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Reducing saturated fats in foods.

Reducing Saturated Fats in Foods

edited by Geoff Talbot


Hardback 392 pages [pounds sterling]150.00

This book reviews the sources and effects of saturated fats in food and the ways in which the food industry can effectively reduce saturates

1. Saturated fats in foods and strategies for their replacement 2. The functional attributes that fats bring to food sources of saturated and other dietary fats 4. Health aspects of saturated fatty acids 5. Chronic disease risk associated with different dietary saturated fatty acids 6. Nutritional characteristics of palm oil 7 Reducing saturated fat using emulsion technology 8. Diacylglycerol oils: nutritional aspects and applications in foods. 9. Saturated fat reduction in milk and dairy products 10. Saturated fat reduction in butchered meat 11. Saturated fat reduction in processed meat products 12. Altering animal diet to reduce saturated fat in meat and milk 13. Reducing fat in savoury snacks an fried foods 14. Saturated fat reduction in biscuits 15. Saturated fat reduction in pastry 16. Reduced saturated fat in chocolate, compound coatings sand filled confectionery products 17. Saturated fat reduction in ice cream 18. Saturated fat reduction in sauces.

Edited by Geoff Talbot

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Author:Talbot, Geoff
Publication:Food Trade Review
Article Type:Book review
Date:Feb 1, 2012
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