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Red Dragon Ltd.


At Air-Tech 2016, lied Dragon Ltd w ill be presenting a range of products w ith the th eme of Measure |Mon itor | Control. The focus is on innovative instrumentation solutions that help) to optimise processes and reduce plant operating costs with an emphasis on compressed air and gas quality. As the UK partner for CS-iTEC GmbH we will have the very latest solutions for monitoring plant and process com pliance to ISO stan dards inc ludin g; 8573!, 7396-1 and 11011. We can offer complete monitoring packages including sensors, displays, data loggers and analysis software where all the components are designe d to work to gether an d interface directly with yo ur site communication standards. New products will include a flow sensor designed for accurate measurement of wet air directly after the compressor, oil vap our sensors and compressed air particle co unters with integral full colour graphical touch screen displays and a new all-in-one breathing air monitoring system.

Red Dragon Ltd, UK

Tel: 01443 772500 Fax: 01443 775426


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Title Annotation:AIR-TECH EXHIBITION 2016
Publication:Plant & Works Engineering
Date:Apr 1, 2016
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