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Recommended resources.

* AROMATHERAPEUTIX. Rose otto, AquaFleur organic rose hydrosol (rose-water), carrier oils, rose hip seed oil, aromatherapy supplies. (800) 308-6284;

* BULGARIAN ROSE OTTO BY ALTEYA. Organic rose Otto, rose hydrosol (rosewater), rose absolute, Bulgarian rose products. (877) 425-8392;

* FLOWER ESSENCE SERVICES. Rose and other flower essences, including Animal Relief Formula, which contains wild rose. (800) 548-0075;

* FRAGRANCE WORLD OF TOPEKA. Sulfated (turkey red) water-soluble castor oil, carrier oils, rose absolute. (785) 354-4284;

* FROGWORKS. Frances Fitzgerald Cleveland, animal aromatherapist. Rose otto, animal aromatherapy products, home study course. (877) 973-8848; (yes, there are two F's in that url)

* NATURE'S GIFT. Marge Clark. Rose otto, rose hydrosol, argan oil, carrier oils, nebulizers, aromatherapy supplies. (615) 612-4270;

* ORIGINAL SWISS AROMATICS. Rose otto, rose hydrosol, aromatherapy supplies. (415) 479-9120;

* ROSE HIP POWDER. i-flex [R] capsules from Denmark ( are sold online at and at retail stores in the U.S. and Canada. LitoZin [R] Joint Health capsules ( are sold in the United Kingdom. Many supplement makers sell their own rose hip powder capsules.

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Publication:Whole Dog Journal
Date:Jul 1, 2012
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