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Record tv; In the beginning..

Byline: Jane Simon; Brian McIver


WHO better than David Attenbourgh - the closest thing we have to a genuine TV God - to explain how life on earth first began?

In the first of his new series he's at Charnwood Forest in Leicestershire, near to where he grew up.

Here the discovery of one particular fossil provided a whole new theory about how life first evolved. Attenborough casually mentions this fossil was found by a boy from his school.

He doesn't name him but it must have been quite a school.

Tonight he's hopping around the world to look at lots more fossils in Canada and South Australia and to the Great Barrier Reef, where sponges provide another piece in the puzzle. Fossils and sponges may not have the "aah" factor of, say, polar bears or meercats but Attenborough has a way of making them come alive.

I found this programme left me with more questions than answers about how life evolved from single cell organisms into the kind of complicated creatures capable of making TV programmes about single celled organisms. Here's hoping the rest of the series will fill in the gaps.



THE big event last week was that all the passengers in the plane that had been magicked out of the sky suddenly started waking up. This was brilliant because it meant the aliens weren't the bad guys any more.

This is a point their spokesperson Sophia (Laura Innes) is trying to impress on the President tonight but we don't spend as much time with the aliens as we do with Leila - the daughter of the man who was piloting the plane. She was kidnapped by a woman calling herself Vicky and after hearing her captors plans for her, Leila must consider herself lucky her abductors are so sloppy and so easily overpowered.

Her boyfriend Sean and FBI Agent Collier are still trying to find her and tonight there are flashbacks to the early days of Sean and Leila's relationship when he first met her parents.

Are these just back-story padding, or will those dinner party conversations turn out to have deep significance?



THE former EastEnder and Strictly star gave birth to her daughter Eliza Beatrice in September. So this reality show which catches up with her and fiance Adam at a scan is already out of date.

In the first episode we see Nat and Adam celebrating their engagement - although there are none of the Katie and Alex style excesses. Adam is an operations manager for a logistics company and while that must be the vaguest job title in the world, I'm reasonably confident it doesn't involve cage-fighting.

Natalie moves out of London and her mate Nikki Grahame - from Big Brother - comes round to hear about her wedding plans.

Natalie's keen to big-up her previously wild past but the most shameful revelation is about how she and Adam met.

Natalie and Nikki had gone to the Isle of Wight festival but Natalie reveals that she left her friend on her own while she bunked off with Adam.

Apparently he asked her to help put his tent up - an anecdote that Katie Price would have milked for its full Carry On potential but which passes here without so much as a raised eyebrow.



ATLANTA, Georgia, gets the 28 Days treatment as flesh-eating zombies live to fight another day.

Based on the comic books of the same name, this new thriller is directed by Frank Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption) and stars Andrew Lincoln (This Life and Teachers), making him the latest Brit to headline a major US series.

He plays a deputy sheriff who's one of the survivors of a zombie takeover looking for his wife and child. Lennie James is in it too, so I guess those zombies just don't like the taste of British guys.

Filled with cinematic gore and quietly unfolding dread, zombies may lack the sex appeal and allure of vampires but this series could be their time to shine.



RYAN'S finally released from prison but he is still bitter about being locked up. So he won't want to join the bon re party celebrations. He should take a leaf out of Chas's book.

She's decided to get creative with Eve and Carl's punishments and discovers a surprising use for a toffee apple. Revenge has never tasted sweeter.

CORONATION STREET ITV1, 7.30pm & 8.30pm

AFTER swiping baby Jack's dummy last night, Kevin's sent it for DNA tests. But frankly we'd be surprised if the results DIDN'T say he was baby Jack's father. He had his grubby mitts all over that dummy before he wrapped it in HIS napkin, then put it in HIS pocket. CSI: Weather eld it wasn't.

Perhaps Kevin should have ordered DNA tests on daughters Sophie and Rosie while he was at it: at Sophie's 16th birthday party tonight you wonder if two girls so different can be related.


THAT Vanessa's a strange piece of work. Her character's described as a businesswoman - but does "Wearing Make-up" actually count as a career? Tonight, desperate not to lose her daughter Jodie, we find her thrashing out a particularly tricky business deal with estranged husband Harry - the kind of deal that traditionally takes place in the back seat of a 4 x 4.


TV GOD: Attenborough reveals the secrets of life HELD: Kidnap victim Leila SURVIVOR: Andrew Lincoln PLANS: Natalie Cassidy STREET PARTY: Sian moves in on Sophie
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Date:Nov 5, 2010
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