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Red, red wine wipe.

Faced with the decision to either switch to Chardonnay or develop an oral red wine stain removal product, Kimberly Walker, founder of Borracha LLC, created a recipe to keep her smile pretty while she indulged in her favorite drink. After proving successful with a handful of willing wine-drinking volunteers, she enlisted the help of a world-renowned chemical laboratory to turn the recipe into a first-of-its-kind formula and Wine Wipes were born.


"Wine Wipes are a natural and effective solution for removing and preventing damaging red wine stains. Wine Wipes remove red wine stains safely and easily from teeth using a proprietary blend of stain-removing and teeth-protecting ingredients and are packaged in a convenient 20-wipe compact, complete with a mirror. The formula features calcium and glycerin to protect and coat teeth from acidic damage and to promote stronger teeth, as well as salt to cleanse, baking soda to fight stains and a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to kill bacteria and brighten.

"Best of all, the wipes will not interfere with the taste of your wine. Just one more reason for red wine drinkers to smile," said Ms. Walker.

Noting that consumers are extremely excited about Wine Wipes, Ms. Walker said "Many people have to deal with red wine stains and they are the only teeth cleaning product targeted at red wine drinkers. If you love pinotnoir, shiraz, cabernet, or merlot, one thing red wine drinkers do not love is the unattractive dark film that red wine stain leaves on your mouth and teeth."

Wine Wipes are sold at tasting rooms, retailers nationwide and online at

Although Borracha is a small company, Ms. Walker said the company is doing extremely well in terms of sales since there aren't any wipes products on the market that compete with Wine Wipes.

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Title Annotation:Innovation Thrives In Wipes
Publication:Nonwovens Industry
Date:Apr 1, 2011
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