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Reducing management costs by recycling.

Reducing management costs by recycling

In the highly competitive environment of commercial property management, the ability to cut costs while preserving tenant services is critical.

As a result, Polimeni Enterprises of Hauppauge, through its management firm, Skyline Management, is going green to save green. Working with environmental minded tenants, the firm's begun a sophisticated paper recycling effort that is beginning to cut solid waste disposal costs within the three million square feet of space it manages.

Moreover, Polimeni has created the first recycling alliance on Long Island, trading recycling information with retail giant Fortunoff and Long Beach Memorial Hospital.

Vincent Polimeni, president of Polimeni Enterprises, explained, "There is enormous pressure on building owners to reduce rents to reflect the state of the economy and economic realities facing our tenants. The key, then, is to reduce rent without lowering tenant services. Sharing information is generating new solutions."

Beverly Bellone, president of Skyline Management Corporation, the management arm of Polimeni Enterprises, says every past effort has focused on energy conservation measures that have saved thousands of dollars. "But recycling is clearly the next environmental wave and we want to ride the crest," she said. Allstate Insurance, a major tenant in Polimeni's MacArthur Corporate Building, outside of Long Island MacArthur Airport in Bohemia, is committed to a paper recycling effort that is substantially reducing the cost of garbage collection at the building.

William Fitzmaurice, Allstate Property Manager, explained, "There is not a Long Islander who isn't aware of the financial burden placed on taxpayers to dispose of our household trash. If we are spending so much time and effort to pre-sort trash for recycling at home, we should implement similar solutions in the workplace."

Adds, Norman Greenberg, Fortunoff's chief operationg officer, explained, "Our news alliance with Polimeni gives us a different perspective on recycling. We have adopted the use of recycling shopping bags and paper goods, but Polimeni has helped us examine pre-sorting our materials as well."

According to Douglas Melzer, associate administrator of Long Beach Memorial Hospital, the healthcare industry can also - benefit from a recycled alliance. "Health care is our primary responsibility, but there is a sizable office staff that must document everything from the amount of disinfectant ordered to the schedules of nurses and doctors," he said. "Sharing information with Polimeni and Fortunoff is smart management in solid waste."

PHOTO : Polimeni Enterprises of Hauppauge, through its management firm Skyline Management, has begun an ambitious recycling program that is beginning to cut solid waste disposal costs within the 3 million square feet of space it manages. Vincent Polimeni, president, (center) personally pitches in.
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Date:Sep 18, 1991
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