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Redfield Regal II Spotting Scope.

A spotting scope is a very specialized optical instrument whose use by shooters and hunters is limited to spotting at the range and viewing game in the field at distances where the ordinary binocular doesn't afford enough magnification. Often the spotting scope requirements of the shooter at the range are quite different from those of the hunter.

For viewing downrange targets from a bench or shooting position, the competitor often prefers a spotting scope whose eyepiece is angled up, say at 45 degrees, from the line of the scope tube itself. Huntrs, on the other hand, prefer a straight through eyepiece/tube configuration because this system makes locating distant objects much faster. Where target shooters can put 30X, 40X or 60X magnification to good use, hunters usually find anything over 25X useless because mirage distorts the image being viewed beyond recognition.

With such diverse needs, the approach to spotting scopes has always been to build one for the target shooter, another for the hunter. Until now, that is. Redfield, the Denver, Colorado, rifle scope manufacturer of considerable repute, now offers a spotting scope so versatile that it meets literally all of the requirements of both competition shooters and hunters.

Redfield's Regal II spotting scope is unique because of its rotating prism housing. There are eight positive positions at which the prism housing can be set. To rotate the eyepiece, loosen the lock ring ahead of the prism housing, then tighten it again to retain the eyepiece in the chosen position. To add further versatility to this system, there's a metal ring encircling the scope tube just ahead of the prism housing that's adjustable. This ring also forms the platform for tripod attachment. By loosening the set screw securing this metal ring, the scope tube can be rotated to any of 12 positions.

Two eyepieces are available for the Regal II, a 25X fixed power and an 18X-40X variable power. The scope has a 60mm objective lens. Minimum focusing distance is 24 feet and focusing is accomplished by rotating the eyepiece. With the 25X eyepiece in place the Regal II has a field of view at 100 yards of 12.5 feet. With the variable power eyepiece the 100-yard field of view is 10.5 feet at 18X, 7 feet at 40X. With the fixed-power eyepiece in place the scope is 11-7/8 inches long and it tips the scale at 32 ounces. The dull red crinkle finish on the scope is nonreflective, an attractive feature in the hunting field.

I first saw the Redfield Regal II over a year ago--long before it hit the market--and since that time I've tested it extensively in the field.

Right now the Regal II is being sold as a kit which includes the 25X lens, the 18X-40X lens, a sturdy tripod and a deluxe padded aluminum carrying case complete with a shoulder strap. Suggested retail price of the Regal II is $446.95. This new spotting scope can be seen at your nearest Redfield dealer or write to Redfield, 5800 East Jewell Avenue, Dept. GA, Denver, CO 80224, for information.
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Date:Dec 1, 1985
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