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Red-faced and hot under the collar.


A lot of things in life can make us this way, but if your doctor has prescribed niacin to lower your serum cholesterol levels, symptoms such as flushing of the face, tingling sensations, upset stomach, or a feeling of warmth may be the result of large doses of the B-vitamin itself. These undesirable consequences can be reduced or eliminated by taking niacin in a time-release form, such as Nicobid, but the cost of the product might be just enough to make your symptoms reappear. Therefore, you may want to shop around for time-release niacin under other brand names, such as Endur-acin. This particular brand, we are told, costs far less than some others. If you can't find it locally, write to the manufacturer: Endurance Products Co., P.O. Box 230489, Tigard, Oregon 97223.
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Title Annotation:time-released niacin may reduce side effects
Publication:Medical Update
Date:Feb 1, 1991
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