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Articles from Reference & Research Book News (February 1, 2006)

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"Bergson Boys" and the Origins of Contemporary Zionist Militancy. Book Review 133
"Better in France?"; the circulation of ideas across the Channel in the eighteenth century. Book Review 133
"Rememb'ring our time and work is the Lords"; the experiences of Quakers on the eighteenth-century Pennsylvania frontier. Book Review 117
"Take hold of the robe of a Jew"; Herbert of Bosham's Christian hebraism. Book Review 158
"The law of the Spirit"; experience of the Spirit and displacement of the law in Romans 8:1-16. Book Review 152
'Kola is God's gift'; agricultural production, export initiatives & the kola industry of Asante & the Gold Coast, c. 1820-1950. Book Review 165
(un)Fashion. (reprint, 2000). Book Review 116
1,001 facts everyone should know about Israel. Book Review 96
1-2 Corinthians. Book Review 96
100 best paintings in London. Book Review 117
101 small business ideas for under $5,000. Book Review 85
1314 Bannockburn. Book Review 91
1942; the year that tried men's souls. Book Review 128
20 strategies for collaborative school leaders. Book Review 84
2006 standard catalog of world coins; 1901-present, 33d ed. Book Review 84
3 Maccabees. Book Review 105
33 months as a POW in Stalag Luft III; a World War II airman tells his story. Book Review 100
365 ways to motivate and reward your employees every day--with little or no money. Book Review 97
5-D leadership; key dimensions for leading in the real world. Book Review 87
7 keys to great paintings. Book Review 91
A basic course in public international law research. Book Review 177
A bibliographical history of the study and use of color from Aristotle to Kandinsky. Book Review 167
A brief history of Christianity. Book Review 102
A brief history of India. Book Review 112
A catalyst for ideas; anthropological archaeology and the legacy of Douglas W. Schwartz. Book Review 115
A century of war; Anglo-American oil politics and the new world order, rev. ed. Book Review 113
A companion to the history of the Middle East. Book Review 209
A companion to the literatures of colonial America. Book Review 113
A comparative study of the political communication styles of Bill Clinton and Tony Blair. Book Review 131
A Confederate chronicle; the life of a Civil War survivor. Book Review 122
A crack in the edge of the world; America and the great California earthquake of 1906. Book Review 98
A cultural geography of the Beatles; represented lanscapes as musical texts (Strawberry Fields, Abbey Road, and Penny Lane). Book Review 121
A day in the life; studying daily life through history. Book Review 103
A defining moment; the presidential election of 2004. Book Review 153
A dictionary of accounting and auditing; 10,000 + accounting and auditing terms currently used in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. Book Review 101
A dictionary of common Persian & English verbs; with Persian synonyms & examples. (reprint, 1988). Book Review 95
A double scotch; how Chivas Regal and The Glenlivet became global icons. Brief Article 115
A farewell to justice; Jim Garrison, JFK's assassination, and the case that should have changed history. Book Review 164
A feminist companion to Mariology. Book Review 131
A fool's phenomenology; archetypes of spiritual evolution. Book Review 111
A gathering of Grand Canyon historians; ideas, arguments, and first-person accounts; proceedings. Book Review 145
A gift of freedom; how the John M. Olin Foundation changed America. Book Review 114
A Gorgon's mask; the mother in Thomas Manns' fiction. Book Review 142
A grammar of Tamashek (Tuareg of Mali). Book Review 116
A guide to musical temperament. Book Review 107
A handbook for classroom management that works. Book Review 101
A handbook on the WTO dispute settlement system. Book Review 111
A historical and economic geography of Ottoman Greece; the southwestern Morea in the 18th century. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 149
A history of migration from Germany to Canada, 1850-1939. Book Review 109
A history of organized labor in Bolivia. Book Review 121
A history of pottery and potters in ancient Jerusalem; excavations by K.M. Kenyon in Jerusalem, 1961-1967. Book Review 159
A history of Russia. Book Review 153
A history of Slovakia; the struggle for survival, 2d ed. Book Review 100
A history of the American Constitution, 2d ed. Book Review 123
A history of the Greek language; from its origins to the present. Book Review 150
A life disturbed; my Pacific war revisited. Book Review 105
A man's grasp should exceed his reach; a biography of sociologist Austin Larimore Porterfield. Book Review 108
A model for work-based learning. Book Review 149
A nation under God?; the ACLU and religion in American politics. Book Review 175
A Native chieftaincy in Southwest China; franchising a Tai chieftaincy under the Tusi system of late imperial China. Book Review 157
A natural history of human emotions. Book Review 90
A natural history of Latin. Book Review 127
A new and easy method of cookery (1755); a facsimile edition. Book Review 114
A new history of documentary film. Book Review 118
A new way to pay; creating competitive advantage through the EMV smart card standard. Book Review 159
A passion for China; essays in honour of Paolo Santangelo, for his 60th birthday. Book Review 128
A people's history of the Civil War; struggles for the meaning of freedom. Book Review 130
A place of recourse; a history of the U.S. district court for the southern district of Ohio, 1803-2003. Book Review 186
A practical guide to earned value project management. Book Review 110
A practical guide to information systems strategic planning, 2d ed. Book Review 109
A practical guide to social service evaluation. Book Review 125
A reasonable public servant; constitutional foundations of administrative conduct in the United States. Book Review 98
A reevaluation of the works of American writer Delmore Schwartz, 1913-1966. Book Review 136
A repertory of marionette plays; chosen and translated with notes, bibliography, and lists of marionette play producers in England and America. (reprint, 1929). Book Review 122
A safe place to grow; a group treatment manual for children in conflicted, violent, and separating homes, 2d ed. Book Review 162
A space syntax analysis of Arroyo Hondo Pueblo, New Mexico; community formation in the northern Rio Grande. Book Review 166
A story teller's story.... (reprint, 1924). Book Review 123
A strong-minded woman; the life of Mary Livermore. Book Review 165
A syntax of Serbian; clausal architecture. Book Review 139
A tale of love and darkness. Book Review 81
A taste of Latino cultures=Un toque de sabor Latino; a bilingual, educational cookbook=un libro de cocina bilingue y educativo. Book Review 153
A theory of secession; the case for political self-determination. Book Review 182
A tragedy revealed; the story of the Italian population of Istria, Dalmatia, and Venezia Giulia, 1943-1956. Book Review 124
A tribute to Caroline Benn; education and democracy. (reprint, 2004). Book Review 103
A view from the eye of the storm; terror and reason in the Middle East. Book Review 133
A world of head ornaments; Africa, Asia, Oceania, America from the Ghysels collection. Book Review 146
A year in the life of William Shakespeare 1599. Book Review 119
A. Philip Randolph; the religious journey of an African American Labor Leader. Book Review 111
AAUSC issues in language program direction; internet-mediated intercultural foreign language education. Book Review 124
Abject terrors; surveying the modern and postmodern horror film. Book Review 119
Aboriginal Art, Identity, and Appropriation. Book Review 125
Abraham Kuyper's Commentatio (1860); the young Kuyper about Calvin, a Lasco, and the church; 2v. Book Review 143
Accounting handbook, 4th ed. Book Review 98
Acetaria; a discourse of sallets, 1699. (reprint, 1996). Book Review 119
Achieving the internationally agreed development goals; dialogues at the Economic and Social Council. Book Review 126
Acting for life; a textbook on acting. Book Review 97
Action research; a guide for library media specialists. Book Review 122
Action research; teachers as researchers in the classroom. Book Review 105
Addiction, Assessment, and Treatment With Adolescents, Adults, and Families. Book Review 110
Adjusting to globalization. Book Review 103
Administrative reforms; towards sustainable practices. Book Review 125
Admiral Lord Nelson; context and legacy. Book Review 94
Adrianopole AD 378: The Goths Crush Rome's Legions. (reprint, 2001). Book Review 105
Advanced accounting, 9th ed. (CD-ROM and workbook included). Book Review 82
Advances in household economics, consumer behaviour and economic policy. Book Review 174
Advances in the sign language development of deaf children. Book Review 117
Advances in the spoken language development of deaf and hard-of-hearing children. Book Review 106
Advances in web-based education; personalized learning environments. Book Review 135
Advertising campaign strategy; a guide to marketing communication plans, 4th ed. Book Review 89
Advertising strategy; creative tactics from the outside/in. Book Review 102
Advocacy practice for social justice. Book Review 84
Affluenza; the all-consuming epidemic, 2d ed. Book Review 139
Afghanistan; a bibliography. Book Review 152
Africa yearbook 2004. Book Review 128
African American southerners in slavery, Civil War, and Reconstruction. (reprint, 2001). Book Review 92
African tales. Book Review 83
After Eden; church fathers and rabbis on Genesis 3:16-21. Book Review 142
After the conflict; reconstruction and development in the aftermath of war. Book Review 171
After the three Italies; wealth, inequality and industrial change. Book Review 151
Against the Cold War: The History and Political Traditions of Pro-Sovietism in the British Labour Party 1945-89. Book Review 181
Against the Wall: Israel's Barrier to Peace. Book Review 163
Age discrimination and children's rights; ensuring equality and acknowledging difference. Book Review 153
Agincourt, 1415: Triumph Against the Odds. (reprint, 1991). Book Review 106
Agincourt: A New History. Book Review 168
Agricultural policy in Europe. Book Review 104
Agricultural trade reform and the Doha development agenda. Book Review 195
Aid, power, and privatization; the politics of telecommunication reform in Central America. Book Review 174
Aiding Students, Buying Students: Financial aid in America. Book Review 135
Airport marketing; strategies to cope with the new millennium environment. Book Review 115
Ajanta: History and Development, (vol.1): the End of the Golden Age. Book Review 164
Ajanta: History and Development, (vol.3): the Arrival of the Uninvited. Book Review 151
Al Qaeda in Europe: The New Battleground of International Jihad. Book Review 201
Alaskana Catholica: a History of the Catholic Church in Alaska, a Reference Work in the Format of an Encyclopedia. . Book Review 112
Alcohol abuse and acculturation among Puerto Ricans in the United States; a sociological study. Book Review 146
Aleksander Griboedov's Woe from wit; a commentary and translation. Book Review 142
Alexander "Fighting Elleck" Hays; the life of a Civil War general, from West Point to the wilderness. Book Review 102
Alexander the Great; journey to the end of the earth. Book Review 109
Alexander, 334-323 BC: Conquest of the Persian Empire. (reprint, 1991). Book Review 118
Alice Walker; a critical companion. Book Review 103
Alien rites?; a critical examination of contemporary English in Anglican liturgies. Book Review 127
Alien visions; the Chechens and the Navajos in Russian and American literature. Book Review 124
All about child care and early education; a comprehensive resource for child care professionals. Book Review 117
Alliteration and sound change in early English. Book Review 116
Alma Flor Ada and you; v.1. Book Review 114
Alwaleed: Businessman, Billionaire, Prince. (DVD included). Brief Article 106
Amateur soldiers, global wars; insurgency and modern conflict. Book Review 97
Ambiguity in the Western mind. Book Review 100
Amenemone the chief goldsmith; a New Kingdom tomb in the Teti cemetery at Saqqara. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 149
America on film; modernism, documentary, and America. Book Review 95
America since 1945; the American moment. Book Review 124
America votes 26; elections returns by state, 2003-2004. Book Review 121
America's quest for a safer world; preemption of multilateral restraint of terrorism. Book Review 142
America's Teachers: An Introduction To Education, 5th ed.. Book Review 133
America, fascism, and God; sermons from a heretical preacher. Book Review 103
America; the new imperialism, from white settlement to world hegemony. Book Review 130
American artifacts of personal adornment, 1680-1820; a basic guide to identification and interpretation. Book Review 112
American behavioral history; an introduction. Book Review 95
American city; a rank and file history of Minneapolis. Book Review 129
American global strategy and the "war on terrorism". Book Review 122
American government, 9th ed. Book Review 124
American masculinity under Clinton; popular media and the nineties "crisis of masculinity". Book Review 161
American moral & sentimental magazine (New York, 1797-1798); an annotated catalogue. Book Review 126
American Music Librarianship: A Research and Information Guide. Book Review 130
American Popular Music: A Multicultural History. Book Review 136
American Popular Music: Country. Book Review 105
American popular music; blues. Book Review 113
American popular music; classical. Book Review 91
American popular music; folk. Book Review 86
American popular music; jazz. Book Review 122
American popular music; rhythm & blues, rap, and hip-hop. Book Review 115
American popular music; rock and roll. Book Review 94
American power in the twenty-first century. Book Review 158
American Prophet: The Life and Work of Carey McWilliams. Book Review 148
American public policy: an introduction, 8th ed. Book Review 135
American voices; how dialects differ from coast to coast. Book Review 129
Americans all; race and ethnic relations in historical, structural, and comparative perspectives, 2d ed. Book Review 111
Amphibious warfare 1000-1700; commerce, state formation and European expansion. Book Review 160
An abundance of witches; the great Scottish witch-hunt. Book Review 121
An action plan for developing agricultural input markets in Tanzania. Book Review 89
An Alliance Across the Alps: Britain and Italy's Waldensians. Book Review 116
An architecture of invitation; Colin St. John Wilson. Book Review 115
An atlas of Irish history, 3d ed. Book Review 105
An atlas of poverty in America; one nation, pulling apart, 1960-2003. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 171
An Essay on the Opera: Saggio Sopra L'opera in Musica. Book Review 156
An ethical analysis of the portrayal of abortion in American fiction; Dreiser, Hemingway, Faulkner, Dos Passos, Brautigan, and Irving. Book Review 131
An institutional and normative analysis of the world trade organization. Book Review 148
An introduction to generalized linear models. Book Review 88
An Introduction To Language Policy: Theory and Method. Book Review 117
An introduction to philosophy. Book Review 94
An introduction to the International Criminal Court, 2d ed. Book Review 143
An introduction to the philosophy and religion of Taoism; pathways to immortality. Book Review 104
Analysing the foreign policy of small states in the EU; the case of Denmark. Book Review 189
Analysis of multinational strategic management; the selected papers of Alan M. Rugman and Alain Verbeke. Book Review 114
Analyzing grammar; an introduction. Book Review 103
Analyzing inequality; life chances and social mobility in comparative perspective. Book Review 124
Analyzing social settings; a guide to qualitative observation and analysis, 4th ed. Book Review 99
Anarchy and community in the new American West; Madrid, New Mexico, 1970-2000. Book Review 97
Anatolian iron ages 5; proceedings. Book Review 126
Ancient colonizations; analogy, similarity and difference. Book Review 101
Ancient Egypt: Foundations of a Civilization. Book Review 89
Ancient versus modern ways of making comparison; comparatio in Vergil's Aeneid. Book Review 122
Ancient West & East; v.4 no.1. Book Review 150
Angela Hutchinson Hammer; Arizona's pioneer newspaperwoman. Book Review 167
Anglo-Jewish poetry from Isaac Rosenberg to Elaine Feinstein. Book Review 95
Anna Weamys. Book Review 84
Annibale Carracci's Venus, Adonis & Cupid. Book Review 115
Annual Review of Development in Globalization and Regional Integration in the Countries of the ESCWA Region, 2004. Brief Article 135
Annual Review of Law and Social Science: (vol.1), 2005. Book Review 124
Annual Review of Sociology: Vol. 31, 2005. Book Review 109
Antiques 101: A Crash Course in Everything Antique. Book Review 103
Antitrust law; economic theory and common law evolution. Book Review 102
Apart from modernism; Edith Wharton, politics, and fiction before World War I. Book Review 171
Apocalypse now?; reflections on faith in a time of terror. Book Review 129
Apostle to the wilderness; Bishop John Medley and the evolution of the Anglican Church. Book Review 103
Applied anthropology; domains of application. Book Review 111
Applied multivariate research; design and interpretation. Book Review 154
Applied statistics for public policy. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 83
Appraising Sustainable Development: Water Management and Environmental Challenges. Book Review 97
Appropriated pasts; indigenous peoples and the colonial culture of archaeology. Book Review 171
Arab-Byzantine Relations in Early Islamic Times. Book Review 147
Archaeologies of materiality. Book Review 109
Archaeologies of the future; the desire called utopia and other science fictions. Book Review 105
Archaeology in practice; a student guide to archaeological analyses. Book Review 136
Archaeology of the Jubilee Line Extension: Prehistoric and Roman Activity at Stratford Market Depot, West Ham, London 1991-1993. Book Review 130
Architect's Handbook of Professional Practice: Update 2005. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 130
Architectural surfaces; details for artists, architects, and designers. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 107
Architecture of France. Book Review 125
Architecture of Spain. Book Review 161
Archive for the psychology of religion; v.27. Book Review 113
Are lobsters ambidextrous?; an imponderables book. (reprint, 1993). Book Review 89
Argument realization. Book Review 239
Aristotelian rhetoric in Syriac; Barhebraeus, Butyrum Sapientiae, Book of Rhetoric. Book Review 123
Aristotle's Politics Critical Essays. Book Review 89
Armageddon Now: The End of the World A to Z. Book Review 121
Around Morecambe Bay. Book Review 81
Art and cultural heritage; law, policy, and practice. Book Review 224
Art Deco Ironwork and Sculpture. Book Review 140
Art/Invention/House. Book Review 84
Arthur Ashe; a biography. Book Review 106
Arthur Brown, Jr.: Progressive Classicist. Book Review 98
Arthur Hugh Clough; a poet's life. Book Review 90
Artificial Intelligence in Second Language Learning: Raising Error Awareness. Book Review 150
Artisan baking. Book Review 102
Artists of Power: Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and Their Enduring Impact on U.S. Foreign Policy. Book Review 106
Asian irrigation in transition; responding to challenges. Book Review 111
Asian socialism & legal change; the dynamics of Vietnamese and Chinese reform. Book Review 124
Aspects of Samuel Johnson; essays on his arts, mind, afterlife, and politics. Book Review 113
Assessing Conditions to Enhance Educational Effectiveness: The Inventory for Student Engagement and Success. Book Review 115
Assessing deaf adults; critical issues in testing and evaluation. Book Review 122
Assessing the Value of E-Learning Systems. Book Review 115
Assessment methods in recruitment, selection, & performance; a manager's guide to psychometric testing, interviews, and assessment centres. Brief Article 151
Assessment of noncognitive influences on learning. Book Review 94
At home with the Patagonians. Book Review 118
Atlas of slavery. Book Review 104
Auditing Standards: Including the Standards of the PCAOB, 2006. Book Review 91
Auldearn, 1645; the Marquis of Montrose's Scottish campaign. (reprint, 2003). Book Review 94
Australia, 4th ed. updated. (reprint, 2004). Book Review 90
Australian Football: Steps To Success, 2d ed. Book Review 86
Austrian cinema; a history. Book Review 138
Authentic learning environments in higher education. Book Review 101
Authoritarian regimes in Latin America; dictators, despots, and tyrants. Book Review 182
Auto-ethnographies; the anthropology of academic practices. Book Review 90
Autobiographical writings on Mexico; an annotated bibliography of primary sources. Book Review 175
Autonomy and the challenges to liberalism; new essays. Book Review 114
Babylonian planetary omens, part 4. Book Review 114
Backroads of Southern California: Your Guide to Southern California's Most Scenic Backroad Adventures. Book Review 109
Bad Karma: Thinking Twice About the Social Consequences of Reincarnation Theory. Book Review 81
Bad news; the decline of reporting, the business of news, and the danger to us all. Book Review 160
Baha'i and globalisation. Book Review 115
Balanced scorecard diagnostics; maintaining maximum performance. Book Review 115
Baltic yearbook of international law; v.5, 2005. Book Review 142
Baltimore harbor; a pictorial history, 3d ed. Book Review 114
Bananeras; women transforming the banana unions of Latin America. Book Review 104
Bank management, 6th ed. Book Review 119
Bannockburn 1314; Robert Bruce's great victory. (reprint, 2002). Book Review 116
Baptism on account of the dead (1 Cor:15-29); an act of faith in the resurrection. Book Review 134
Basic principles of effective consulting. Book Review 83
Basic Texts: 2005. Book Review 118
Bates' I.S.Q.D.: Identification System for Questioned Documents, (2d ed. Book Review 122
Battle for Europe; how the Duke of Marlborough masterminded the defeat of France at Blenheim. Book Review 182
Battling terrorism; legal perspectives on the use of force and the war on terror. Book Review 196
Becoming a graphic designer; a guide to careers in design, 3d ed. Book Review 122
Becoming citizens; family life and the politics of disability. Book Review 166
Before words; psychoanalytic listening to the unsaid through the medium of art. Book Review 147
Beginning reading; a balanced approach to teaching literacy during the first three years at school. Book Review 139
Behind Closed Doors: Secrets of Great Management. Book Review 98
Behind the eight ball; sex for crack cocaine exchange and poor black women. Brief Article 132
Behind the news; a biography of Peter Russo. Book Review 117
Behind the silence; Chinese voices on abortion. Book Review 215
Being Awake, Being Asleep, and the Meaning of Being in Heidegger's Thought: the Phenomenological Access To the Ontological Question. Book Review 165
Being is enough; collective self-help for a sustainable world. Brief Article 162
Belief, Bounty, and Beauty: Rituals Around Sacred Trees in India. Book Review 138
Believing Scholars: Ten Catholic Intellectuals. Book Review 82
Benedict XVI; the man who was Ratzinger. Book Review 105
Benjamin B. Warfield and right reason; the clarity of general revelation and function of apologetics. Book Review 103
Berkeley and Irish philosophy. Book Review 101
Bestiality and zoophilia; sexual relations with animals. Book Review 131
Between Irony and Witness: Kierkegaard's Poetics of Faith, Hope, and Love. Book Review 104
Between puffs; a history of tobacco; two thousand years of tobacco use. Book Review 111
Between the Lives: Partners in Art. Book Review 117

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