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Recycling waste.


Tenny Research Canada of Cobalt is constructing a solvent extraction plant for recycling metal wastes.

The plant is part of a two-year experiment to determine whether full-scale recycling is feasible. If the pilot project is successful, Tenny will build a $4-million plant in Cobalt and will create 22 new permanent jobs for the area.

The $1.4-million pilot project is being assisted by a $360,000 repayable contribution through FedNor's core industrial program.

The company is headed by Alfred Tenny, a chemist who owns and operates Cobalt Refinery Limited. The refinery produces copper from waste etching materials left over from the production of electronic circuit boards. It also produces ferric sulphate, a byproduct of the steel industry which is used in the treatment of waste water. The product is being marketed in Canada and the U.S. as Ferri Clear.
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Title Annotation:Tenny Research Canada recycles metal waste
Publication:Northern Ontario Business
Date:Apr 1, 1991
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