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Redhook's "Blueline" program brews on.

Redhook Brewery continues its "Blueline" program this month with the release of a Honey Stout on March 3.

The program allows Redhook's brewers to experiment with unique and innovative brews without being "burdened with complex packaging assignments or sales performance goals," a brewery spokesperson noted. With this in mind, Redhook produces only 3,500-gallon batches of these experimental beers that are available on at draught accounts.

"There is an intriguing component of chance with each exploratory brew," the spokesperson said. "A Blueline beer may be extremely eccentric and appeal only to few beer connoisseurs, or |the beer~ may become as popular as one of our great established beers."

The Honey Stout is brewed with seven grains, which makes the brew "a thick and chewy one," stated brewer Doug McNair. Additionally, the use of maple honey imparts a richness to the product.
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Title Annotation:Redhook Brewery's experiment with unique and innovative brews
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Mar 1, 1993
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