional Mu'tazilite Qur'an commentary; the Kashshaf of Jar Allah al-Zamakhshari (d. 538/1144). Book Review 133
A traveller's history of Venice. Book Review 87
A twentieth-century prophet; Oszkar Jaszi, 1875-1957. Book Review 149
A UN 'legion'; between utopia and reality. Book Review 123
A voice of her own. Book Review 204
A Waka anthology; v.2: Grasses of rememberance; 2v. Book Review 169
A wealth of ideas; revelations from the Hoover Institution Archives. Brief Article 134
A world abandoned by God; narrative and secularism. Book Review 146
A World at Total War: Global Conflict and the Politics of Destruction, 1937-1945. Book review 110
A World View of Criminal Justice. Book Review 85
A Writer at War: Vasily Grossman with the Red Army, 1941-1945. Book Review 109
A.E.F.: Ten Years Ago in France. (reprint, 1927). Book Review 88
Abandoned children of the Italian Renaissance; orphan care in Florence and Bologna. Book Review 189
Abel Brown, abolitionist. Book Review 132
Abiding by Sri Lanka: On Peace, Place, and Postcoloniality. Book Review 162
Abolition and Its Aftermath in Indian Ocean Africa and Asia. Book Review 148
Abolition Democracy: Beyond Empire, Prisons, and Torture. Book Review 148
Aboriginal Suicide is Different: a Portrait of Life and Self-destruction. (reprint, 2001). Book Review 135
About Catherine De Medici. Book review 169
Abstract Art Against Autonomy: Infection, Resistance, and Cure Since the '60s. Book Review 117
Acceptable premises; an epistemic approach to an informal logic problem. Book Review 97
Access for all; building inclusive financial systems. Book Review 125
Access to Higher Education: Leadership Challenges in Florida and South Africa, a Qualitative Inquiry. Book Review 110
Access, opportunity, and success; keeping the promise of higher education. Book Review 113
Accessing the classics; great reads for adults, teens, and English language learners. Book Review 151
Accessing the general curriculum; including students with disabilities in standards-based reform, 2d ed. Book Review 125
Accounting ethics; critical perspectives on business and management; 4v. Book Review 204
Acculturation and Parent-child Relationships: Measurement and Development. Book Review 117
Achievement Testing in U.S. Elementary and Secondary Schools. Book Review 103
ack Scogin Merrill Elam: Knowlton Hall. Book Review 125
Acting, rhetoric, and interpretation in selected novels by F. Scott Fitzgerald & Saul Bellow. Book Review 114
Action and ethics in Aristotle and Hegel; escaping the malign influence of Kent. Book Review 147
Active Learning: Increasing Flow in the Classroom. Book Review 81
Actuarial theory for dependent risks; measures, orders and models. Book Review 111
Addressing test anxiety in a high-stakes environment; strategies for classrooms and schools. Book Review 129
Adirondack High: Images of America's First Wilderness. Book Review 103
Advances in Social and Organizational Psychology: A Tribute to Ralph Rosnow. Book Review 122
Advertising; concept and copy, 2d ed. Book Review 139
Aeschylus; Prometheus bound. Book Review 176
Aesthetic democracy. Book Review 133
Aesthetics and Human Resource Development: Connections, Concepts and Opportunities. Book Review 122
Africa; we owe it to our ancestors, our children, and ourselves. Book Review 150
African American Family Life: Ecological and Cultural Divers. Book Review 127
African American History: An Introduction. Book Review 106
African American Issues. Book Review 91
African American men in college. Book Review 96
African American Settlements in West Africa: John Brown Russwurm and the American Civilizing Efforts. Book Review 117
African Households: Censuses and Surveys. Book Review 160
African Statistica Yearbook, 2004: Vol.2, pt.3; Central Africa. Book Review 82
African statistical yearbook, 2004; v.1, pt.1: North Africa. Book Review 92
African Underclass: Urbanisation, Crime and Colonial Order in Dar es Salaam. Book Review 182
African women and politics; knowledge, gender, and power in male-dominated Cameroon. Book Review 144
After God: Richard Kearney and the Religious Turn in Continental Philosophy. Book Review 97
After the End of History: The Curious Fate of American Materialism. Book Review 100
AfterBurn; reflections on burning man. Book Review 176
Against the Panzers: United States Infantry Versus German Tanks, 1944-1945, a History of Eight Battles Told Through Diaries, Unit Histories, and Interviews. Book Review 131
Against Voluptuous Bodies: Late Modernism and the Meaning of Painting. Book Review 96
Ageing and outdoor mobility; a European study. Book Review 171
Aging, Globalization, and Inequality: The New Critical Gerontology. Book Review 122
Aging: Concepts and Controversies, (5th ed). Book Review 114
Agonistes: Essays in Honour of Denis O'Brien. Book Review 179
Aid impact and poverty reduction. Book Review 87
Alan Moorehead; a rediscovery. Book Review 89
Albania Today: A Portrait of Post-Communist Turbulence. Book Review 91
Alcohol and Crime. Book Review 82
Alexis de Tocqueville and American Intellectuals: From His Times to Ours. Book Review 180
All Men Are Brothers: Autobiographical Reflections. (reprint, 1980). Book Review 100
All you need to know about action research. Book Review 99
Alliances and co-evolution; insights from the banking sector. Book Review 160
Allies of the Earth: Railroads and the Soul of Preservation. Book Review 176
Alternate Americas; science fiction film and American culture. Book Review 173
Alternative currency movements as a challenge to globalisation?; a case study of Manchester's local currency networks. Book Review 111
Alternative Indias; writing, nation and communalism. Book Review 188
Altruism in world religions. Book Review 136
Always Separate, Always Connected: Independence and Interdependence in Cultural Contexts of Development. Book Review 100
Alzheimer: A Journey Together. Book Review 121
Ambiguity in the Western mind. Book Review 144
Amenities and rural development; theory, methods, and public policy. Book Review 166
America's 100th meridian; a plains journey. Book Review 104
American ally; Tony Blair and the war on terror. Book Review 190
American Big Bands. Book Review 124
American Confluence: The Missouri Frontier from Borderland to Border State. Book Review 152
American Encounters with Arabs: The "Soft Power" of U.S. Public Diplomacy in the Middle East. Book Review 108
American Exposures: Photography and Community in the Twentieth Century. Book Review 228
American Indian creation myths. Book Review 91
American Payroll Association Basic Guide to Payroll, 2006 rev. ed. Book Review 124
American students organize; founding the National Student Association after World War II. Book Review 156
American Ten: Who They Are and How they Live, 2d ed. Book Review 134
American Women: Who They Are and How They Live, 3d ed. Book Review 136
American-Style Derivatives: Valuation and Computation. Book review 111
Among the Dead Cities: The History and Moral Legacy of the WWII Bombing of Civilians in Germany and Japan. Book Review 91
Among the Healers: Stories of Spiritual and Ritual Healing Around the World. Book Review 119
An African trading empire; the story of Susman Brothers & Wulfsohn, 1901-2005. Book Review 110
An ambition for equality. Book Review 109
An American Girl, and Her Four Years in a Boys' College. Book Review 169
An Analysis of Hiberno-English in the Early Novels of Patrick MacGill: Bilingualism and Language Shift from Irish to English in County Donegal. Book Review 143
An Annotated Bibliography of Thomas Traherne Criticism, 1900-2003. Book Review 118
An Ecological Feminist Reading of the Gospel of Luke: A Gestational Paradigm. Brief Article 101
An introduction to Buddhist psychology, 4th ed. Book Review 82
An introduction to modern Jewish thinkers; from Spinoza to Soloveitchik, 2d ed. Book Review 111
An Introduction to Qualitative Research, 3d ed. Book Review 167
An Introduction to the Bible, rev. ed. Book review 97
An Introduction to the Interpretation of Gregorian Chant, vol. 1: Foundations. Book Review 123
An Introduction to the Policy Process: Theories, Concepts and Models of Public Policy Making, 2d ed. Book Review 147
An Introduction to the U.S. Congress. Book Review 118
An invitation to ethnomethodology; language, society, and social interaction. Book Review 142
An Irish history of civilization; v.1: Comprising books 1 and 2. Book Review 132
An Irish history of civilization; v.2: Comprising books 3 and 4. Book Review 92
An unexpected minority; white kids in an urban school. Book Review 125
Analog recording; using analog gear in today's home studio. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 83
Analysing academic writing; contextualized frameworks. (reprint, 2004). Book Review 133
Analysis of evidence, 2d ed. Book Review 131
Analyzing business data with Excel. Book Review 102
Anarchy, state and public choice. Book Review 123
Ancient and Medieval Siege Weapons: A Fully Illustrated Guide to Siege Weapons and Tactics. Book Review 130
Ancient civilizations; the illustrated guide to belief, mythology, and art. Book Review 93
Ancient Epic Poetry: Homer, Apollonius, Virgil, with a Chapter on the Gilgamesh Poems (reprint, 1993). Book Review 91
Ancient Fiction: The Matrix of Early Christian and Jewish Narrative. Book Review 140
Ancient History: Monuments and Documents. Book Review 104
Ancient Israel, Judaism, and Christianity in Contemporary Perspective: Essays in Memory of Karl-Johan Illman. Book Review 126
Ancient Taboos and Gender Prejudice: Challenges for Orthodox Women and the Church. Book Review 114
And Then They Loved Him: Seward Collins and the Chimera of an American Fascism. Book Review 114
Andrew Davies. Book Review 114
Anglo-Saxons: Studies Presented to Cyril Roy Hart. Book Review 106
Annals of His Time: Don Domingo de San Anton Munon Chimalpahin Quauhtlehuanitzin. Book Review 150
Annotations to Finnegans Wake, 3d ed. Book Review 129
Annual review of global peace operations, 2006. Book Review 134
Annuities Answer Book, 4th ed. Book Review 109
Anthony McCall; the solid light films and related works. Book Review 141
Anthropology and sexual morality; a theoretical investigation. Book Review 108
Anthropology and sexual morality; a theoretical investigation. Book Review 83
Anti-Chinese violence in Indonesia, 1996-99. Book Review 123
Antitrust, Patents and Copyright: EU and US Perspectives. Book Review 128
Antonin Scalia's Jurisprudence: Text and Tradition. Book Review 103
Apocalyptic Representations of Jerusalem. Book Review 103
Applications of anthropology; professional anthropology in the twenty-first century. Book Review 94
Applied English phonology. Book Review 86
Approaches to Homer: Anient and Modern. Book Review 88
Approaches to Human Geography. Book Review 139
Approaches to Measuring Human Behavior in the Social Environment. Book Review 134
Approaches to private participation in water services; a toolkit. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 174
Approaches to Teaching Delillo's White Noise. Book Review 104
Approaches to teaching Shakespeare's Othello. Book Review 153
Approaches to Teaching the Novels of Samuel Richardson. Book Review 111
Aquinas's Summa theologiae; critical essays. Book Review 91
Arab-Jewish Relations: From Conflict to Resolution?, Essays in Honour of Professor Moshe Ma'oz. Book Review 133
Arab-Muslim views of the West from the ninth century to the twentieth; the neglected bridge builders. Book Review 156
Archaeological ethics, 2d ed. Book Review 135
Archaeology of Early Buddhism. Book Review 106
Archaeology: Down to Earth, 3d ed. Book Review 85
Are My Blinkers Showing?: Adventures in Filmmaking in the New Russia. Book Review 95
Argentina, 4th ed. (updated & revised reprint, 1999). Book review 93
Argentine Democracy: The Politics of Institutional Weakness. Book Review 186
Art Across Time, (3d ed). Book Review 157
Art and Advertising. Book Review 127
Art and Architecture in Postcolonial Africa. Book Review 114
Art and science. Book Review 94
Art, drama, architecture and music; an anthology of Miron Grindea's ADAM editorials; v.1. Book Review 120
Art, drama, architecture and music; an anthology of Miron Grindea's ADAM editorials; v.2. Book Review 120
Art, Science, and Witchcraft in Early Modern Holland: Jacques De Gheyn II (1565-1620). Book Review 93
Artist of Wonderland; the life, political cartoons, and illustrations of Tenniel. Book Review 122
Asia's Best Hotels and Resorts, 2d ed. Book Review 89
Asia's giants; comparing China and India. Book Review 84
Asian Brand Strategy: How Asia Builds Strong Brands. Book Review 90
Asian ethical urbanism; a radical postmodern perspective. Book Review 97
Assessing General Education Programs. Book Review 91
Assessing Media Education: A Resource Handbook for Educators and Administrators. Book Review 169
Assessing the Quality of Democracy. Book Review 136
Assessment and Learning. Book review 86
Assessment Centers in Human Resource Management: Strategies for Prediction, Diagnosis, and Development. Book Review 152
Assia Djebar: In Dialogue with Feminisms. Book Review 116
At Day's Close: Night in Times Past. Book Review 91
At the margins; minority groups in premodern Italy. Book Review 90
At the origins of mathematical economics; the economics of A.N. Isnard (1748-1803). Book Review 174
At War in the Pacific: Personal Accounts of World War II Navy and Marine Corps Officers. Book Review 97
Atlantic Convoys and Nazi Raiders: The Deadly Voyage of the HMS Jervis Bay. Book Review 84
Audit in Democracy: The Australian Model of Public Sector Audit and Its Application to Emerging Markets. Book Review 120
Augustine and Literature. Book Review 95
Australian Languages. Book Review 142
Australian Security after 9/11: New and Old Agendas. Book Review 182
Authority and order; John Wesley and his preachers. Book Review 108
Authority, conflict, and the transmission of diversity in medieval Islamic law. Book Review 111
Avant-garde Performance and the Limits of Criticism: Approaching the Living Theatre, Happenings/Fluxus, and the Black Arts Movement. Book Review 119
Awakening from the dream; civil rights under siege and the new struggle for equal justice. Book Review 242
Aztalan: Mysteries of an Ancient Indian Town. Book Review 125
Bacchylides: A Selection. Book Review 81
Bad News from Israel. Book Review 147
Bangkok, 4th ed. Book Review 97
Bangladesh, the Next Afghanistan? Book Review 126
Bankruptcy Litigation Manual, 2005-2006 ed. Book Review 123
Baptism on account of the dead (1 Cor:15-29); an act of faith in the resurrection. Book Review 148
Barbarism and Religion: Barbarians, Savages and Empires, Barbarians, vol. 4. Book Review 102
Barges and Bargemen: A Social History of the Upper Severn Navigation, 1660-1900. Book Review 145
Baseball, Inc.: The National Pastime as Big Business. Brief Article 84
Basic Legal Research: Tools and Strategies, 3d ed. Book Review 93

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