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Redeployment is no retirement.

ONE in four men die within six months of retiring if they retire at 65.

If they retire earlier they live longer. Public borrowing is not coming down but rising.

In order to bring public spending under control, this government have retired experienced civil servants early under the previous generous retirement schemes.

This is to stop civil servants accumulating more pension.

These old-style guaranteed ring-fenced pensions are driving the country to bankruptcy.

People as young as 51 are being retired on full pensions.

Some local authority officers left one council job on early retirement on a Friday only to walk straight into another job in a neighbouring council the following Monday.

They provide the same service to the same people contracted out to a council next door.

That is redeployment not redundancy. I can see now why we retire policemen and firemen at 55 because of the physical changes one goes through.

We cannot afford to retire our most-experienced civil servants, especially in revenue and customs, early.

This isn't going to save money.

These retired civil servants are going to live longer. Their terms and conditions of pension will have to be reduced by Act of Parliament instead for those on the old public service schemes.

NIGEL F BODDY, Darlington

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Jan 10, 2015
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