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Redevelopment agency Agreed-upon Procedures changed at CalCPA's request.

The CalCPA Government Accounting and Auditing Committee reviewed the state Controller's proposals on Agreed-upon Procedures for the wrap-up of redevelopment agencies earlier this year and determined that CPAs would be in jeopardy if they agreed to perform those procedures. The procedures were in some instances unclear and in others called upon CPAs to certify things beyond the scope of the CPA profession. The state controller's office, Department of Finance and county auditors from throughout California developed the proposed procedures.

Controller's office representatives met with committee members and agreed to consider suggestions to improve the procedures. The revisions were then incorporated into a new document. that was the subject of a Feb. 24 meeting with representatives of the CPA profession, county auditors, the Department of Finance and the controller's dike. Additional clarifying amendments were provided at that meeting.

This is a big win .for CalCPA's advocacy efforts on behalf of the CPA profession in California. A copy of the new procedures are posted at
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Title Annotation:Advocacy in Action
Publication:California CPA
Date:May 1, 2012
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