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Recycled panes, lattice panels ... it's a handsome multiuse shed.

A charming but practical design for this small shed makes it a welcome garden addition. The structure provides owners Muriel and Howard Somers with a combination greenhouse and potting area, a sheltered place to store garden equipment, and housing for their swimming pool pump and heater.

The shed stands on a 103- by 186-inch concrete pad poured near a side-yard fence. Multipane windows on the greenhouse end were recycled from a remodel of the main house; in part, their dimensions determined the proportions of the shed. Since the greenhouse measures 82 by 84 inches, this left a 19-inch-deep section to form the shallower part of the storage area (see sketch).

To the left of the greenhouse are the pump and heater, kept out of sight beneath a 41-inch-high counter. For access to the equipment, removable 1-by-4s cover the top and two 2- by 4-foot lattice panels run along the front.

This section is 43 inches deep. Behind it, the 5-foot-deep storage space holds tools and equipment. It faces a fence, so clutter is not visible from the garden.

Asphalt shingles cover the hip roof; metal gutters run around the perimeter of the post-and-beam structure.

Seattle landscape designer Ivar Somers designed the building for his parents in San Anselmo, California.
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Title Annotation:greenhouse design
Date:Jul 1, 1985
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