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Record View : Give victims some justice.

HALF-a-million pounds may seem a huge sum, even for compensation for a crippling injury.

For a young man who faces a lifetime of disability and dependence, it is a pittance. James Allan, innocent victim of a motiveless stabbing, knows at the age of 25 that the money will run out in a few years.

His attacker will be a free man but James will be condemned to a life sentence of reliance on others for his basic everyday needs.

While the thug who crippled him gets on with his life, James will not be able to afford the things which could make his life bearable.

He is more than just the victim of a cruel thug. He is the victim of injustice.

Under the old criminal compensation scheme, James would have received several millions. A new tariff, introduced just three months after he was attacked, limited his damages to pounds 500,000.

The victims of crime suffer twice. After the offence has been committed against them, their needs are ignored. The law is always careful to make sure the criminals get fair treatment.

It is time we made sure the victims get justice
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Title Annotation:Record View
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Dec 7, 2001
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