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Recruiter assistance program opens doors to officers.

Officers can now share their deployment experiences with their local communities through the Special Recruiter Assistance Program (SRAP).

As of January 15, officers who are currently located in CONUS and have served in support of Operation Enduring Freedom or Operation Iraqi Freedom may request to participate in SRAR where eligible personnel can serve up to 14 days on temporary duty at a recruiting station nearest their hometown.

"I think this is an excellent opportunity for officers to return to their hometowns to tell them about the positive things the Army is doing in the Global War on Terrorism," said Major Mark D. Van Hout, retentions officer for Cadet Command. "Many small towns never get the opportunity to hear what their hometown heroes are doing."

Before SRAP, interested officers could participate in the U.S. Army Command Cadet program called Officer Returning Ahmmi Program, or ORAR The program, which is completely unfunded, allows an officer to return to his alma mater on permissive TDY status to share his experiences as an officer, said Van Hout.

"When SRAP came out, we [Cadet Command] thought it would offer our officers more opportunities to return to their schools since, as ORAP is run, an officer would incur out-of-pocket costs," Van Hout said. "Cadet Command believes this is a good initiative and feels that officers should be allowed to participate and support this effort."

In addition to being a veteran, Van Hout said interested officers must be 28 years old or younger, display a positive image, and be articulate and enthusiastic about what they do.

"We only want high quality officers who are recommended by their chain of command," said Vanhout, who conducts the screening process for ROTC graduates. "I speak with the officers to find out what they want to share with their communities and basically make sure they can do what we want them to ... tell the Army's story."

Interested ROTC officers must submit their applications directly to Van Hout, at All requests will undergo a screening process, which takes about seven days. Approved officers will be notified via e-mail.

Upon receipt of notification, approved officers must have their requests (DA Form 4187) approved by the first lieutenant colonel in their chain of command and then fax it to (757) 788-6677 or DSN 680-6677. An approved DD Form 1610 will be completed by the USACC program manager and faxed to the officer and his unit personnel section (as provided on the DA Form 4187).

The OEF/OIF officers will report with their signed DD Form 1610 to their designated ROTC/Recruiting Station commander.

For more information, e-mail MAJ Van Hout, call him at (757) 788-3076/DSN 680-3076, or visit
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