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Redbeard, Odin: (text) Sarah Horne (illus.): Vulgar the Viking and the Rock Cake Raiders.

REDBEARD, Odin (text) Sarah Home (illus.) Vulgar the Viking and the Rock Cake Raiders Nosy Crow, 2012 92pp $11.99 pbk ISBN 9780857630568 SCIS 1565383

The opening title of a new series of generously cartoon-illustrated, comic misadventures of little Vulgar the Viking. History Day is coming up soon at school and little Vulgar the Viking intends using the special day to reclaim his Viking heritage, 'to bring back pillage to the village'. Sure, his family and everyone in the village are Vikings but not like their fierce pillaging forefathers; why, his own father is a mere plumber, a fixer of blocked toilets. So, with friend Knut and little Princess Freya on side, Vulgar fits himself out as a Viking raider of yore and sets out to pillage the local bakery. One thing the old Vikings never had to contend with was the formidable resistance of parents and their capacity for imaginative punishments for pillaging and looting.

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Author:Steinberger, Kevin
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Date:Nov 1, 2012
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