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Karachi DHA barred from land reclamation. Oct 24, 2021 890
ELEVENTH HOUR: Development and environment protection are not mutually exclusive. Oct 21, 2021 1055
SC affirms CA's 2013 ruling on P14-B reclamation project along Manila Bay. Oct 21, 2021 1004
Serial cyclones a threat to Gulf's land reclamation projects. Dr. Theodore Karasik Oct 16, 2021 865
MACC opens investigation paper on Melaka land reclamation project. Oct 13, 2021 154
Report: Ex-CM Idris Haron says only 'supported' Melaka land reclamation, project approval was by National Land Council led by DPM. Oct 12, 2021 390
Reclamation of land in riverine communities'll attract development - Danagogo. Oct 6, 2021 223
Resort owners, divers fear effects of Dumaguete reclamation project. Sep 22, 2021 556
PROP UP: From land reclaimer to city developer--DMWAI and Metro Manila's newest business district. Sep 11, 2021 819
President Al-Sisi follows up on land reclamation projects in North and Central Sinai. Daily News Egypt Aug 31, 2021 420
5 land-reclamation projects in Manila Bay in the pipeline. Aug 9, 2021 681
Egypt, Germany follow up on Agricultural Innovation Project's activities in Minya. Daily News Egypt Jun 29, 2021 420
The Manileno Dream of the Future Becomes a Reality with Horizon Manila. Jun 25, 2021 897
Egyptian government reviews digital transformation projects in agricultural sector. Daily News Egypt Jun 9, 2021 521
Art, land reclamation and green governmentality in Indonesia: Teja Astawa's Dewa Murka and Tita Salina's 1001st Island--The Most Sustainable Island in Archipelago. Wittesaele, Charlotte R.A. Jun 1, 2021 10970
The real deal with reclamation. May 31, 2021 787
Israel orders halt on land reclamation, house construction south of Hebron. May 28, 2021 339
Daltex boasts success in penetrating Japanese orange market for 1st time in history. Daily News Egypt Apr 20, 2021 930
Community Lauds NDDC For Land Reclamation Project. Apr 7, 2021 511
Rivers Community Lauds NDDC Over Land Reclamation Project. Apr 6, 2021 494
Boskalis completes key Manama Causeway land reclamation project. Mar 18, 2021 210
Penang govt approves first ex-gratia payment to fishermen affected by land reclamation project. Mar 1, 2021 222
Egyptian president inspects mutual work between land reclamation, endowments authorities. Egypt Today staff Feb 13, 2021 262
Tamouk Lake slated for development, reservoir to get retaining wall. Jan 25, 2021 564
Sacked Melaka Gateway developer files suit to challenge state govt's termination of land reclamation concession notice. Dec 14, 2020 406
SASME's loans to agricultural SMEs reach EGP 945m until September. Hossam Mounir Nov 24, 2020 652
Al-Sisi follows up on development of North Sinai's Bardawil Lake. Daily News Egypt Nov 10, 2020 353
Group reiterates call to declare entire Manila Bay a 'reclamation-free zone'. Sep 15, 2020 391
AFP chief sidesteps questions on Chinese firms' reclamation activities. Sep 2, 2020 587
Complex Behavior Analysis of a Fractional-Order Land Dynamical Model with Holling-II Type Land Reclamation Rate on Time Delay. Wu, Li; Li, Zhouhong; Zhang, Yuan; Xie, Binggeng Aug 31, 2020 4945
A Shear Strength Model for a Subsidence Backfill Body Based on Adhesion Friction Theory. Liu, Lei; Zhang, Shengyou; Liu, Weidong; Sun, Wei; Li, Jinxin Technical report Aug 31, 2020 4406
Egypt uses AI to improve water-efficient irrigation. Daily News Egypt Aug 10, 2020 487
Minister: Penang cannot start land reclamation project without approved environmental management plan. Jul 23, 2020 577
Egypt to launch world's largest sugar, strategic crops production project. Daily News Egypt Jul 14, 2020 439
Past land reclamation schemes 'rife with corruption', audit boss says. Elias Hazou Jul 10, 2020 273
Stop Bacoor reclamation plan, Sen. Villar asks DENR. Terrazola, Vanne Elaine Jun 23, 2020 622
Azerbaijan's Land Reclamation and Water Management company develops 2 state programs. Jun 18, 2020 410
Suitability Evaluation for Land Reclamation of Nonmetallic Mines in Xinjiang, China. Tang, Guobin; Zhang, Zizhao; Lv, Qianli; Hao, Ruihua; Wang, Kaikai May 31, 2020 7609
Study on Compaction Effect and Process of Reclaimed Soil of Nonmetallic Mines in Xinjiang, China. Wang, Kaikai; Zhang, Zizhao; Tang, Guobin; Tan, Xiaodong; Lv, Qianli; Shao, Fengjun; Li, Xiaoping Report May 31, 2020 4482
Land reclamation: Bane or boon? Nov 18, 2019 1497
The POWER Initiative: Energy Transition as Economic Development. Cecire, Michael H. Nov 1, 2019 5847
Cabinet nods to draft on land reclamation for rail project. Oct 30, 2019 160
'Govt inaction' on land reclamation activities on Manila Bay criticized. Oct 28, 2019 619
DENR to verify reported land-reclamation activities in Bacoor and Sangley Point. Oct 25, 2019 891
'Despite DENR ban, land reclamation goes on in Bacoor'. Oct 23, 2019 391
Gulhifalhu land reclamation contract case reported to ACC. Oct 23, 2019 171
Land reclamation to protect island from rising waters, says Penang exco. Oct 21, 2019 357
Hydrogel and Organic Amendments to Increase Water Retention in Anthroposols for Land Reclamation. Miller, Valerie S.; Naeth, M. Anne Jul 31, 2019 5551
Numerical Simulation of Surface Subsidence and Backfill Material Movement Induced by Underground Mining. Li, Xibing; Wang, Dongyi; Li, Chongjin; Liu, Zhixiang Technical report Jul 31, 2019 9906
Alrosa (MCX: ALRS) - ALROSA reclaims over 4 mln sq m of industrial lands -- 24/7/2019. Jul 30, 2019 405
Boskalis awarded $77.8m contract for Bahrain land reclamation project. Jul 29, 2019 175
Boskalis awarded $77.8m contract for Bahrain land reclamation project. Jul 29, 2019 175
Boskalis wins $78m land reclamation project in Bahrain. Jul 28, 2019 156
Land reclamation: Anwar to meet Penang CM for talks. Jul 13, 2019 557
The value of waTerfronT living. Jul 7, 2019 1293
Congress urged to prevent Manila Bay reclamation. Jul 3, 2019 406
Penang CM hopeful of federal approval for land reclamation, LRT projects this year. Jun 17, 2019 460
Reclamation set to create new Al Nakheel district. Jun 14, 2019 1346
NEW BEGINNINGS for OLD MINES: What happens when the dust settles and the trucks are gone? Monaco, Christopher S.; Roll, Charles C. Jun 1, 2019 1529
Critic starts online petition against Penang land reclamation. May 10, 2019 753
Massive land reclamation requires massive public consultations. Apr 4, 2019 1064
Residents of border village complain on lack of irrigation water for land reclamation. Mar 26, 2019 105
Minister rejects Singapore's claim of encroachment over JB port limits. Dec 5, 2018 244
South China Sea row: Land reclamation worries Asean. Nov 16, 2018 747
Group reiterates opposition to Manila Bay reclamation projects. Oct 17, 2018 547
Gov't should receive cotton yields from farmers: Min. of agriculture. Oct 12, 2018 241
Gov't should receive cotton yields from farmers: Min. of agriculture. Oct 11, 2018 237
Land reclamation discussed. Aug 15, 2018 187
Adly: Melaka sea reclamation projects under review. Aug 14, 2018 307
Reclamation needed for more land, says Penang CM. Aug 6, 2018 345
Penang to seek federal funds if land reclamation project rejected. Jul 13, 2018 406
Diverging Ecologies on Bali. Brauchler, Birgit Jul 1, 2018 11727
Spratlys militarization began during Duterte admin - former SolGen. Jun 12, 2018 606
Plastic pollution, land reclamation threatening PHL bodies of water. Jun 10, 2018 2332
Group slams land-reclamation projects under Duterte admin. May 15, 2018 701
Duterte against reclamation projects, says Neda head. May 14, 2018 325
Zambales coal plant's land reclamation suspended. Apr 8, 2018 231
Iraq and Japan signed two agreements on the Basrah Great Water Project and Land Reclamation. Apr 5, 2018 226
Group hits coal firm's land reclamation in Masinloc, Zambales. Mar 22, 2018 531
UNB signs 4 agreements to support small investors in agriculture, land reclamation. Feb 25, 2018 367
'Projects lacking scientific assessment pose threat to coast'. Feb 14, 2018 478
Lorenzana: Philippines to protest China airbase on Fiery Cross Reef. Jan 10, 2018 1181
Two technical reports on land reclamation approved, says Penang exco. Jan 3, 2018 301
Soil Quality and Water Redistribution Influences on Plant Production over Low Hillslopes on Reclaimed Mined Land. Merrill, Stephen D.; Liebig, Mark A.; Hendrickson, John D.; Wick, Abbey F. Report Jan 1, 2018 7476
Soil Metals and Ectomycorrhizal Fungi Associated with American Chestnut Hybrids as Reclamation Trees on Formerly Coal Mined Land. Bauman, J.M.; Adamson, J.; Brisbin, R.; Cline, E.T.; Keiffer, C.H. Report Jan 1, 2018 8853
Potential of Flocculant-Aided Soil Slurry Dewatering in Land Reclamation: Laboratory Investigations. Jiao, Yang; He, Jia; Zhou, Peiyuan; Cao, Ziqian Jan 1, 2018 2940
Spatial Distribution and Contamination Assessment of Heavy Metals in Surface Sediments of the Caofeidian Adjacent Sea after the Land Reclamation, Bohai Bay. Zhu, He; Bing, Haijian; Yi, Huapeng; Wu, Yanhong; Sun, Zhigao Jan 1, 2018 7815
Bureau of Reclamation Project Authorization and Financing. Stern, Charles V. Organization overview Jan 1, 2018 1540
The curious case of land reclamation. Dec 16, 2017 801
8,625 acresof agricultural land illegally reclaimed in Egypt. Dec 13, 2017 321
FOREST ECOSYSTEM RECOVERY IN 15-YEAR-OLD HYBRID ASPEN (Populus tremula L. x P. tremuloides Michx.) PLANTATIONS ON A RECLAIMED OIL SHALE QUARRY. Lutter, Reimo; Tullus, Tea; Tullus, Arvo; Kanal, Arno; Tullus, Hardi Report Dec 1, 2017 9008
DFA clarifies Cayetano remark on China islets: We were not told. Aug 12, 2017 561
Regional planning in a decentralised state: How administrative practices contributed to consensus-building in sixteenth-century Holland. Van Tielhof, Milja Aug 1, 2017 10006
Burj Hammoud reclamation will benefit residents despite environmental crisis: mayor. Jul 26, 2017 900
The lucrative history of Lebanese land reclamation. Jul 19, 2017 1279
Prime Minister promises to give Nubians a stake in 1.5m acres project as protests continue. Nov 22, 2016 497
Sohar Port to float land reclamation tender. Nov 8, 2016 217
China's artificial islands violates international law-tribunal. Jul 12, 2016 488
Goodfellow Brothers needn't remove 'Three Fingers'. Brief article Jul 1, 2016 224
Japan Pledges Support For Southeast Asia Security. Jun 4, 2016 466
Timmins to host land reclamation conference in June. Conference news Jun 1, 2016 120
G-7 Leaders Talk South China Sea Aggressions. May 26, 2016 410
Beijing 'To Reclaim More Land' In South China Sea. Apr 25, 2016 1124
China May Use Nuclear Power In South China Sea. Apr 22, 2016 1039
Clamp on Tubli Bay reclamation work. Apr 10, 2016 508
Bringing back brookies:--biologists return native brook trout to Adirondack pond. Fiorentino, Rob; Stegemann, Eileen Apr 1, 2016 1514
Repurposing rocky flats: the transition of a heavily polluted nuclear site into a wilderness refuge raises questions about the implications of hiding our tainted environmental past. Freedman, Eric Mar 22, 2016 3227
PM turns to international community to implement 1.5m-acre land reclamation project. Mar 6, 2016 241
Quake drills all for naught if land reclamation continues, says expert. Feb 28, 2016 602
Land reclamation, expansion of packaging plant top Ghali Farm's plans for growth. Feb 4, 2016 523
"Keep local kids local": departed capital, derelict land, and (Neo)Liberal Detention. Schept, Judah Report Dec 22, 2015 10022
1.5m-acre land reclamation project makes progress. Dec 8, 2015 485
Singapore's surging growth straining geographical limits. Nov 23, 2015 485
Concern that cut in land reclamation grants could mean more building on greenfield sites. Oct 22, 2015 407
Beijing says South China Sea land reclamation 'stopped'. Aug 5, 2015 375
Part of China's land reclamation project completed. Jul 1, 2015 138
China says about to finish some land reclamation in South China Sea. Jun 16, 2015 431
CHP protests land reclamation project in y-stanbul neighborhood. Jun 5, 2015 191
China land reclamation in South China Sea creates 'new facts': U.S. May 29, 2015 450
Lawmakers press for US response to China land reclamation. May 14, 2015 551
China's land reclamation in disputed waters could raise tensions - Australia. Apr 17, 2015 764
US admiral says China 'creating a great wall of sand' in sea. Mar 31, 2015 245
The Cob: safe route and land reclamation. Feb 16, 2015 279
Diyar Al Muharraq completes land reclamation. Dec 10, 2014 376
Tenders and pricing for land reclamation and distribution to be decided within days: Agriculture minister. Oct 12, 2014 424
Research into preserving Egypt's monuments and antiquities provides insights into Egypt's future sustainability. Parizek, Katarin A. Oct 1, 2014 1089
Drilling of test/ productive water wells of increasing depths 400 meters to 900 meters in Darb El Bahnasawi as part of stage one of West Menia Urgent Land Reclamation Project, being part of the one million feddans national land reclamation project. Sep 23, 2014 150
China says South China Sea land reclamation "justified". Sep 10, 2014 274
Construction/ drilling of six test/ productive water wells of progressive depth ranging 400 meters to 900 meters at Darb El Bahnasawi area as part of West Menia 1 million feddans land reclamation project. Aug 10, 2014 158
Great Lakes wins contract worth USD35m for land reclamation project in Bahrain. Jul 23, 2014 182
Singapore imports of lahar sands continue. Jul 17, 2014 311
Request for registration of contractors for land reclamation works, also for roads construction works among other works. Jul 11, 2014 125
Government to allow foreign investment in Saemangeum project. Brief article Jul 1, 2014 136
China's land reclamation 'jeopardizes' PH case in UN, says DFA. May 17, 2014 477
Land Research Center: Embarking on the Implementation of the Integral Land Reclamation Project. Apr 9, 2014 305
Maintenance & renovation of the 5 floors occupied by the Agrarian Reform Authority (12th to 16th floors) at the Land Reclamation Building for completion in two years. Mar 19, 2014 126
Bishops oppose bay project. Brief article Jan 17, 2014 130
Mine land reclamation and eco-reconstruction in Shanxi Province I: mine land reclamation model. Bing-yuan, Hao; Li-xun, Kang Report Jan 1, 2014 6233
Supply of equipment required for the drip irrigation networks serving a 1,350 feddans land reclamation project in El Wahat El Bahariya. Jun 8, 2013 138
Corals die for airport expansion. Belli, Brita Brief article May 1, 2013 287
2011 NEHA Sabbatical Report: from then to now, and here to there: a glimpse at contaminated lands and environmental health issues in the UK. Campbell, Julia Apr 1, 2013 1215
Converting oak woodland or savanna to vineyards may stress groundwater supply in summer. Grismer, Mark; Asato, Caitlin Report Oct 1, 2012 5897
The death and life of Detroit: neighborhood groups are bringing the blighted city back, one block at a time. Will City Hall stand in their way? Yeoman, Barry May 1, 2012 5128
Land reclamation 'may drive out fishermen'. Apr 21, 2012 422
Compensation for obstruction of access to public highway occurs only when access to existing roadway is denied or limited by governmental taking. Mar 22, 2012 664
Supply of different type valves required for a 3,640 feddans land reclamation project, part of a 5,000 feddans land reclamation scheme at Qastal Zone in Asswan Governorate in three lot. Jan 31, 2012 170
'Land grab' denied. Dec 24, 2011 535
Who is choosing thermal sand reclamation? Three companies share why the process is a good fit for their casting operations, and seven vendors provide their equipment details. Wetzel, Shannon Oct 1, 2011 1259
Syria, Russia to Activate Cooperation in Irrigation and Land Reclamation. Jun 19, 2011 166
Supply of different type valves required for the irrigation of phase 2 of a 3,460 feddans land reclamation project, part of a 5,000 feddans project in Qastal Zone in Asswan Governorate. May 18, 2011 142
Bioactivity guided isolation of anticancer constituents from leaves of Alnus sieboldiana (Betulaceae). Ludwiczuk, A.; Saha, A.; Kuzuhara, T.; Asakawa, Y. Report Apr 15, 2011 6637
Implementing the internal land reclamation works for 54 feddans land, part of a project to the north of Metobass in Kafr El Sheikh Governorate. Mar 24, 2011 161
CEPD approves land reclamation project for Kaohsiung Harbor. Liu, Philip Brief article Jan 26, 2011 172
Pennsylvania allows use of coal ash for abandoned mine land reclamation. Jan 10, 2011 234
Conducting the required internal land reclamation works for a 54 feddans area as part of North Metoubas Project in Kafr El Sheikh Governorate. Oct 27, 2010 143
Buried opportunity: controversial Adams Mine entrepreneur stands by his plan. Larmour, Adelle Sep 1, 2010 1150
Gaiacor International and MITC Investment negotiate land reclamation deal in Argentina. May 6, 2010 262
Singapore waging clandestine "Sand War" against neighbours. Feb 13, 2010 338
Land reclamation project proceeds in Anbar. Feb 4, 2010 92
Herskovitz: Reclaiming Land, Making Wine. Brief article Oct 14, 2009 84
Durrat Marina. Brief article Sep 6, 2009 230
Towards multifunctionality of mining landscapes in the Estonian oil shale basin: typologies, assessment and planning. Sepp, K.; Roose, A. Report Sep 1, 2009 3868
Durrat Marina land reclamation completed. Aug 17, 2009 260
Durrat Marina reclamation work complete. Aug 16, 2009 353
Adding insult to injury: the illegal Israeli land grabs continue in the occupied Palestinian territories, this time not of settler homes but to produce grapes--where Palestinian homes, orchards and olive groves once stood--to build a lucrative wine industry. Vesely, Milan Aug 1, 2009 1063
Illegal land reclamation along LebanonAEs coast still taking place u Aridi. Jul 15, 2009 380
Incentives for farmers to return to reclaimed land in the Gaza Strip boundary areas. Jun 10, 2009 234
Urbanism: an ideas competition in Saemangeum in South Korea has seen Florian Beigel's ideas expressed on an epic scale. Long, Kieran Jun 1, 2009 1042
Morphological alteration of land reclamation canals by beavers (Castor fiber) in Lithuania/Kopra (Castor fiber) tegevuse moju kuivenduskraavide struktuurile Leedus. Ulevicius, Alius; Jasiulionis, Marius; Jakstiene, Nadezda; Zilys, Vidmantas Report Jun 1, 2009 5439
Bid to free protesters. Mar 19, 2009 357
Reclaimed land 'given to VIPs'. Mar 10, 2009 359
Reclamation should have been paced out, biologists say. Mar 7, 2009 452
Fishermen may sue developers. Mar 5, 2009 530
Sitra 'land grab' sparks uproar. Feb 24, 2009 541
The Bahrain Society of Engineers Visiting Marina West landmark site. Feb 22, 2009 607
Legal action threat over 'land grab'. Feb 22, 2009 656
Landlocked boats agony spurs probe. Dec 15, 2008 469
Beaches ruined by land reclamation! Nov 25, 2008 127
Singapore supernature: despite huge land values, Singapore prioritises landscape, setting aside hundreds of hectares of reclaimed land for public gardens. Gregory, Rob Nov 1, 2008 447
How not to save a beach: beach nourishment in the age of big development. Shuler, Brandon D. Nov 1, 2008 902
Seef project draws flak. Oct 22, 2008 517
Fishermen protest. Aug 31, 2008 311
Hundreds protest land reclamation. Jul 19, 2008 672
MNDM wins Tom Peters inaugural reclamation award. Jul 1, 2008 156
Cleanup duty: remediation of an old military landfill illustrates trends in environmental engineering. Plenderleith, Don Feb 1, 2008 1490
Still seeking: sustainable palm oil. Scheer, Roddy Dec 3, 2007 345
SMS Committee meets with PDA Secretary to discuss mine reclamation projects. Brief article Apr 1, 2007 208
Olympic ideal demolished: how forced evictions in China related to the 2008 Olympic Games are violating international law. Hopkins, Martha M. Sep 22, 2006 13076
Science, industrial sectors converge at CLRA event. Stewart, Nick Aug 1, 2006 748
Barricades come down around Six Nations. Barnsley, Paul Jul 1, 2006 1422
Fair swap: Miami gives land to builders that develop it for low- and middle-income home buyers. Caulfield, John Brief article May 1, 2006 195
The effect of organic mulch amendments on the physical and chemical properties and revegetation success of a saline-sodic minespoil from central Queensland, Australia. Grigg, A.H.; Sheridan, G.J.; Pearce, A.B.; Mulligan, D.R. Mar 15, 2006 4817
Living from the land: rural Chinese are under pressure as never before, with threats coming from all sides. Tan, Yan Feb 1, 2006 1990
Legislation: S Africa's white landowners feel 'chill'. Brief Article Oct 1, 2005 95
Steel industry slags compared with calcium carbonate in neutralizing acid mine soil (1). Munn, David A. Sep 1, 2005 7173
Examining the politics of reclamation: the 1944 acreage limitation debate in Congress. Freeland, Kathleen B. Jun 22, 2005 6643
Soil improvement using a combined vacuum and fill surcharge preloading method. Chu, Jian; Yan, Shuwang Jan 1, 2005 2339
Minerals, minerals everywhere! Potter, Steve; Cooper, Bill Aug 1, 2004 992
Gammon Skanska wins new contracts worth SEK2.7bn in Hong Kong. Brief Article Apr 17, 2003 137
Polluted sites seeing new life. Keith, Natalie Dec 11, 2002 570
Residential development revitalizes Brownfields areas. Sheehan, Charles Brief Article Jun 3, 2002 1008
Contamination is no longer a dirty word for developers. (Insiders Outlook). Barrett, Thomas Brief Article May 15, 2002 674
Dried-up California lake gets muddy facial. Raloff, J. Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 618
Surface mine reclamation. Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 249
"You put politics in the scale:" Stewart L. Udall and Excess Land Law in California, 1961-1968. Coate, Charles Oct 1, 2001 6249
Court offers relocation costs in place of adjustment costs in eminent domain proceeding. Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 281
General benefits to a landowner's remaining real estate in a condemnation action not set off against an award of compensation for the real estate. Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 305
GRASS IS GREENER. Bowers, Robert R. Brief Article Mar 22, 2001 339
Assessing the bottom - line sand reclamation economics. Silsby, David Aug 1, 1999 3053
RUSLE for mining, construction and reclamation lands. Toy, T.J.; Foster, G.R.; Renard, K.G. Mar 22, 1999 5911
Living with saline land. Jul 1, 1998 630
Will Nile water go to Israel? North Sinai pipelines and the politics of scarcity. Bleier, Ronald Sep 1, 1997 5858
Treasures of the earth: DEC Minerals Division supervises land reclamation. Reed, Christine Aug 1, 1997 589
Environmental enhancement in agriculture: the case for a national trust. Lovejoy, Stephen B. May 1, 1996 1458
Encouraging re-mining and reclamation of abandoned mined lands in Appalachia: policy options. Santopietro, George D.; Zipper, Carl E. Jan 1, 1996 4554
First estimation of cover for reclaimed mineland erosion control. Schroeder, S.A. Nov 1, 1995 3495
Water erosion evaluation of tepetates in relation to reclamation and productivity. Mota, J.L. Oropeza; Berber, J.D. Rios; Martinez, E. Huerta Sep 1, 1995 2748
Experimental park grows on a landfill. Cameron, Lisa G. Jun 1, 1995 2767
Reforesting Appalachia's coal lands. Torbert, John Nov 1, 1994 3022
Major dredging work in Hong Kong. Jan 1, 1993 576
Advances in mine reclamation. Kennedy, Allan Jun 1, 1992 2684
Reclaiming the land. May 1, 1992 169
Building mining experience. Chadwick, John Editorial Dec 1, 1991 809
Swamped by wetland regulations. Richardson, Jeffrey Industry Overview Nov 1, 1991 3227
Effect of mine reclamation on ant community structure in eastern Texas. Anthony, Carl D.; Formanowicz, Daniel R., Jr.; Brodie, Edmund D., Jr. Aug 1, 1991 5062
Erocon stands to benefit from growing concern over tailings. Vincent, Kevin company profile Jan 1, 1991 552
Inco uses aerial seeding to speed up reclamation. Nov 1, 1990 107
Hybrid grass roots out soil salinity. Raloff, Janet Jun 15, 1985 563

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