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Rediff improves its Realtime News portal.

India, July 5 -- Around 70 percent of the population on the internet uses it to search for what is happening around them.Taking advantage of this study, Rediff recently launched a new and user-friendly way to stay on top of the latest news via its Rediff Realtime News portal. Let's see what it's all about.

Breaking from the conventional way, Rediff helps bring a fresh new look to live news as and when it happens. Rediff Realtime News has some new features like the ticker right at the top of the page which gives you a glimpse of what is "Happening Now". One of the latest updates to the site brings a fresh new interface to that presents the top eight news items at a glance. Besides this you can also have a look at other trending news by clicking on the "more" button.

The main page has six tabs which contain different categories of news. Apart from this, the "Images Home" tab gives you a list of the top images that are searched and the images that are related to the events taking place in real time. The search bar uses text prediction to help you search your news. The text prediction is really effective and makes life simpler, a good implementation by Rediff.

Another feature added to the news site is the Real Time Widgets and this one is for the web developers. Rediff Realtime News makes adding realtime news to your webpage a cake walk by offering you a customizable widget page. Say you are an astronomy enthusiast and want to have the latest news regarding NASA for your web audience. Just type NASA in the "Type a query" textbox , select the number of results that you want to see at a time (max of 8), say yes or no to "Add search Bar"and "Show Thumbnail" and preview your widget in the right-hand side of the webpage. Just copy and paste the code that is generated and you are good to go. It's as simple as that!

All said and done, Rediff Realtime News is a good interactive way to have a look at the latest news. By adding these new features, the site improves usability and navigation and content viewing, which might help make it popular. We guess we'll just have to wait and watch if people like this new product from Rediff.

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Date:Jul 5, 2012
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