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Redesigned neti pot.


SinuCleanse[R] now offers a clear, lightly tinted blue version of its best-selling neti pot. This innovation enhances ease of use by allowing visual inspection of the saline solution in the neti pot, to ensure that it is completely mixed and pure. thus helping to prevent a stinging feeling in the nose and sinuses during use. The clear design also allows better monitoring of the flow and volume of saline solution during nasal washing.

A study by Rabago et al, "Qualitative aspects of nasal irrigation use by patients with chronic sinus disease in a multimethod study" (Ann Fam Med 2006;4(4):295-301), concluded that nasal irrigation with saline solution is a "safe, well-tolerated, inexpensive, effective, long-term therapy that patients with chronic sinonasal symptoms can and will use at home with minimal training and follow-up."

According to the manufacturer of the neti pot, nasal irrigation with saline solution also has been clinically proven to relieve cold and flu symptoms, allergy symptoms, nasal congestion, sinusitis and rhinitis, and sinus headaches, and to reduce the frequency and duration of colds and flu.

The new clear SinuCleanse neti pot comes with 30 all-natural, quick-dissolving, premeasured saline solution packets. SinuCleanse products are sold at leading food, drug, and mass outlets nationwide.
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Date:May 1, 2010
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