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Recruiters Race to The Blue Ribbon. (Membership News).

The American Correctional Association (ACA) thanks all members for making its first National Membership Month, "Race to the Blue Ribbon," a success. You did an outstanding job of spreading the news about the benefits of joining ACA. More than 200 people recruited co-workers in June. The top recruiters were: Betty 1. Amis (Ohio), James Bennett (N.Y.), Michelle Covert (Ohio), Yvette Ford (Ohio), Dan Fountain (Ind.) and Terry Tucker (Texas). These members will receive a cash award, an ACA gift certificate or ACA Gear Wear.

Covert said National Membership Month was a big challenge. She decided to make a presentation at an in-service training workshop. Covert asked current ACA members -- some of 15 years -- their reasons for joining and maintaining their memberships. She then spoke with co-workers, sharing the benefits of ACA membership. Covert, the top recruiter for the campaign, celebrated her victory by having a potluck luncheon for all the new recruits at her facility.

Bennett posted National Membership Month information throughout his facility. He stated that his co-workers' main interest was ACA's training opportunities. Bennett agreed that becoming an ACA member is an important step in advancing one's correctional career.

Tucker's facility was going through the accreditation process when the National Membership Month information arrived. "Recruiting new members was another way for us to reinforce our willingness and commitment to become a successful accredited facility," he said.

Amis posted flyers throughout her facility and disseminated information to her co-workers. She has been the membership chairwoman for the Ohio Courts and Correction Services Association for six years and thought National Membership Month was an excellent recruitment idea. Amis said that Corrections Today was a big selling point. "The Association magazine presents articles that staff find particularly relevant, such as those addressing security issues, conference updates and information about other ACA publications.

Fountain, ACA accreditation manager at his facility, duplicated National Membership Month applications and distributed them to his coworkers. In addition to Corrections Today, the insurance benefit was of special interest to his co-workers.

Ford informed her co-workers during roll call. And at her facility's state conference, she managed the registration booth, encouraging registrants to join ACA.

Recruiting new members requires a variety of approaches. ACA appreciates the time and attention its top winners committed to encourage the newest ACA members to reach their career goals and personal aspirations. Whether for career advancement, professional development, training or networking opportunities, someone you know will appreciate the benefits of ACA membership.
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