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Recycle waste water in Balochistan.

The provincial capital Quetta remained an ignored city for the past many decades and its pressing problems never attended by the careerist bureaucrats who came from the Central Government. The local residents had no say in running the affairs of the city.

Whatever activities and civic services provided were meant for the commercial districts or surrounding the Government offices. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in collaboration with private sector partners inaugurated a water recycling plant at Byco service station inQuetta.

The newly installed water recycling system, a first-of-its-kind in Balochistan, is an extension of UNDP's ongoing efforts to promote conservation and re-use of water in different sectors of the economy including the car service sector. Balochistan faces mounting challenges in terms of water availability.

The province mostly depends on ground water sources to sustain its needs. Over the past decade or so, recurring droughts have caused intractable challenges with regards to water availability in the province.

At car service stations, a standard car uses about 80 liters of water per wash, which directly leads to water wastage. Given these trends, water recycling plants at service stations can help conserve up to 60-70% of water for re-use.

Like the UNDP plant, we suggested in these columns that the Government should save half of fresh water by using waste and recycled water for orchards, irrigating fields, growing vegetables, and provide water for roadside plantation, preferably block forestation in heart of the city instead of building more and more multi-story plazas or further strengthening the 'Jungle of Concrete' in Quetta, once an affordable health resort of the country. The Government should review its plan or give a second thought and give first preference to low cost project of recycling of water for different uses and reducing the load on subsoil water reserves in the Quetta Valley and its surroundings.

For the project of recycling of waste water merely need construction of big water tanks in different areas and localities of Quetta. The existing storm water drains can easily be used for the purpose converting it into huge water tanks for cleaning and processing the water in heart of the Quetta city.

The municipal and other local authorities had already converted the storm water drain into a huge sewerage line disposing of waste water in the downstream. In the past government of Netherlands funded a project to improve the sewerage system and converting the open surface drain line system into underground drain line.

The corrupt officials of WASA missed the fund and they were involved in corrupt practices and embezzled the fund by connecting of underground drain line into the storm water drains of Quetta sabotaging the original scheme of underground drainage system. Due to the corruption the government of Netherlands stopped funding any scheme in Balochistan merely because of the massive corruption and embezzlement of foreign aid and assistance.

The local authorities can gain experience by visiting the city of Zahedan where Iranian Government is recycling waste water in the provincial capital and in all cities of the country using recycled and threated water for washing roads, cars, irrigating agricultural field, roadside plantation in a big way, orchards conversing water as a valuable asset of the nature. In this field, Government of Balochistan can seek useful help from the Iranian experts who successfully built the system in all the major cities of Iran making their cities green and environment friendly.

The Chief Minister, Jam Kamal Khan Alyini, should take the initiative and start planning the projects engaging fertile minds available to plan and execute it for which funds should remain available from the provincial sources. The Provincial Government should not rely on the Federal Government for this vital project and later on the Federal Government can join it considering it a project in the interests of the people of Balochistan, particularly the residents of Quetta Valley.
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Publication:The Balochistan Express (Quetta, Pakistan)
Date:Jun 3, 2019
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