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Record ad page & ad revenue declines continue for b2b sector.

The decline in b2b advertising pages and advertising revenue continued through the first three months of 2009 with almost all 22 publishing categories showing record plunges, according to figures supplied by the Business Information Network and American business Media (New York). For all categories, first quarter ad pages fell 29.2% while ad revenue dropped 26.5% compared to the first quarter of 2008. The declines are unprecedented and are the most severe since "The Business Publisher" began tracking b2b ad pages and ad revenue in 1987.

For the 2009 period, b2b magazines had 166,056 ad pages compared to 234,430 ad pages last year. Advertising revenue for the first quarter fell from $3.057 billion last year to $2.247 billion in the first quarter of 2009.

Twenty-one of the 22 categories experienced ad page declines of more than 20% for the quarter with the Science/R&D category showing a decline of 16.6%. The categories showing the largest percentage declines included Transportation/Logistics (-44.4%), Computing/Software/ Telecom (-40.1%), Electrical Engineering (-35.6%) and Building/Engineering/Construction (-33.0%).

While declines in ad revenue were not quite as pronounced as those in ad pages, all 22 categories experienced an ad revenue decline, with 16 of the 22 showing declines exceeding 20% compared to last year. The Computing/Software/ Telecom sector had the largest percentage ad revenue decline (-42.4%) compared to the same period last year, followed by Electric Engineering (-39.9%), Transportation/(cont'd on p. 2) Logistics (-34.6%) and Building/Engineering/Construction (-30.5%). The Miscellaneous category had the smallest percentage ad revenue decline (-9.7%).

Comparative figures for March 2009 were no better, with ad pages declining 31.6% and ad revenue dropping 26.5% compared to March 2008.
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Publication:Business Publisher
Date:Jun 1, 2009
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