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Recycled plasterboard may be used in investment casting molds.

Two new end markets for recycled plasterboard are being explored in new research and development trials--one of which will feed the metalcasting industry.

CERAM Research, Staffordshire, England, and Coventry Univ., Coventry City, England, have received funding to research and develop new potential end markets in the hope of diverting used plasterboard away from landfill sites.

In the first project, CERAM will be conducting studies on the potential use of recycled plasterboard in ceramic and metalcasting molds.

By adapting an existing patented process, the company is converting relatively low specification waste plasterboard to a higher value, high purity, raw material suitable for making molds for use in the investment casting process, specifically for aluminum components.

Following the refinement of the process in the laboratory, CERAM will conduct factory-scale trials of test molds in production environments.

Success of the project could lead to significant tonnages of waste plasterboard being diverted from landfills and benefits to the casting industries, which include providing an alternative and sustainable source of mold material at a potentially lower cost.

In the second project, Coventry University will be developing cost effective, novel cement mixes using recycled gypsum from waste plasterboard, and a range of mineral wastes.
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Date:Jul 1, 2006
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