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Red Road Stories: Eagle & Hawk.

Red Road Stories: Eagle & Hawk Category: Contemporary Rock/ Pop Rising Sun Productions, Inc., 2007.

Recorded live at Winnipeg Canada's legendary West End Cultural Centre, Red Road Stories explains why Eagle and Hawk are Canada's top First Nations band. The award-winning group's seventh album delivers the sensational sound, stirring vocals and high energy of one of their live shows. What's not to like? From the opening strains of "The Dance" right on through to their rousing rendition of Keith Secola's "NDN Kars", this band kicks it into high gear (through seven tracks) and never lets up. Having had the opportunity to have heard this band in concert, CBC Radio One's recording is one, high-fidelity reproduction of what these guys really sound like. The sound is crisp and clean, the vocals are clear and the band just rocks.

A great 'live' CD from a great 'live' band, Eagle & Hawk's, Red Road Stories is remarkable!

Reviewed by Gene Bates (1950-2009)
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Author:Bates, Gene
Publication:Whispering Wind
Article Type:Sound recording review
Date:Mar 1, 2009
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