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Record View: Charles is way out of touch.

MARIE Antoinette famously told her starving people they should eat cake. Our royalty want us to be a nation of doughballs.

Prince Charles thinks that education which gives people ambition is bad for them.

He doesn't want us to aspire to being pop stars, High Court judges - or, heaven forfend, run our country.

This is a man who never needed to be ambitious because he was born to a position of power. But he is also clearly dangerously out of touch with his subjects.

Thankfully, our royalty have precious little real power - but they do have influence.

Maybe too many people have tugged their forelocks to the prince over the years and he believes we should all be taught to be subservient to him.

But what a dreadful lack of ambition he has for his country if Prince Charles doesn't want us to aim high and be all we can be.

Remember, it is the royals who come from a restricted gene pool and maybe the rest of us have just left the Windsors behind.

In future, he should keep his opinions on education and anything else to himself.

Or if he must share them, talk to his plants.
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Title Annotation:Comment
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Nov 18, 2004
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