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Recycling company offers an automatic recycling machine.

Recycling company offers an automatic recycling machine

Recycle Technologies, Inc. (RTI), a new recycling company, announced it has gone into full production for the manufacture and nationwide distribution of "Cashcan," a reverse vending machine for aluminum beverage cans.

RTI's patented machine is a high-speed, unattended recycling machine that automatically buys used beverage cans from the public. Crushed or uncrushed cans are inserted into the machine which then gives a receipt to verify the number of cans and the amount paid.

The company reported there are several unique features to its machine, which stands 15-feet tall and eight-feet in diameter.

RTI currently manufactures "Cashcan" at its Billings, MT, plant, but expects a number of other U.S. facilities to begin production in the future.

PHOTO : "CASHCAN," produced by Recycle Technologies, Inc., a new recycling company, is a "unique reverse vending machine" for beverage cans, according to the organization.
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Title Annotation:Recycle Technologies, Inc.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Sep 23, 1991
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