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Recruitment drive ive iv begins at North East energy consultancy; ADVERTISING FEATURE FEA UTILITYWISE ANNOUNCES FURTHER EXPANSION EXP across THE NORTH EAST AND UK.

energy and water cost management consultancy Utilitywis ilitywis ilityw e plc has announced a new recruitment drive as | tof business expan ex sion plans. Utilitywis ilitywis ilityw e helps businesses secure energy contracts, increase their energy and water efficiency, cy, cy and lower their carbon footprint. Utilitywis ilitywis ilityw e has gone from strength to strength since listing on Alternative Inve In stment Market in 2013 and last year posted a 93% revenue increase on the previous year. ar. ar "Utilityw U is tilitywis tilityw e procures, monitors, reduces and manages the three essential utilities of power, gas and water for SME's through to multi-national corporate organisations," said GeoffThompson, CEO at Utilitywis ilitywis ilityw e. "Our continued strong perfor rfor rf mance is evidence of the strength of our proposition, the hard work of our people and most importantly the value we add to our customers."Last year the company pany pan relocated from South Shields to new, larger premises at Cobalt Business Park in North Tyneside. Ty. The company pany pan has since launched a wide-ranging recruitment drive and is forecast to employ ploy plo over 1,400 people across the group by 2016.

"We' W re absolutely lutely lutel delighted to be opening up job opportunities in the company pany pa| tour home in the North East," t," t, said GeoffThompson, CEO of Utilitywis ilitywis ilityw e. "Since I set up the business as a three man band, it's flourished at a rate greater than I could have ha imagined. More space in our new premises and more staffwill hopefully see Utilitywis ilitywis ilityw e go from strength to strength in the next nex few years."

Claire Dent, Director of people & HR at Utilitywis ilitywis ilityw e said: "With W our recent move to larger premises in Cobalt Business Park, rk, rk We're in a great position to offer ffer ffjob opportunities as more space allows us to expand our workfor rkfor rk ce."

"We W are currently ntly nt in the process of recruiting for many roles throughout the organisation, from customer care to consultants, and as the company pany pan moves from strength to strength we see these roles offer ffer ffing sustainable work for the region. We're proud to be an employe ploye plo r of choice for our local community." unity." unity. CELEBRATING CELEBRA SUCCESS Utilityw Ut is ilitywis ilityw e prides itself on celebratin atin at g employe ploye plo e success and offers ffers ffa wide range of developmen d| topportunities to ambitious employe ploye plo es. Over Ov 70% of Utilityw Ut is ilitywis ilityw e'sales managers have ha been develop dev ed and promoted internally - and over ov 90% of its current workfor rkfor rk ce would recommend Utilityw Ut is ilitywis ilityw e as a place to work.

"We W run internal development programmes across our sales operation and we actively encourage employe ploye plo es to further their training," g," g, said Stacey Robson, Leadership Development Manager at Utilitywis ilitywis ilityw e. "We W hire ambitious people and encourage entrepreneurial thinking, and our training programmes are designed to support that.

"Utilityw U is tilitywis tilityw e has been tremendously usly usl successful over the past four years; our employe ploye plo es are responsible for that success and we want to recognise that fact." RECRUITING NOW Utilitywise is recruiting in the North East and across the UK. Find out more at their website -
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
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Date:Mar 13, 2015
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