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Articles from Reference & Research Book News (August 1, 2006)

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"Coolies" and cane; race, labor, and sugar in the age of emancipation. Book Review 112
"His Dominion" and the "Yellow Peril"; Protestant missions to Chinese immigrants in Canada, 1857-1967. Book Review 119
"I must be a part of this war"; a German American's fight against Hitler and Nazism. Book Review 175
"It's just easier not to go to school"; adolescent girls and disengagement in middle school. Book Review 127
"Live while you preach"; the autobiography of Methodist revivalist and abolitionist John Wesley Redfield (1810-1863). Book Review 102
"My will is absolute law"; a biography of Union general Robert H. Milroy. Book Review 143
"Oroonoko": Adaptations and Offshoots. Book Review 114
"Planet of the Apes" as American myth: race and politics in the films and televison series. (reprint, 1996). Book Review 124
"Please teach me..."; Rainer Ganahl and the politics of learning. Book Review 157
"Strangers" of the academy; Asian women scholars in higher education. Book Review 116
"Take up the Black man's burden"; Kansas City's African American communities, 1865-1939. Book Review 145
"This isn't the America I thought I'd find"; African students in the urban U.S. high school. Book Review 120
(e) pedagogy; visual knowledge building; rethinking art and new media in education. Book Review 150
100 ideas for teaching creativity. Book Review 85
1973 nervous breakdown; Watergate, Warhol, and the birth of post-sixties America. Book Review 100
21st century house. Book Review 92
300 junior novel anticipation guides. Book Review 116
36 tools for building spirit in learning communities. Book Review 160
60-minute estate planner; fast and efficient illustrated plans to avoid probate, save taxes, manage finances, protest assets, and control distributions in changing times, 3d ed. Book Review 154
6th International Security Forum; proceedings. Book Review 121
9/11 and the future of transportation security. Book Review 132
A brief introduction to the philosophy of mind. Book Review 80
A broadening conversation; classical readings in theological librarianship. Book Review 103
A burning hunger; one family's struggle against apartheid. (reprint, 2004). Book Review 135
A Central European synthesis of radical and magisterial reform; the sacramental theology of Balthasar Hubmaier. Book Review 95
A century of philosophy. (reprint, 2003). Book Review 101
A change is gonna come; music, race & the soul of America, 2d ed. Book Review 159
A chronology of Jane Austen and her family. Book Review 155
A circular journey. Book Review 98
A cognitive theory of style. Book Review 157
A colored woman in a white world. (reprint, 1940). Book Review 108
A companion to contemporary art since 1945. Book Review 110
A companion to modernist literature and culture. Book Review 131
A companion to museum studies. Book Review 100
A companion to Socrates. Book Review 118
A companion to the Roman Empire. Book Review 109
A companion to Walt Whitman. Book Review 106
A comparative analysis of school-based management in Central America. Book Review 145
A complete guide to brass instruments and technique, 3d ed. (CD included). Book Review 114
A concise companion to Chaucer. Brief Article 117
A concise history of Christianity, 3d ed. Book Review 100
A concise history of Mexico, 2d ed. Book Review 133
A creative approach to music fundamentals, 9th ed. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 110
A critical companion to Spenser studies. Book Review 101
A critical introduction to phonology; of sound, mind and body. Book Review 130
A critique of emotional intelligence; what are the problems and how can they be fixed? Book Review 118
A curriculum of difficulty; narrative research in education and the practice of teaching. Book Review 108
A death in Belmont. Book Review 82
A departed music; readings in old English poetry. Book Review 104
A dictionary of architecture and landscape architecture, 2d ed. Book Review 92
A dictionary of Turkish verbs; in context and by theme. Book Review 154
A discography of concert band recordings on compact disc; promoting the artistry of band composition. Book Review 151
A field guide to good decisions; values in action. Book Review 111
A gay couple's journey through surrogacy; intended fathers. Book Review 93
A good book, in theory; a guide to theoretical thinking. Book Review 160
A good life in a world made good; Albert Eustace Haydon, 1880-1975. Book Review 92
A grammar of Kulung. Book Review 180
A guide to charter schools; research and practical advice for educators. Book Review 108
A guide to creating student-staffed writing centers, grades 6-12. Book Review 141
A guide to drawing, 7th ed. Book Review 122
A guide to screenwriting success; writing for film and television. Book Review 106
A handbook of human resource management practice, 10th ed. Book Review 119
A higher form of cannibalism?; adventures in the art and politics of biography. Book Review 107
A hill among a thousand; transformations and ruptures in rural Rwanda. Book Review 157
A history of modern yoga; Patanjali and Western esotericism. (reprint, 2004). Book Review 103
A history of political thought; 1789 to the present. Book Review 94
A history of Roman art. Book Review 125
A history of the excluded; making family a refuge from state in twentieth-century Tanzania. Book Review 140
A history of the Middle East. Book Review 187
A history of the senses; from antiquity to cyberspace. Book Review 111
A history of the two Indies; a translated selection of writings from Raynal's Histoire philosophique et politique des etablisments des Europeens dans les deux Indes. Book Review 195
A history of Western architecture, 4th ed. Book Review 95
A holy people; Jewish and Christian perspectives on religious communal identity. Book Review 147
A legal guide to affordable housing development. Book Review 93
A legal guide to homeland security and emergency management for state and local governments. Book Review 115
A life in writing; the story of an American journalist. Book Review 118
A life worth living; contributions to positive psychology. Book Review 114
A medical companion to Dickens's fiction. Book Review 144
A military history of modern Egypt; from the Ottoman Conquest to the Ramadan War. Brief Article 146
A new approach to French grammar. Book Review 160
A Northern Cheyenne album. Book Review 130
A passion for Asia; the Rockefeller legacy; a publication in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Asia Society. Book Review 150
A passion for print; promoting reading and books to teens. Book Review 105
A passion for ranching; Colorado's Wet Mountain Valley heritage. Book Review 119
A place in history; modernism, Tel Aviv, and the creation of Jewish urban space. Book Review 136
A place not a place; reflection and possibility in museums and libraries. Book Review 152
A place to believe in; locating medieval landscapes. Book Review 83
A political and diplomatic history of Afghanistan, 1863-1901. Book Review 133
A postcapitalist politics. Book Review 142
A practical guide to appellate advocacy, 2d ed. Book Review 159
A preface to philosophy, 8th ed. Book Review 89
A preparation guide for the assessment center method. Book Review 102
A qualified teacher in every classroom?; appraising old answers and new ideas. Book Review 168
A quarter century of classics (1978-2004); capturing the theory, practice, and spirit of social work with groups. Book Review 148
A realist philosophy of social science; explanation and understanding. Book Review 155
A research bibliography in Christian ethics and Catholic moral theology. Book Review 128
A research guide for undergraduate students; English and American literature, 6th ed. Book Review 103
A respectable army; the military origins of the Republic, 1763-1789, 2d ed. Book Review 107
A savage mirror; power, identity, and knowledge in early modern France. Book Review 113
A short history of old Watauga County. Book Review 102
A short walk in the Hindu Kush. (reprint, 1958). Book Review 117
A silver camp called Creede; a century of mining. Book Review 98
A simple act of murder; November 22, 1963. Book Review 106
A social history of science and technology in contemporary Japan; v.3: High economic growth period, 1960-1969. Book Review 236
A social history of the Catholic Church in Chile; v.2: The Pinochet government and cardinal Silva Henriquez. Brief Article 131
A social history of the Deccan, 1300-1761; eight Indian lives. Book Review 118
A sociology of work in Japan. Book Review 126
A song for the horse nation; horses in Native American cultures. Book Review 103
A system of moral philosophy; 2v. (reprint, 1755). Book Review 158
A temple of texts; essays. Brief Article 124
A theology for Europe; the churches and the European institutions. Book Review 110
A thrilling narrative; the memoir of a Southern unionist. Book Review 160
A time of paradox; America since 1890. Book Review 107
A time to laugh; the religion of humor. Book Review 154
A year in Japan. Book Review 91
Aboriginal affairs 1967-2005; seeking a solution. Book Review 90
Abortion and the law; from international comparison to legal policy. Book Review 132
Absolute beginner's guide to eBay, 4th ed. Book Review 100
Academic collective bargaining. Book Review 141
Accessible Housing: Quality, Disability and Design. Book Review 122
Accounting and finance for non-specialists, 5th ed. Book Review 80
Accounting information systems, 5th ed. Book Review 80
Accredited institutions of postsecondary education; includes candidates for accreditation and accredited programs at other facilities, 2005-2006. Book Review 155
Achieving diversity; a how-to-do-it manual for librarians. Book Review 119
Achieving national board certification for school library media specialists; a study guide. Book Review 107
Achieving strategic excellence; an assessment of human resource organizations. Book Review 158
Achieving your doctorate in education. Book Review 129
Acting and reacting; tools for the modern actor. Book Review 94
Acting as a business; strategies for success, 3d ed. Book Review 86
Acting is believing, 9th ed. Book Review 115
Action meets word; how children learn verbs. Book Review 118
Action research; living theory. Book Review 157
Active literacy across the curriculum; strategies for reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Book Review 141
Acts of Criticism: Performance Matters in Shakespeare and His Contemporaries, Essays in Honor of James P. Lusardi. Book Review 112
Adirondack Home. Book Review 123
Administrative law and regulatory policy; problems, text, and cases, 6th ed. Book Review 118
Administrative Law: A Casebook, 6th ed. Book Review 126
Administrative law; cases and materials, 5th ed. Book Review 128
Adobe InDesign CS2 How-tos: 100 Essential Techniques. Book Review 109
Adolescents in the Search for Meaning: Tapping the Powerful Resource of Story. Book Review 176
Advanced studio lighting techniques; for digital portrait photographers. Book Review 89
Adventures Into Mexico: American Tourism Beyond the Border. Book Review 150
Advertising account planning; a practical guide. Book Review 110
Aesthetics, imagination, and the unity of experience. Book Review 154
Affirmative Action Now: A Guide for Students, Families, and Counselors. Book Review 138
Afghanistan and the troubled future of unconventional warfare. Book Review 143
Africa's development in the twenty-first century; pertinent socio-economic and development issues. Book Review 201
Africa-US relations; strategic encounters. Book Review 138
African American Librarians in the Far West: Pioneers and Trailblazers. Book Review 100
African Families at the Turn of the 21st Century. Book Review 119
African governance report; 2005. Book Review 143
Africentric approaches to Christian ministry; strengthening urban congregations in African American communities. Book Review 117
Afro-Atlantic dialogues; anthropology in the diaspora. Book Review 167
After collapse; the regeneration of complex societies. Book Review 111
After the information age; a dynamic learning manifesto. Book Review 96
After the pain; critical essays on Gayl Jones. Book Review 110
Against Cultural Property: Archaeology, Heritage and Ownership. Book Review 99
Against the Draft: Essays on Conscientious Objection from the Radical Reformation to the Second World War. Book Review 128
Age Smart: Discovering the Foundation of Youth at Midlife and Beyond. Book Review 100
Aging Education in a Global Context. Book Review 154
Agnes Heller: a Moralist in the Vortex of History. Book Review 90
Agreed conclusions of the commission of the status of women on the critical areas of concern of the Beijing platform for action 1996-2005. Book Review 201
Agricola, Germany, and Dialogue on Orators. . Book Review 131
Agricultural Commodity Markets and Trade: New Approaches to Analyzing Market Structure and Instability. Book Review 140
Ah Q archaeology; Lu Xun, Ah Q, Ah Q progeny and the national character discourse in twentieth century China. Book Review 131
Ahead of the curve; a commonsense guide to forecasting business and stock market cycles. Book Review 108
Aid and comfort; Jane Fonda in North Vietnam. (reprint, 2002). Book Review 232
Alan J. Pakula; his life and his films. Book Review 175
Alaska Climbing. Book Review 137
Alaska history; an annotated bibliography. Book Review 114
Albert Hadley; the story of America's preeminent interior designer. Book Review 87
Alexander Montgomerie; poetry, politics, and cultural change in Jacobean Scotland. Book Review 113
Alfred Gilbert's Aestheticism: Gilbert Amongst Whistler, Wilde, Leighton, Pater and Burne-Jones. Book Review 144
Alignment; using the balanced scorecard to create corporate synergies. Book Review 108
All aboard for Santa Fe; railway promotion of the Southwest, 1890s to 1930s. Book Review 95
All Music Guide to Classical Music: The Definitive Guide to Classical Music. Book Review 134
All of me; the complete discography of Louis Armstrong. Book Review 145
Alone in the world?; human uniqueness in science and theology. Book Review 88
Alternative Discourses in Asian Social Science: Responses to Eurocentrism. Book Review 143
ALWD Citation Manual: A Professional System of Citation, 3d ed. Book Review 95
America Beyond Capitalism: Reclaiming Our Wealth, Our Liberty, and Our Democracy. Book Review 97
America Is Indian Country: Opinions and Perspectives from Indian Country Today. Book Review 168
America on foot; walking and pedestrianism in the 20th century. Book Review 131
America's Japan: The First Year, 1945-1946. Book Review 107
America's musical landscape, 5th ed. Book Review 150
America's songs; the stories behind the songs of Broadway, Hollywood, and Tin Pan Alley. Book Review 137
American Art in the Columbus Museum: Painting, Sculpture, and Decorative Arts. Book Review 102
American artists, Jewish images. Book Review 120
American Children's Literature, 1890-1940: Heroic Tales That Shaped Adult Lives. Book Review 151
American conservatism; an encyclopedia. Book Review 139
American constitutional law; v.1: The structure of government, 7th ed. Book Review 163
American constitutional law; v.2: The Bill of Rights and subsequent amendments, 7th ed. Book Review 166
American Federal furniture and decorative arts from the Watson Collection. Book Review 90
American First Ladies, 2d ed. Book Review 109
American foreign policy in a globalized world. Book Review 99
American Foreign Policy: a Framework for Analysis. Book Review 128
American government; power and purpose, 9th ed. Book Review 168
American music; a panorama, 3d concise ed. Book Review 149
American Outback: The Oklahoma Panhandle in the Twentieth Century. Book Review 104
American places; in search of the twenty-first century campus. Book Review 185
American political ideologies; an introduction to the major systems of thought in the 21st century. Book Review 96
American Poverty in a New Era of Reform, 2d ed. Book Review 106
American presidents, 3d ed; 2v. Book Review 167
American prison film since 1930; from The Big House to The Shawshank Redemption. Book Review 155
American Reference Books Annual 2005 ed. vol. 37. Book Review 202
American singing groups; a history from 1940s to today, updated edition. Brief Article 217
American universities and colleges, 17th ed; 2v. Book Review 155
American women authors and literary property, 1822-1869. Book Review 128
Amish education in the United States and Canada. Book Review 91
An alliance of women; immigration and the politics of race. Book Review 180
An American heroine in the French Resistance; the diary and memoir of Virginia d'Albert-Lake. Book Review 165
An annotated catalogue of the music manuscripts in the Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington, D.C. Book Review 197
An Anzac Zionist Hero: The Life of Lieutenant-Colonel Eliazar Morgolin. Book Review 118
An autobiographical bibliography of percussion music. Book Review 119
An Automation Primer for School Library Media Centers and Small Libraries. Book Review 106
An Economic Agenda for Post-civil War Somalia: How to Build a New Economy, Sustain Growth and Reduce Poverty. Book Review 110
An education research primer; how to understand, evaluate, and use it. Book Review 163
An encyclopedia of swearing; the social history of oaths, profanity, foul language, and ethnic slurs in the English-speaking world. Book Review 126
An Exegetical Study of the Nuptial Symbolism in Matthew 9:15. Book Review 114
An Illustrated Guide to Civil Procedure. Book Review 103
An intellectual history of British social policy; idealism versus non-idealism. Book Review 95
An Interdisciplinary Approach to Implementing Competency Based Education in Higher Education. Book Review 99
An introduction to American law. Book Review 161
An introduction to Chinese philosophy; from ancient philosophy to Chinese Buddhism. Book Review 101
An introduction to critical reading, 6th ed. Book Review 85
An Introduction to International Political Economy. Book Review 142
An Introduction to Language and Linguistics. Book Review 93
An introduction to language and linguistics; breaking the language spell. Book Review 100
An introduction to rights. Book Review 118
An introduction to the law of business organizations; cases, notes and questions. Book Review 114
An introduction to two theories of social anthropology; descent groups and marriage alliance. Book Review 116
An Opportunity Lost: The Truman Administration and the Farm Policy Debate. Book Review 127
An Ottoman mentality; the world of Evliya Celebi, 2d ed. Book Review 134
An Unamerican Business: The Rise of the New European Enterprise. Book Review 153
Analysing sociolinguistic variation. Book Review 86
Analytical templates of the Bavli. Book Review 98
Analyzing citizenship talk; social positioning in political and legal decision-making processes. Book Review 147
And God Created Lenin: Marxism vs. Religion in Russia, 1917-1929. Book Review 112
And you know you should be glad; a true story of lifelong friendship. Book Review 115
Andre Derain; the London paintings. Book Review 162
Angelica Kauffman; art and sensibility. Book Review 128
Anglo-Norman Dictionary, (2d ed.; 2v). Book Review 215
Anglo-Saxon attitudes; a short introduction to Anglo-Saxonism. Book Review 108
Anglo-Saxon Food and Drink: Production, Processing, Distribution and Consumption. Book Review 107
Animals in the fiction of Cormac McCarthy. Book Review 154
Anna Parnell's Political Journalism: Contexts and Texts. Book Review 137
Anne Gould Hauberg; fired by beauty. Book Review 123
Anniversary Essays on Johnson's Dictionary. Book Review 108
Another Production is Possible: Beyond the Capitalist Canon. Book Review 174
Anthology of world scriptures; eastern religions. Book Review 169
Anthology of world scriptures; western religions. Book Review 165
Anthropology from a pragmatic point of view. Book Review 123
Anti-Americanism in Latin America and the Caribbean. Book Review 116
Antitrust health care handbook, 3d ed. Book Review 150
Anton Chekhov at the Moscow Art Theatre; archive illustrations of the original productions. Book Review 139
Anton in America: A Novel from German-American Life. Book Review 133
Apologia Politica: States and Their Apologies by Proxy. Book Review 96
Appeasement and Rearmament: Britain, 1936-1939. Book Review 95
Applied Evolutionary Economics and the Knowledge-Based Economy: Proceedings. Book Review 177
Applied psychology; new frontiers and rewarding careers. Book Review 109
Applying moral theories, 5th ed. Book Review 108
Appraising management performance; the bubble management approach. Book Review 130
Apprehending the inaccessible; Freudian psychoanalysis and existential phenomenology. Book Review 82
Approaches to teaching early modern Spanish drama. Book Review 99
Approaches to teaching Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights. Book Review 148
Approaches to the Anglo and American Female Epic, 1621-1982. Book Review 100
Aquinas on God: The 'Divine Science' of the Summa Theologiae. Book Review 168
Arcana Mundi: Magic and the Occult in the Greek and Roman Worlds, a Collection of Ancient Texts, 2d ed. Book Review 105
Archaeology of Performance: Theaters of Power, Community, and Politics. Book Review 170
Archetypes of wisdom; an introduction to philosophy, 6th ed. Book Review 118
Archetypes of wisdom; an introduction to philosophy, 6th ed. Book Review 83
Architect's guide to the U.S. National CAD Standard. Book Review 170
Architecture and design in Europe and America, 1750--2000. Book Review 115
Architecture and tourism in Italian colonial Libya; an ambivalent modernism. Book Review 164
Architecture is elementary; visual thinking through architectural concepts, revised ed. Book Review 153
Architecture, Town Planning and Community: Selected Writings and Public Talks by Cecil Burgess, 1909-1946. Book Review 180
Archives, documentation, and institutions of social memory; essays from the Sawyer Seminar. Book Review 145
Arguing to better conclusions; a human odyssey. Book Review 89
Art and artists of Chinese modern painting, 1890-1949. Book Review 131
Art in Belfast, 1760-1888; art lovers of Philistines? Book Review 163
Art of Being Tuareg: Sahara Nomads in a Modern World. Book Review 153
Art of Japan: Masterpieces from the Cleveland Museum of Art. Book Review 89
Artemisia Gentileschi: Taking Stock. Book Review 101
Arthur Erickson; critical works. Book Review 114
Article 24: The Right to Health. Book Review 162
Article 31; The right to leisure, play and culture. Brief Article 91
Article 37; Prohibition of torture, death penalty, life imprisonment and deprivation of liberty. Book Review 128
Article 43-45: The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child. Book Review 183
Artists' self-portraits. Book Review 103
As you like it. Book Review 86
ASEAN and East Asian international relations; regional delusion. Book Review 146
Asian and Pacific American education; learning, socialization, and identity. Book Review 114
Asian art. Book Review 118
Asian cinemas; a reader & guide. Book Review 156
Asian Women as Transnational Domestic Workers. Book Review 163
Ask an agent; everything actors need to know about agents. Book Review 94
Aspects of English Negation, vol. 132. Book Review 121
Assembling flowers and cultivating homes; labor and gender in Colombia. Book Review 125
Assessing teacher performance; performance-based assessment in teacher education. Book Review 112
Assessing World Bank support for trade; 1987-2004, an IEG evaluation. Brief Article 136

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