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Reclaimer offers variety of features, throughputs.

Gudgeon Brothers, Ltd. is introducing a new thermal reclamation system for reclaiming chemically bonded foundry sands and the thermal treatment of clay-bonded sands. Called Thermfire[[TRADEMARK] features of this new system include:

* A gas-fired, fluid bed calcining chamber stacked above a fluidized bed cooling chamber that contains a nest of water-cooled heat exchange pipes. No refractories and no moving parts. The calcining bed is a unique stainless steel expansion chamber, and the fluid beds self-meters the sand throughput. Coreroom quality reclaimed sand is immediately ready for reuse in the found without the need for additional costly equipment.

Thermal efficiency is excellent. in operation, a screw auger fee coated sand into Thermfire's upperchamber; sand should be free of metal but may contain pea-size lumps. The sand is fluidized by preheated air around gas-fired stainlesssteel heating tubes. The bed temperature rises-quickly to the optimum combustion temperature of the resin, 1022 1475F (800-550C). The heat transfer characteristics of the fluid bed results in rapid breakdown of sand lumps-and complete removal of combustible residues. A cyclone or dust collector draws off the fluid bed, so the sand is classified as it is reclaimed.

Exhaust combustion air is drawn through a heat exchanger, and a separate blower supplies the gas burners with preheated air. The sand passes down through a simple weir to enter the cooling bed, where heat is extracted by ambient-temperature fluidizing air and water-cooled pipes. Warm air from the cooling bed is returned to fluidize sand in the calcining bed for even higher thermal efficiency. Exit temperature of the sand is targeted at 80F (26C). Lower temperatures can be attained with the addition of a water chiller.

Thermfire is engineered to run 24 hours a day. Sand bed temperature is automatically controlled, and the unit is fitted with monitors and shut-offs for safe operation. Throughput available ranges from 12-72 tons per hour or 60-360 tons per week.
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Publication:Modern Casting
Article Type:product announcement
Date:Sep 1, 1991
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