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Rededication gives whirlybird a new paint job.

USMC SSgt. Rusty Baker

On 20 October 2002, a ceremony was held to rededicate a Sikorsky H-34 Seahorse helicopter to Marine Air Group (MAG) 41. The H-34 had been positioned as a static display on the main road at NAS JRB Fort Worth at Carswell, Texas, since MAG-41 moved from NAS Dallas, Texas, during the mid-1990s. Col. Packard, the CO of MAG-41, noticed the fading warbird during his first days on the base. Years of baking in the Texas sun had turned its olive drab color to a pale lime green. Rust, corrosion, and flaking paint bad taken a toll on the aircraft, leaving the CO with little choice but to begin an entire restoration project.

Great attention to detail was made when restoring the H-34 to its former condition. Marines and Sailors logged many man-hours, scanning old photographs for color schemes and logo placement. AM2 Gonzalez and AM2 Carter were instumental players in the process, and were awarded Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals for their efforts. The helo's new look is now that of the Red Lions of Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 363, flying the CH-53D Sea Stallion out of MCBH Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii.
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Title Annotation:Sikorsky H-34 Seahorse helicopter restored
Author:SSgt. Baker, Rusty
Publication:Naval Aviation News
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Date:Mar 1, 2003
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