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Record View; Tragic cost of alcohol.

School dances for teenagers are part of growing up.

So is experimenting with booze. But when the two come together it can be a heady cocktail.

And last week third and fourth formers from Lenzie Academy went 'way over the top, swigging alcopops until one girl got so drunk she had to be taken to hospital.

She and her fellow revellers bring no credit to a school that's had its share of problems involving drink and drugs.

But they're a whole world removed from the pathetic 13-year-old who has been selling her body for cash to fund her drink habit.

When the furore dies down, the Lenzie kids will get on with their lives.

But the life of the alcoholic child prostitute could be ruined before it's even begun.

Keep in step

Stalking is a crime, but Scottish law doesn't recognise it as such

Apologists claim the offence can be dealt with under existing legislation.

But this involves victims taking complicated - and potentially costly - civil action. Or persuading the police that a stalker has committed a breach of the peace.

And stalkers are well aware that there's only a five per cent chance of being jailed for breach of the peace.

No wonder women feel that the law offers them little protection.

Courts in England and Wales will soon be able to treat stalking as a separate crime.

This is one law which should not stop at the Border.

Fly puff adder

Banker Alasdair Keith is forking out an extra pounds 350 for a trip to Australia - on planes where smoking isn't banned.

That's a king-size price to pay for a fly puff!
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Title Annotation:Leader
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Dec 17, 1996
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