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Reconstruction And Adaptation Of Retaining Walls And Repair Of Concrete Pavement In Kemd C-11.

Tenders are invited for Reconstruction and adaptation of retaining walls and repair of concrete pavement in KEMD C-11

1. The subject of the order is the reconstruction and adaptation of retaining walls and repair of concrete pavement in KEMD C-11 made in accordance with a detailed material scope, constituting Annex No. 1 to the draft contract constituting Annexe No. 3 to the ToR.

2. Realization of the subject of the order will take place in the mining plant operation at the bottom of the mine - place of supply: O / ZG "Rudna", excavations of the CC-2 area (KEMD C-1 K-3 between P1 and P2).

3. The Contractor will carry out deliveries of materials to the place of works and employees at the bottom of the mine on their own. Transport of workers and materials - R-III glass. The distance from the R-III shaft to the building site is about 6,000 m. In the area there is a six-hour working time in the four-shift mode. The Contractor is obliged to ensure the assignment of works ensuring timely implementation of the task.

4. The offer must be accompanied by:

4.1. A statement in paper form (original) and in electronic form in the SWZ about the person who, on behalf of the Contractor, submits an offer in the SWZ in accordance with the template in Appendix No. 1 to the SETC,

4.2. Contractor%s declaration regarding the processing of personal data in connection with the conduct of the tender procedure in the SWZ, in accordance with the template in Annex 4 to the ToR.

5. The Ordering Party%s requirements for the performance of the contract are set out in the draft Agreement, constituting Annex No. 3 to the ToR. Eligibility Criteria : 1. Contractors who meet the conditions referred to in the General Terms and Conditions of the Contract, constituting an integral part of the ToR, may apply for awarding the contract, and also declare that:

a) are authorized to perform specific activities or activities that are the subject of this order, thus the Ordering Party understands, among others, carrying out works in the mining plant%s operations (in particular, they sit or commit to create an organizational structure compliant with the requirements of Geological and Mining Law - Act of 9 June 2011 - Geological and Mining Law and Implementing Regulations - due to the performance of works in the Mining Plant%s operations, in order to carry out the tasks related to the execution of the contract in mining plant operations independently - the organizational structure of the company should be attached to the offer,

b) accept the "Contractor%s Card" in the SWZ system, and if it is not possible, complete and attach it to the o

Major organization : ZAKLADY GRNICZE RUDNA

Address : ul. Henryka Dabrowskiego 50



Kod pocztowy


Country :Poland

Email :

Tender notice number : JGKR/ID/19/67850

Notice type : Tender Notice

Open date : 2019-08-02

Tender documents : T445850384.htm

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Jul 21, 2019
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