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Records broken at the Mayor's cup.

The Sea Vee Mercury Mayor's Cup broke several records in sailfishing tournament history in late January. In the first hour of action alone, a staggering 101 sailfish were released by the 55 boats in the event.

"It was pure pandemonium," said Dan Kipnis, who kept track of the bites, fights and releases over the radio at the event. "It's never been quite like this. This is historic action."

The hot bite continued throughout the day as the teams were on pace to break the one-day release record of 403 set by the Sailfish Kickoff in 2005. Of the 55 teams fishing, more than half of them had double-digit releases and 5 teams had 20 of more releases.

Mayor's Cup anglers smashed the record as they racked up 422 releases that first day. The top boat for Saturday was Get Lit with 22 releases. Advanced Roofing released 18 sailfish on Saturday and led the outboard division.

On Sunday's fishing, many teams had double-digit days with Wound Up scoring the top total of 15 releases. On the outboard side, Rock Star had 10 releases to lead the day. In total, another 238 fish were released on Sunday, bringing the two-day count to 660 releases, to the best of our knowledge a 2-day tournament record in the United States.

Top honors went to Wound Up with a total of 36 releases over the two-day event (count 'em in the photo). They took home over $92,000 in prize money. Second place went to Get Lit with 28 releases good for $37,000. Third place was Priceless with 27 releases. They took home $15,000.

In the outboard division, Advanced Roofing was tops with 26 releases, good for $14,000. Second place went to Rock Star with 25 releases and a $9,000 purse. Third place and $2,000 went to High Standards, with 20 releases.

Lil Fulunga took home top honors in the Amateur Division with a respectable 12 releases. Cuban Team had 11 releases and second place. Team Mar Azul/Miller Lite posted 10 releases for third place.


The Mayor's Cup is the second half of a two-tournament series, The Atlantico Billfish Championship. It totals the releases between the Mayor's Cup and the Sailfish Kickoff, which took place this past December. Top team, Wound Up, posted 45 releases and took home an additional $13,000, four gold and diamond championship rings, and the honor of bringing the Mayor's Cup to Miami for the year.

By DAVID CONWAY, Managing Editor
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Title Annotation:Tournament Insider; Sea Vee Mercury Mayor's Cup sailfishing tournament
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Date:Apr 1, 2009
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