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Recycled resin blend has good strength. (Keeping up with Extrusion).

Profiles made of a blend of recycled polystyrene and polyethylene have a "co-continuous spongelike structure" with good compressive strength, says Polywood Inc. in Edison, N.J., a maker of plastic lumber from recycled plastics. Polywood licenses the patented immiscible polymer process from Rutgers University of New Brunswick, N.J., and also has global rights to sublicense it to others. Polywood has made profiles and moldings with the process for three years--primarily molded 7 x 9 in. railroad ties, but also standard lumber-replacement profiles.

When blending stiff PS with flexible PE, the PE melts first and pulls and orients the PS into a semi-fibrous material, Polywood says. Orientation of the PS reportedly gives the profiles compressive load-bearing strength. Before extrusion, PS and FE are dryblended in different proportions for different products. Railroad ties, for example, have a higher proportion of PS. Polywood has several singlescrew extruder lines with total capacity of 2000 lb/hr and about 8 million lb/yr. Tel: (732) 248-8810,
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Title Annotation:Polywood Inc. describes process used to make its plastic profiles and moldings, US
Comment:Recycled resin blend has good strength. (Keeping up with Extrusion).(Polywood Inc. describes process used to make its plastic profiles and moldings, US)
Publication:Plastics Technology
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Date:Apr 1, 2003
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