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Reducing Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid?

Reducing Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid?

Mitch McConnell is absolutely correct in saying that Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are entitlements. The definition of entitlement is the fact of having the right to something and the American workers do have the right to them because it has been deducted from their earnings for years.

McConnell, easily the most ineffective Senate majority leader in years, is grasping at straws and his big mouth is going to cost the Republicans a lot of votes in the upcoming elections with his oratory.

I always compared him to Phineas T. Bluster on the Howdy Doody show, a lot of words with no content. "All boots and no saddle."

This is a man who has never paid for a health plan or contributed to his pension plan like the average human.

He does not have a Social Security deduction taken from his over-paid salary. Sen. McConnell, think about what the name Social Security means. You and the president have given away the farm to the big businesses and now you notice that the lack of corporate taxes flowing back to the government are creating a budget gap.

Now you want to take money from the everyday people who earned their benefits to plug the gaping hole you created.

You are hurting the so-called middle class that you bring up every election because you want their vote.

If they vote for you or your candidates, they deserve what they get.

Charles Brown


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Publication:Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL)
Date:Nov 3, 2018
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