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Reclaimed pet makes polyester polyols ...

A process for generating polyol from reclaimed PET has gone to production at Petopur at Schwarzheide in Germany which anticipates producing 4,000 tonnes a year for use in rigid foam.

The core unit of the plant is a reactor which carries out the synthesis process of PET conversion into an APP (aromatic polyester polyol). The feedstock is clean and sorted PET flakes, production waste and film which is fed to the reactor from above, heated and mixed mechanically by an agitator while DEG (diethylene glycol) is fed in. The resulting product is pure polyol.

According to Petopur the system operates in a completely closed loop, without generating any waste and with a high energy recovery factor based on the use of heat exchangers in each process step: process heat is recovered by the heat exchangers and used for the next batch.

The APP is said to offer a number of benefits over "genuine" polyol: inherent flame retardancy, low density of the rigid foam (up to 5 per cent material saving), very low acid content, long shelf life, improved lambda values (thermal coefficient, insulation factor) and 20 per cent higher compressive strength of the rigid foams.

Petopur was founded in 2008 and has invested nearly 3 million [euro] at the BASF site at Schwarzheide. The plant equipment and the process technology were supplied by H&S Anlagentechnik and installed at the end of last year, with commercial production starting at the end of February.

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Title Annotation:reclamation & recycling
Comment:Reclaimed pet makes polyester polyols ...(reclamation & recycling)
Publication:British Plastics & Rubber
Date:Apr 1, 2009
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